Saturday, July 2, 2022

COD Mobile: New M4 Legendary in Season 5, all items and price in Thermal Core Draw

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COD Mobile: New M4 Legendary in Season 5, all items and price in Thermal Core Draw– COD Mobile has released a new lucky draw today. After a long wait, another OG weapon in the game is getting a legendary blueprint. The M4 assault rifle is getting a legendary blueprint in the latest lucky draw. For future updates on COD Mobile follow InsideSport.IN.

M4 assault rifle already has a legendary blueprint which was released way back in 2020. Later on, it was brought back to the players in the For You section. Earlier this year, M4 was given a significant buff. This led to players bringing back the weapon in multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Players who wish to acquire the new M4 legendary will have to take turns in the lucky draw. However, unless they are quite lucky, there is a chance players will have to spend a considerable amount of money.

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All items in the Thermal Core Draw in COD Mobile Season 5

Thermal Core lucky draw is live in the game and players can unlock up to ten items from the themed draw. Players will need to pull ten times to unlock all the items in the draw. The lucky draw will be available in the game for quite some time before it is rotated out for a future legendary blueprint.

Below are all the items in Thermal Core draw in COD Mobile:

  • Avatar- Frenzied Phantom
  • Backpack- Smoldering Vapors
  • Cluster Grenade- Smoldering Vapors
  • Parachute- Smoldering Vapors
  • Emote- Destination
  • Axe- Smoldering Vapors
  • Calling Card- Blazing Tomb
  • PPSh-41- Smoldering Vapors
  • Krueger- Jungle Scarred
  • M4- Thermal Shroud

The COD points required to purchase this weapon will be different for every region. In the U.S. it usually takes up to $150 to purchase an entire lucky draw.

COD Mobile players who enjoy the M4 can go for this lucky draw and purchase the legendary blueprint. M4 is still a viable option in Battle Royale and can be used to engage in mid and long-range gunfights.

Players will also come across multiple other lucky draws in the upcoming Season 6. New weapons, maps, and items are expected to be launched in the upcoming season update. Players can expect the season update to drop a couple of days before launch.

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