WWE Survivor Series Results & Highlights: Raw tamed Smackdown for good by 4-2, Roman Reigns defeated Big E in an epic main event

WWE Survivor Series Results & Highlights: Raw tamed Smackdown for good by 4-2, Roman Reigns defeated Big E in an epic main event
WWE Survivor Series Results & Highlights: Raw tamed Smackdown for good by 4-2, Roman Reigns defeated Big E in an epic main event

WWE Survivor Series- Survivor Series Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Survivor Series PPV on 22nd Nov: The 35th Annual Survivor Series PPV event aired live from the famous Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Here, we have come up with WWE Survivor Series results and highlights, and below are the events that are taking place tonight. 

  • Kick-off Show- Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Damian Priest via DQ
  • Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair
  • Men’s 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match– Drew McIntyre, Happy Corbin, Jeff Hardy, King Woods, Sheamus (Team Smackdown) vs. Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley (Team Raw)
  • 25-Man Battle Royal
  • Randy Orton & Riddle vs. The Usos
  • Women’s 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match– Shotzi, Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, Natalya, Toni Storm (Team Smackdown) vs. Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, Queen Zelina, Carmella (Team Raw)
  • Big E vs. Roman Reigns

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WWE Survivor Series Live Results from the night

Big E vs. Roman Reigns- As the bell rang, both men locked with each other in a classic wrestling lock, before Big E shrugged the Universal Champion right into the corner. Not once but twice Big E sent Roman into the corner and this was something disrespecting for the Universal Champion. He then walked out of the ring.

Paul Heyman charged Roman up and now when he entered the ring, he was all over the WWE Champion. Roman was up with his offense and was targeting Big E’s gut and chest. Big E got some momentum and displayed his offense. He put Roman on the apron and went for a running dive from the apron, but Reigns escaped harm’s way.

Roman then again started working with his offense on Big E and taking control of the WWE Champion in the match. After hitting a big boot, Roman took Big E outside the ring. He first bashed him into the ring post and worked pretty well by putting his offense right on queue. Reigns tried slamming Big E into the steel stairs, but Big E countered and slammed the Universal right into the Steel stairs to get some momentum rolling.

Reigns then slowly rolled into the ring after feeling the pain of steel stairs. Big E also went inside and threw the Universal Champion like a ragbag not once but twice with an overhead belly-to-belly followed by a side belly-to-belly slam. Big E was rolling now but his momentum was soon halted when Reigns returned with his cousin The Rock’s Rock Bottom.

Reigns was up with his offense and hit three Superman punches in a row to the WWE Champion. To everyone’s surprise, every Superman punch was charging Big E up and he was not backing down. Despite the three Superman punches, when Roman Reigns set himself up for a Spear, but Big E stood right into the face of Roman Reigns which completely stunned the Universal Champion. Roman did hit a spear eventually but Big E kicked out at 2 counts.

Big E sent Roman on the apron and hit a running spear through the middle rope. Big E was charged up now and he was willing to destroy the Universal Champion. He slammed Roman’s head into the corner post and then slammed his head continuously on the announce table before slamming him right into the barricade.

Big E was then willing to send Roman through the steel stairs, but Roman retaliated and sent Big E knee-first into it. Big E injured his knee and was sent back into the ring by Roman. When Roman entered the ring, Big E lifted him for a big ending but Roman got out of his grasp and kicked right in the back of the injured knee of Big E and ended the match with yet another spear.

WWE Survivor Series Live Results: Roman Reigns defeated Big E via Pinfall



Backstage- Kayla Braxton revealed on the face of Paul Heyman that Brock Lesnar’s suspension might have been lifted.



Women’s 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match- Carmella from team Raw and Toni Storm from Team Smackdown started the proceedings. As the bell rang, Toni Storm got stuck with a heavy right hand which completely rocked her. Carmella then tagged Zelina and the Queen started working on Storm.

Carmella went outside the ring to get her mask and when she returned she took the tag from Zelina, only to get eliminated with a roll-up ping by Toni Storm after Rhea Ripley dismissed her mask. Carmella got eliminated by Toni Storm. Raw 4, Smackdown 5.

Bianca Belair then got in the ring and Toni Storm tagged Sasha Banks. Just when Banks entered the ring, Shotzi took the tag from Sasha, which completely surprised her. Shotzi and Bianca had their task cut out and went back and forth with their offense. We saw simultaneous tags from both teams and ladies were placing their offense to perfection.

Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler were locking horns in the ring now and displaying some of the best moves. Shayna tried to end Rhea with her submission clutch but couldn’t get it right. Finally, we saw a showdown between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair.

The two ladies who main event Wrestlemania earlier this year, were going back & forth with their moves.  After exchanging some offense between them, Belair tagged in Queen Zelina but she was taken care of with grace by the Boss Sasha Banks. She tagged in Toni Storm who eliminated Zelina Vega by placing a neck breaker on her. Team Raw 3, Team Smackdown 3.

Liv Mogan now entered the scene and placed her finisher perfectly (face-first to the mat from the bottom rope) on Toni Storm to eliminate her. Raw 3, Smackdown 4. Now, all the ladies of Friday Night Smackdown simultaneously attacked Rhea Ripley with their signature moves, and an exhausted Rhea Ripley got eliminated by Sasha Banks. Raw 1, Smackdown 4.

We saw something uncanny now when Shayna Baszler, Natalya, and Shotzi combined together to go against Sasha Banks. They didn’t let Sasha Banks enter the ring and she was counted out, thus getting eliminated. Raw 1, Smackdown 3.

Now finally we entered the closing moments of the match. Bianca Belair first rolled up Natalya to eliminate her with a pinfall. Then, she exchanged some offense with Shayna Baszler before rolling her up for a pinfall and eliminating her. Shotzi and Bianca were the only two ladies left now. Bianca got hold of Shotzi and ended her with a Kiss of Death to end the misery of Team Smackdown.

WWE Survivor Series Live Results: Bianca Belair emerged as the sole survivor for Team Raw. Raw leads Smackdown by 4-1 now.



Randy Orton & Riddle vs. The Usos- Jimmy Uso and Riddle started the proceedings for their respective teams. The bout started with a classic wrestling lock but soon Riddle grabbed Jimmy from his gut and slammed him face-first on the mat.

Riddle then tagged in Randy and he started working on Jimmy for good. An uppercut from Randy sent Jimmy outside the ring. The Usos then took some time outside the ring to regroup. When Jimmy returned in the ring, he sent Randy to the corner post, and the veteran poked right in the eye of Jimmy to tag his partner Riddle in.

Riddle didn’t get going as he was struggling to get the better of The Usos. Jey Uso was the legal man inside the ring. Riddle was struggling but after a combination of some of his offense, Riddle once again tagged-in Randy. The Viper now systematically took out The Usos.

He first hit Jey back-first on the announce table and did the same to Jimmy Uso. After rolling Jey inside the ring, he was sent to his corner once again with a heavy blow. Riddle then took the tag and was back in action again. Riddle displayed a combination of moves and got the better of The Usos this time around.

Backdrops, knee strikes, kicks to the side of the gut, splashes across the corners, etc. everything was on display from Riddle. We are reaching the pinnacle end of this match now. Riddle tagged in Randy, but Jimmy Uso, who was the legal man, didn’t realized it. Randy took a superkick from Jimmy and was sent outside before he could even the ring after getting the tag.

Jimmy worked on Riddle and set him up for a Uso Splash. While Jimmy was in the air, Randy came out of nowhere and hit his iconic RKO in mid-air to pin Jimmy Uso and win yet another match for Raw.

WWE Survivor Series Live Results: Riddle & Randy Orton won the match (Randy pinned Jimmy Uso)



25-Man Battle Royal- 

  • Omos eliminated Drew Gulak
  • Omos eliminated Shelton Benjamin
  • Omos eliminated Humberto Carrillo
  • Otis eliminated R-Truth
  • Omos eliminated Otis
  • Cesaro eliminated Chad Gable
  • Ricochet eliminated T-Bar
  • Mansoor eliminated Cedric Alexander
  • Angelo Dawkins eliminated Jinder Mahal
  • Shanky eliminated Erick
  • Shanky eliminated Ivar’Omos eliminated Shanky
  • Robert Roode eliminated Mansoor
  • Omos eliminated Robert Roode
  • AJ Styles eliminated Dolph Ziggler
  • Montez Ford eliminated Sami Zayn
  • Omos eliminated Commander Azeez
  • Omos and Commander Azeez eliminated AJ Styles
  • Omos eliminated Apollo Crews
  • Omos eliminated Cesaro
  • Omos eliminated Angelo Dawkins
  • Omos eliminated Montez Ford
  • Omos eliminated Ricochet to win the match

WWE Survivor Series Live Results: Omos won the 25-man Battle Royal



Men’s 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match- As the bell rang, Kebin Owens and Seth Rollins had an argument over who is going to start the match. Finally, it was Kevin Owens who started off the proceedings for Team Raw and King Woods started off for Team Smackdown.

However, Kevin Owens dismissed Team Raw and made his way backstage leaving his team and he was counted out from his Team via count-out (a deliberate one). The match had to continue now and Drew McIntyre ran through Seth Rollins outside the ring to start the first action of the match. Team Smackdown was all over Team Raw right from the outset as each member of their team was taken out by every member of Team Smackdown.

The first elimination after Kevin Owens’ himself left the ring was done by Finn Balor of Team Raw. He eliminated Happy Corbin with a Coup de Gras. Both teams now have 4 members each and Jeff Hardy was the one now having a go against Finn Balor.

The two men went back & forth with their offense, and it was Balor who had the upper hand on the Charismatic Enigma. Balor tagged in Rollins and he worked perfectly well on Hardy. He then tagged Lashley and the All-Mighty completely dismantled Hardy with heavy elbow strikes.

Hardy then finally got some space when he jumped off the top turnbuckle to land perfectly on Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. This gave Jeff the time he needed to regroup. He dragged himself to his corner but Lashley from the outside dragged Drew McIntyre and bashed him face-first on the corner post by lifting him up on his shoulders.

Jeff finally tagged in King Woods, and Balor tagged Lashley. Woods after exchanging a few blows before Lashley hit him with a vicious spear and then held him with a Hurt Lock. King Woods got eliminated. Team Raw is 4-3 over Team Smackdown now.

We now saw both Teams giving their all to get the better of each other. Lashley was going berserk and making every member of Team Smackdown pay, he first took care of Hardy and then had a brawl with Drew McIntyre. The two big men went back & forth with their offense and went outside the ring into the crowd brawling. The two were busy brawling and the referee counted 10 resulting in a double elimination. Both Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre got eliminated.

Raw 3, Smackdown 2. This is the scenario now. Sheamus now took the charge and restarted the proceedings. He exchanged blows with Finn Balor and finally eliminated him with a vicious Brogue Kick to bring Team Smackdown back into the reckoning. The two brands are now leveled. Smackdown 2, Raw 2.

Sheamus was brawling and had all his offense unloading on both Rollins and Theory. Rollins and Theory were taken out by a classic running Hardy splash from one corner to the other, with Sheamus assisting him. We then saw both Hardy and Sheamus working in tandem yet again as Sheamus held Rollins and Jeff held Theory on the rope for the 10 chops on the chest.

After some offense and a little misunderstanding between Hardy and Sheamus led to the elimination of Sheamus via a roll-up pin from Theory. Sheamus was not happy with what happened and he hit a clothesline to Hardy before leaving the ring. Team Raw 2 and Team Smackdown, now left with 1. Finally, we saw Hardy eliminating Theory and Rollins eliminating Hardy to win the match for Team Raw.

WWE Survivor Series Live Result: Team Raw defeated Team Smackdown



Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair- The night kicks off with Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

The personal rivalry between the two ladies started off with a huge right hand by Charlotte Flair as soon as the bell rang. Both ladies started a brawl then and were not letting each other settle at all. The brawl was taken to the outside the ring and Becky bashed Charlotte face-first on the corner post and then to the barricade.

Charlotte took her time on the outside, while Becky returned inside the ring. After a while, Charlotte was back in the ring and started mauling Becky with her offense. Charlotte then took out Becky on the apron and bashed her face on the middle turnbuckle from the apron. Becky went outside near the announce table and Charlotte was going for a moonsault, but Becky arrived in time and pushed Charlotte who had a nasty landing near the barricade.

Becky then went to damage Charlotte further, but the latter picked the former to slam her back-first on the barricade. The two ladies then broke the 10-count  and went inside the ring exchanging their offense. The two ladies went back & forth with their offense and denied near falls after near falls.

At one point, Becky was going for the Back-exploder, a move that is synonymous with Becky, but Charlotte countered the move and hit Becky with her own move. Charlotte then went on the top turnbuckle for a moonsault and placed it effectively after rounding off the second time. Charlotte then went for a cover, but Becky kicked out at 2.

The back & forth offense of both the ladies continued and we saw a unique leg drop from Becky to Charlotte who was hanging on the middle rope. Becky went for a quick cover then, but Charlotte kicked out at 2 counts. Both ladies were seemingly frustrated as none of them were willing to give up in this incredible match-up.

The action continued and we once again saw the two ladies unloading their offense on each other. Becky Lynch went up to the top turnbuckle for a leg drop, but Charlotte moved out of harm’s way and Becky had a nasty landing on her bums. Charlotte tried her offense, but a sudden Manhandle slam from Becky Lynch floored Flair. Becky went for a cover, but Charlotte put her leg on the bottom rope.

The action reached its final moments now. We saw the two ladies stealing each other’s finisher, Becky going for a figure 4 and Charlotte going for a Disarmer. None of the two ladies gave up on each other’s finisher but what we saw was a roll-up pin from Becky with some assistance of the bottom rope helped the Raw Women’s Champion to defeat the Smackdown women’s Champion.

WWE Survivor Series Live Results: Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair



Kick-off Show: WWE Survivor Series Live Results- Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Damian Priest via DQ. Smackdown goes 1-0 up.