Friday, May 20, 2022

WWE Raw Predictions: 3 things that could take place on the Rated-R Superstar Edge’s return

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WWE Raw Predictions- Three things Edge could focus on his return- The Rated-R Superstar Edge is all set to return this week on Monday Night Raw, and we can not keep calm. The WWE Hall of Famer will be back on WWE TV after more than a month, and a lot of possibilities await him on Monday nights. What could be these possibilities? Let’s take a look.

WWE Raw Predictions: Starts a feud with Bobby Lashley

The Rated-R Superstar Edge would be looking for a fresh new start. He would be back on Monday Night Raw this week, and it would also be the first instance when he will be featuring on Raw since the last month’s WWE Draft.

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After jumping on Raw from Smackdown, Edge will now look for new feuds, and one man with whom he could have a storyline is the All-Mighty Bobby Lashley. Edge and Bobby Lashley are looking for a change, and it would be captivating to see them going after each other. Edge is a good friend with Rey Mysterio, and with Mysterio’s currently feeling the heat against Lashley, Edge could burst into the scene to help Rey and his son Dominik. Let’s see if this happens.

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WWE Raw Predictions: Starts a storyline with Kevin Owens

Another man on his radar could be the Prize Fighter and the fellow Canadian Kevin Owens. The former Universal Champion Kevin Owens has been a huge fan of Edge since his heydays.

WWE Raw Predictions: 3 things that could take place on the Rated-R Superstar Edge’s return

Getting into a storyline with the Rated-R Superstar could be a dream come true moment for him. Both men carry a great stature when it comes to their in-ring skills, and this feud could well be worth a watch in recent times on Monday Night Raw.

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WWE Raw Predictions: Takes on the ‘Selfie-Man’ Austin Theory

There’s no double thought on Austin Theory’s in-ring ability and the promising career that lies ahead of him. However, one thing about him that annoys almost everyone is his selfies.

Edge is expected to have a separate segment this week, but the annoying habit of Theory might force him to interrupt the Rated-R Superstar’s segment but end up taking a Spear. Well, this seems quite a possibility.


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