WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Roman Reigns wears King Woods’ crown to end the night, Sami Zayn & Aliyah removed from Team Blue

WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Roman Reigns wears King Woods' crown to end the night, Sami Zayn & Aliyah removed from Team Blue
WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Roman Reigns wears King Woods' crown to end the night, Sami Zayn & Aliyah removed from Team Blue

WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on 13th Nov: This week’s Friday Night Smackdown aired live from the Scope Arena, Norfolk, Virginia. In this blog, we have updated Smackdown Results & Highlights of Friday Night Smackdown. Check all the results here.

WWE Smackdown matches and segments of the night

  • Women’s Team Smackdown for Survivor Series kicks off the night
  • Natalya, Shayna Baszler, Shotzi vs. Sasha Banks, Naomi, Aliyah
  • Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs vs. Los Lotharios (Angel & Humberto Carrillo)
  • Charlotte Flair in the ring
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Sami Zayn (Loser is removed from Team Smackdown)
  • Roman Reigns vs. King Woods (Loser bends his knee before the winner)

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WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights:

Roman Reigns vs. King Woods (the loser bends his knee before the winner): The two men started off with a wrestling lock before Roman rocked Woods with a right hand. Roman took Woods to the corner and then unloaded on him with 4 right-hand strikes before Woods pulled his leg and he went face-first on the top turnbuckle.

King Woods returned the favor with 10 right-hand strikes in the corner and sent Roman Reigns outside the ring with a dropkick. He then went outside and stunned Roman with a series of chest chops and right-hand strikes on the face near the announce table. Woods rolled Reigns back to the ring and tried to get better of him with his quickness.

However, Roman caught him with a heavy right upper hand and he rolled outside the ring near the announce table. Roman followed Woods and slammed him with a choke-slam-type move on the announce table. We now head into commercials.

After the commercial, both men were seen in the ring and both exchanged right hands before Woods was floored by the Universal Champion with a heavy right. Reigns then took Woods to the corner trash-talked with him and hit a flurry of rights on his chest. Woods was struggling but got going after bashing into Reigns while he was gaining pace by running into him.

He then displayed his offense and went after Reigns with authority. He was on the money with his offense but another right-hand strike floored Woods. Roman then sets himself for a spear but Woods caught him with a superkick and didn’t let the spear happen perfectly. Roman went for another spear but gets bashed into the corner as Woods moved from harm’s way.

Woods now got an opportunity to hit the coast-to-coast elbow on Reigns, he did it perfectly. But just when he was about to pin the Universal Champion, The Usos pull Woods out and Reigns gets DQ’ed. Another cowardly way to get out of the stip. Woods gets beaten down by The Usos with steel stairs. In the end, The Usos get Woods’ crown and put it on Reigns’ head to finish the night.

WWE Smackdown Results: King Woods won via DQ



Backstage: Ridge Holland gives an update. The newest Smackdown recruit reveals that his idol Sheamus will return to Smackdown.



Backstage: HitRow and the team of Jinder Mahal & Shanky displayed their rapping skills and it was like a rap battle between the two teams.



Jeff Hardy vs. Sami Zayn (Loser gets removed from Team Smackdown): The two men started off with a classic wrestling lock before Sami held Hardy’s right hand and started working on it. Hardy then sent Sami in the corner and went after him with multiple right-hand strikes by standing on the middle rope.

Now, Hardy sent Sami outside the ring and slid a dropkick from the bottom rope. Sami was rocked. Further, Hardy sent him back-first into the barricade and launched himself from the steel-stairs but Sami escaped harm’s way and we go into commercials.

As we returned from the commercial, both men were inside the ring and Sami went for a cover which was broken by Hardy on 2-counts. Now, Sami wrapped his arm around Hardy’s neck to choke him. Hardy somehow got out of it and launched with a series of right-hand strikes before delivering an atomic drop.

He went for a cover, but Sami kicked out at 2. Now, we saw the Vintage Hardy as he went for a whisper in the wind and connected it perfectly. He went for a cover, but Sami again broke the count at 2. The crowd present in the arena was electric and as loud as they could have been cheering for Hardy, and this was helping Hardy gain all the momentum.

In the closing moments, Sami went for a roll-up by using the rope to her advantage, the referee caught Sami cheating and the latter started arguing with the lady referee Jess Karr. Sami then met with a Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton from hardy to get removed from Team Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights: Jeff Hardy defeated Sami Zayn via Pinfall



Charlotte Flair in the ring: Charlotte Flair addressed her Survivor Series opponent Becky Lynch. She started off by addressing the fact that Becky started off from being the Irish Lass kicker to Becky two-belts to The Man to Big Time Becks, and whatnot.

Charlotte said just like her catchphrases Becjy keeps changing again and again. But after Survivor Series, she will have a new name and a catchphrase- “Becky Oh-oh.” She kept on humiliating Becky Lynch but got interrupted by Toni Storm. She made her way to the ring by saying unlike Becky, who defended her title before Survivor Series, Charlotte didn’t put her title on the line ever since returning to Smackdown. Storm challenged her for a championship match, but Charlotte didn’t accept the challenge.



Backstage: Sami Zayn approached Adam Pearce, who was in his office with Von Wagner, to remove Jeff Hardy from Team Smackdown. Pearce tells Sami he will face Hardy tonight and the loser will be removed from Team Smackdown.



Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs vs. Los Lotharios (Angel & Humberto Carrillo): Humberto & Rick Boogs started the proceedings, and it was Boogs who gained the upper hand but hit him with a belly-to-belly and going for swinging gut-wrench before swinging him both sides.

Humberto then send Boogs on the middle rope and Angel took a tag from his cousin before hitting a dropkick on Boogs on the middle rope. The Los Lotharios were in control now and Boogs was struggling as he was not able to use his offense effectively. Boogs got an opening when he slammed Angel head-first on the top turnbuckle and tagged in Nakamura.

Nakamura made things interesting and gained the upper hand by maneuvering his offense in the ring. He went for a baseball slide and slammed Humberto back-first on the mat from the middle rope. He then went for a cover but Angel broke it. Boogs then rushed to Angel and both tumbled outside the ring from the top rope.

In the closing moments, Shinsuke was going to get inside the ring, but Angel held his leg and it was his head inside the ring and Humberto hit a dropkick on the side of his head. That was it, the Los Lotharios then with a combined move on Shinsuke Nakamura pinned the Intercontinental Champion for a win.

WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights: Los Lotharios won via pinfall



Backstage: Kayla Braxton approached Roman Reigns to know his views for the match against king Woods. Roman asked his wise man to handle the situation. Paul Heyman told Kayla that tonight when Roman defeats Woods, the latter will bend his knee before the Tribal Chief, and vice-versa. If in any case, Roman breaks the stipulation and don’t bend his kneww after losing to King Woods, he will be stripped from the Universal Championship and banished from Friday Night Smackdown.



Backstage: After winning the tag-team match for her team, Aliyah was stoked to win her first-ever match on Smackdown and got interviewed by Sarah backstage. While she was sharing her views on a memorable win, Sonya Deville walked to her and told her that she has been informed that Aliyah is no longer a part of the women’s Smackdown team for Survivor Series. This left Aliyah shocked, disheartened and she was in a distress.



Natalya, Shayna Baszler, Shotzi vs. Sasha Banks, Naomi, Aliyah: This match was made official during the commercial and it was Sasha and Natalya starting the proceedings. Sasha went back & forth with her offense to make Natalya pay, the latter then tagged in Shayna and Banks tagged the newcomer Aiyah.

We saw simultaneous tags from Natalya, Shotzi, and Shayna Baszler and it was Aliyah who was on the receiving end. Shayna was working on Aliyah, but a unique offense from the newcomer saw Aliyah getting rid of Shayna and tagging in Naomi. Naomi, who has a personal grudge with Shayna rocked the latter with a kick on the side of her face and worked pretty well on her.

Just when Naomi looked strong and dominating, Natalya pulled Naomi’s legs from the bottom rope and slammed her on the outside with a vertical suplex. She again went for a suplex outside the ring and did the same after rolling her inside. Naomi was really struggling now, and Natalya was enjoying the pain she was giving to Naomi, Natalya now tagged in Shayna and she took Naomi outside the ring to slam her back-first on the barricade near the announce table. We head into commercials now.

As we returned from the commercial, we saw Naomi struggling inside the ring and Shotzi bashing on her back while Naomi was reeling on the middle rope. Shotzi then tagged in Shayna who stomped on the elbow of the former Smackdown Women’s Champion. Naomi finally got some opening as she bashed all the three ladies one by one to get to her corner.

Shayna tagged in Natalya, and Naomi finally made her way to her former to tag Sasha, but Natalya ran into The Boss to send ger outside the ring. Naomi then rolled up Natalya, but Natalya kicked out and tagged in Aliyah.

Aliyah launched her from the top-rope for a cross-body dive and bashed with multiple right-hand strikes not once, not twice but thrice. The match was reaching its pinnacle. We saw Sasha Banks sending Shayna and Shotzi outside the ring. Sasha dived with a double knee strike on Shayna, meanwhile, Naomi hit Shitzi with a rearview. Inside the ring, Natalya held Aliyah in a sharpshooter and grabbed the middle rope. Naomi saw this and hit Natalya with a right hand, Aliyah took the opportunity to roll up Natalya and secure a win for her team.

WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights: Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Aliyah defeated Shayna Baszler, Shotzi, and Natalya



Women’s Team Smackdown for Survivor Series kicks off the night- Sonya Deville introduces all the members of women’s Team Smackdown. She started off by introducing, Shotzi, Natalya, Shayna Baszler, Aliyah, and finally The Boss Sasha Banks.

All the five ladies were present in the ring except for Sasha Banks who made her way to the ring when Deville called her name. As soon as Sasha entered the ring, she went after Shotzi and attacked her. Soon, it was all chaos inside and outside the ring between all the five ladies.