Tuesday, May 17, 2022

WWE Raw Highlights: Fan wildly attacked Seth Rollins tonight, check video

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WWE Raw Highlights: A WWE fan attacked Seth Rollins– In one of the most unconventional scenarios in recent times, we saw a WWE fan attacking Seth Rollins on the Survivor Series fallout edition of Monday Night Raw. 

This took place when Seth Rollins was making an exit through the ramp after ambushing Finn Balor. Rollins brutally assaulted Finn Balor ahead of their planned match. He took him outside the ring, bashed him face-first on the barricade, then bumped a steel stair right into his head. 

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Rollins’ assault didn’t stop there. He then rolled Balor inside the ring and hit his finisher the Curb Stomp to floor him for good. Rollins then left the ring, and it seemed he was done. However, he returned again to plant yet another Curb Stomp on Balor. 

WWE Raw Highlights: Seth Rollins attacked by a WWE fan

While Rollins was walking back after the assault on Balor, a fan ran down from the mid-level seating and tackled Rollins. Rollins and referee both went down with the force of that man. Other officials, along with WWE Producer & Hall of Famer Michael “PS” Hayes, came out to help Rollins, and eventually, he got separated from the fan. You can check the video below,

The attack couldn’t be captured for long as the official WWE cameraman cut away from the fan attack and went to replays of the Balor-Rollins breakout segment. The security then dragged that man away, but thanks to the fans clicking pictures and sharing on social media, here are some stills and video clips.

WWE Raw Highlights: A fan wildly attacked Seth Rollins tonight, check video

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The man who attacked Rollins was later taken escorted out of the Barclays Center. Take a look,

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