WWE Raw Results & Highlights: Bobby Lashley decimated Rey Mysterio, Adam Pearce makes a change to Men’s Team Raw for Survivor Series

WWE Raw Results & Highlights: Bobby Lashley decimated Rey Mysterio, Adam Pearce makes a change to Men's Team Raw for Survivor Series
WWE Raw Results & Highlights: Bobby Lashley decimated Rey Mysterio, Adam Pearce makes a change to Men's Team Raw for Survivor Series

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night RAW Episode on November 16: The Survivor Series go-home edition of Monday Night Raw had everything on display. We witnessed some great matches along with a breathtaking announcement right on the flag end of the show. Check all the results and highlights of the show here.

WWE Raw Live events of the night

  • WWE Champion Big E kicks off the show
  • Big E & Riddle vs The Usos
  • Big E, Randy Orton & Riddle vs The Usos & Seth Rollins
  • Tamina vs. Bianca Belair
  • Becky Lynch in the ring
  • The Alpha Academy vs. The Street Profits
  • Nikki A.S.H vs. Queen Zelina
  • Carmella vs. Rhea Ripley
  • Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor
  • Omos & AJ Styles vs. The Dirty Dawgs (Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler)
  • Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley

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WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights

Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley- As the bell rang, Rey displayed his quickness by evading the offenses of the All-Mighty Bobby Lashley. However, he was rocked with a big boot of the All-Mighty who now took control.

Dominik tried distracting Lashley by going on the ramp, and it almost worked as Rey hit Bobby Lashley from behind and the All-Mighty went outside the ring. Rey then tried going for a running arm drag from the ring on the outside, but Bobby caught him and held him on his shoulders.

Bobby was looking to bash Rey’s head on the corner post, but Rey denied and send Lashley head-first on the lost with a hurricane Rana. Rey then went into the ring and slid with a dive on Bobby’s chest. He tried to get better with his offense, but Bobby got him in his arms and slammed him like a rag bag on the barricade. We now go into commercials.

After the commercial, we saw both men inside the ring with Rey getting dismantled systematically by the All-Mighty. Rey tried getting some offense right with a series of kicks on the strong thighs of the All-Mighty, but Bobby looked relentless. Bobby once put Rey’s momentum down by snapping him in the air and slamming him face-first on the mat.

Bobby Lashley then took Rey outside the ring and held him on his shoulders and bashed his head on the ring post on the outside. The action then continued inside the ring and we finally saw a 619 from Rey on the gut of Lashley, followed by a proper 619 right on the face of the All-Mighty.

After the 619, Rey went for a dive from the top-rope right into the chest of Bobby Lashley. He went for a pin, but Bobby outmuscled Rey and picked him up with both hands to hold him for a hurt lock, and Rey couldn’t do anything but submit.

WWE Raw Results: Bobby Lashley defeated Rey Mysterio via Pinfall

After the match got over, Adam Pearce came out to make an announcement that considering the well-being of Team Raw and Rey Mysterio, he officially removes Rey Mysterio from Team Raw. Adam made the announcement from the entrance ramp, meanwhile, in the ring, Austin Theory snapped Dominik Mysterio from behind with his finisher.

After Theory’s attack, Adam Pearce revealed that he likes Austin Theory’s style and instilled him in Team Raw as a replacement for Rey Mysterio.



Omos & AJ Styles vs. The Dirty Dawgs (Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler)- Omos and Roode started the proceedings of the match. He tried going for a wrestling lock, but Omos ruffle his feathers with a vicious clothesline before dishing him to the corner post.

Omos then sent him to the other corner and hit his right hand on Rodde’s chest. Omos was completely manhandling Roode. He then picked him up and sent him face-first on the corner post. Omos then vowed Dolph Ziggler to come into the ring by tagging Roode. Ziggler first denied, but then got in by tagging Roode.

Omos continued his vicious assault on Ziggler as well. He hoisted him up with both his hands and slammed face and chest-first on the mat. Omos wasn’t showing any mercy but tagged AJ Styles who put an end to Ziggler & Roode’s misery by hitting Ziggler with a Phenomenal Forearm.

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights: AJ Styles pinned Ziggler to pick up a win for his team



Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor- Owens and Balor started off with a classic wrestling lock. They went back & forth with the lock before Owens snapped him with a heavy elbow. Owens was in control now and floored Balor with his offense.

Owens then slammed back-first on Balor’s chest to wear him down. Owens was on the money with his offense and wasn’t letting Balor get a moment of respite. He sent Balor outside and tried to put him through a pop-up Powerbomb on the apron. Balor, however, countered the move by grabbing the top rope while he was hoisted but met face-first with the apron when Owens pulled his leg.

The two men then went inside the ring and continued with their offense. Owens had the upper hand but Balor wasn’t keeping a low identity and resurrected with some right-hand strikes and stomping on Owens’ chest. He then sent Owens outside the ring and got him with a running dive from the top-rope. We now head into commercials.

After the commercial, we saw both men fighting on the top-turnbuckle. We then saw Kevin taking Balor up on his shoulder and hitting a vertical Swanton from the middle turnbuckle. Kevin went for a cover, but Balor kicked out at 2. Both men were not giving up anytime soon and continued going back & forth with their offense.

We saw Kevin flooring Balor with a vicious attack on the back, Finn going for the spring blade. We also saw Kevin hitting a superkick and going for a cover but Balor yet again kicked out at 2. After a variety of moves, Balor dropkicked Owens to the corner post and went to the top-turnbuckle for Coup de Gras but Kevin put his knees up in time to avoid it.

Kevin went for a dive from the top rope, and this time Balor put his knees up on time to avoid the dive. Finally after going back & forth with their offense, finally we were nearing the closure of the match. Balor went up for yet another Coup de Gras, but this time Owens disturbed the top rope which saw Balor having a bad landing on the top turnbuckle. Owens then pulled him to the middle of the ring to hit him with a stunner.

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights: Kevin Owens defeated Finn Balor via Pinfall



Backstage- Seth Rollins gets interviewed where he says that he will be taking the WWE Championship from Big E after leading Team Raw to victory at Survivor Series. And he will do this because he is a visionary, and Seth Freakin Rollins.



Carmella vs. Rhea Ripley- The match between the two ladies started after the commercial ads. Ripley had the upper hand as she completely women-handled Carmella by throwing her on either corner of the ring.

Rhea was going for an offense near the ropes, but Carmella hit her with a kick on the knee that saw Rhea hanging on the bottom rope. Then Carmella hit a superkick on the side of the face that saw Rhea ricocheting from the corner post.

Carmella got the upper hand with the superkick and then she chopped multiple times on the exposed back. Rhea was suffering pain, which in itself is a rare sight. Carmella was displaying some great moves and then rocked Rhea with two more superkicks.

She attempted a pin, but Rhea kicked out on 2-counts. This frustrated Carmella, but still, the two ladies were going back & forth. In the closing moments, Rhea gave Carmella a taste of her own medicine by chopping her back with both hands and finally floored her with Rip Tide.

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights: Rhea Ripley defeated Carmella via Pinfall

After the match got over, Queen Zelina took the mic and congratulated Rhea Ripley for her ‘fluke.’ She then targetted Nikki A.S.H by saying that Carmella will lead Team Raw to victory at Survivor Series, while Nikki will be home alone with losers.



Nikki A.S.H vs. Queen Zelina- Nikki started with a side headlock and slammed the queen with the same. The momentum quickly shifted in the favor of the queen who sent Nikki to the corner and then choked her with her leg.

Both ladies were then in the middle of the ring ad the Queen rocked Nikki with a knee. A few exchanges of offense and Zelina was back again on the top. The match didn’t last for long and despite a series of right-hand strikes by Nikki on the corner post by standing tall on the Queen, Nikki got pinned with a sunset flip.

WWE Raw Results: Queen Zelina defeated Nikki A.S.H



Backstage- In a video footage from earlier tonight, it is revealed that Adam Pearce made a match official between Bobby Lashley and Rey Mysterio.



The Alpha Academy vs. The Street Profits- Gable and Dawkins started the proceedings of the match. It started with classic wrestling locks and then we saw a series of leapfrogs wherein both competitors were evading each other. Finally, Dawkins placed his offense right and tagged in Ford.

Ford rocked Gable with a running dropkick and was working pretty well on the master of Otis. He was quick with his moves and that was a thing bothering Gable. Ford once again tagged Dawkins who didn’t get the hold of Gable this time around and after a heavy right-hand strike on Dawkins, Gable tagged Otis.

Once Otis was in the ring, he was all over Dawkins. He floored Dawkins with a double axe handle and then jumped on him face-first. Otis then hit a nasty right hand on Ford to send him out of the apron. Ford dived on Gable from the top-rope and it was a stunning view.

After the commercial, we saw Dawinks and Gable in the ring. Both men were going back & forth with their offense, but it was Gable with the upper hand. Gable locked Dawkins’ right leg and dragged him to his corner. He then tagged Otis who also worked on Dawkins’ leg. He jumped on the back of Dawkins’ knee and then tagged Gable again.

Gable had his task cut out. He was working on the injured leg of Dawkins yet again. He then thought of going for a reverse moonsault from the top turnbuckle but Dawkins got away of harm’s way and Gable met face-first on the mat. He was then hit with a silencer by Dawkins. Now, both men desperately made to their respective corners and tagged in their partners.

Otis and Ford were now in the ring. Ford went for four clotheslines in a row, but couldn’t put the big man down. Finally, a kick on the side of Otis’ head rocked him and Ford had the upper hand. In the closing moments of the match, Gable was the legal man, while Otis bumped into the barricade while slamming hard into Dawkins. Meanwhile in the ring, Gable connected a crossbody slam perfectly on Ford, but Ford rolled him up for a pinfall win.

WWE Raw Results: Motez Ford pinned Chad Gable



Becky Lynch in the ring- Becky started her segment by rolling up the footage of Charlotte Flair from this past Smackdown where the Smackdown Women’s Champion insulted Becky Lynch.

After the footage, Becky started off by saying that Charlotte was once her best friend but now both don’t see an eye to each other. Becky was quite loud with her comments on her Survivor Series opponent and even said that I’m the person you’re gonna go face to face with at Survivor Series. I’m gonna force you to face all your insecure demons. This isn’t about brand supremacy. It’s about personal legacy.

As she was speaking, Liv Morgan came out to interrupt her segment. She started off by saying that she is tired of hearing Becky and Charlotte’s saga and things need to move on. Both ladies exchanged a few words before Liv told Becky right on her face that she isn’t Big Time Becks, but a Big Time Bitch.

This pissed the Raw Women’s Champion who tried to deliver a Manhandle slam on Liv, but she countered it. Becky then rolled out of the ring with Liv Morgan holding the title high in the middle of the ring.



Tamina vs. Bianca Belair- Belair was all over Tamina right from the outset. She first slammed her to one of the corners and then unloaded on her with a series of right-hand strikes. Tamina got her opportunity to wear down Bianca when she wrapped her right arm around her neck.

Bianca tried getting out of the hold but meant with an elbow on the face while she was running towards her from the ropes. Tamina continued her offense but not for long, Bianca finally got the opening she needed courtesy of her quickness.

She had her offense placed right and didn’t restrain herself from using the offense to the fullest. Bianca was, however, rocked with a huge superkick but still collected herself quickly to get going again. In the closing moments of the match, Tamina tried hoisting Bianca for a Samoan Drop, but the latter denied it and hit Tamina on the back, before lifting her for a Kiss of Death and placing it superbly. A pinfall and Bianca got the win.

WWE Raw Results: Bianca Belair defeated Tamina via pinfall.

After the match got over, Doudrop made her way to the ramp and said that after Survivor Series she will be coming after her (Bianca Belair).



Backstage- Kevin Owens gets confronted by Finn Balor who tells him that last week he wasn’t here to tell him that he doesn’t trust him a bit. Balor also revealed that he was supposed to have a one-on-one match against Rollins tonight, but now he has been told that he will be facing Kevin Owens.



Big E, Randy Orton & Riddle vs The Usos & Seth Rollins- The match was made official during the commercial. The 6-man tag-team action rolled on and it was the team of Big E, Randy & Riddle who were on the top in the initial phase of the match.

First, it was Randy & Riddle who worked their way with the cohesive moves, and then it was the turn of the WWE Champ. Big E was on the money against Jimmy Usos with a running dive on Jimmy both inside the ring and on the apron before going into commercials.

As we returned from the commercial, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton were in the ring and Rollins was in command. He hit a head butt on the Viper before tagging in Jimmy Uso. The Usos snapped Randy’s legs by stretching them apart. Randy finally got an opening by a back-first slam on Jey and he tagged in Riddle.

Riddle worked pretty well on Seth Rollins and Jey Uso on either side of the corner. He bashed into them simultaneously and looked on the top of his offense. Jey legally tagged in Seth Rollins and then he was legal. Rollins rocked Riddle with a couple of elbow strikes first in the front and then at the back of the head. That was it, Rollins then went for a roll-up pin after the below strikes, and Riddle got pinned.

WWE Raw Results: Seth Rollins & The Usos defeated Riddle, Randy Orton & Big E (Rollins pinned Riddle)

After the match got over, The Usos tried laying waste on Riddle, but Randy helped him out by intercepting Jey Uso’s run towards Riddle with an RKO. Later, Big E got into the ring to hit an already overwhelmed Jey Uso with a Big Ending to send a message straight to Roman Reigns.



Big E & Riddle vs The Usos- The match started after a commercial and it was Big E and Jimmy Uso who started the proceedings. Seth Rollins was with the commentary team taking a look at the proceedings from close.

Big E went back & forth with his attacks and soon tagged in Riddle. Riddle worked on The Usos and didn’t waste time in tagging back Big E. The WWE Champ then sent Jey Uso outside the ring and bashed him into Seth Rollins who was there at the commentary table.

He then rocked Rollins with a heavy right and went back into the ring to work on one of the Usos. Rollins however followed Big E inside the ring and attacked him from behind resulting in a DQ. The Usos and Rollins worked as a unit and started ambushing both Riddle and Big E. This made Randy Orton rush down the ring and he just came and RKOed Jey Uso.



WWE Champion Big E kicks off the show- Big E starts off the night by mentioning Universal Champion Roman Reigns who is supposed to be the one facing the WWE Champ at Survivor Series. He said that Roman and his little cousins have gone personal with him and his family, and this is no longer a brand vs. brand or champion vs. champion thing.

He said that he will make sure that there are enough hospital beds in Brooklyn so that he could put Roman Reigns in one of those beds. After addressing Roman Reigns, Big E called out Kevin Owens who made his way out and stood on the ramp.

Kevin said that he wasn’t the man he is now and blamed Big E for this change. He said that he never wanted to be like this but Big E costed his match last week and now he blames him for his change. After saying a few more things, Big E tried to cut him short by calling him into the ring to have a match, but Kevin made his way backstage. Big E followed him, but all of sudden The Usos came out and ambushed the WWE Champion.

They beat him down from the ramp into the ring. Big E then got an unfamiliar ally in the form of Riddle who came rushing down to take out The Usos on his own. Big E also helped him in clearing the ring. After all this, Sonya Deville came to the ramp and made a match official between Big E & Riddle vs. The Usos.