WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Live Results 8th October: Riddle makes Seth Rollins tap out in the Fight Pit

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Live Results 8th October: WWE Extreme Rules 2022 streamed live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania.…

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Live Results 8th October: Riddle makes Seth Rollins tap out in the Fight Pit
WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Live Results 8th October: Riddle makes Seth Rollins tap out in the Fight Pit

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Live Results 8th October: WWE Extreme Rules 2022 streamed live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania.

Matt Riddle vs Seth Rollins: Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins competed in a Fight Pit. The match started with Riddle throwing kicks at Rollins’ legs. In the initial phase, Rollins struggled to adapt to the fight pit, but the Architect figured out to fight back against the former UFC star. Meanwhile, Daniel Cormier warned both men to keep their hands off him and continue their fight.


Despite Riddle’s ability to use the fight pit for advantage, Seth Rollins took  Riddle down. However, Seth Rollins was poured with confidence when Riddle hit with an RKO to shut down the Visionary. Further, Riddle tried to deliver another RKO but ended u being hit by a reversal from Seth Rollins.

The fight continued on the steel structure above the pit, and both men assaulted each other. Riddle and Seth Rollins fought fiercely, delivering their finishers. Despite that, they were out of bounds to conclude the match. Meanwhile, Riddle delivered an RKO driving Seth Rollins into the fight pit.

In the final moments of the match, Riddle caught Seth Rollins in a submission maneuver tapping out the grand slam champion.

Edge vs Finn Balor: The Rated R Superstar Edge fought against Prince Finn Balor in an “I Quit” match. The match started with Edge fiercely attacking Balor furiously. Edge slammed Balor on the ground with multiple fists in Balor’s face. The early start of the match saw Edge dominating Balor in the ring.

However, Balor gained his momentum back by attacking Edge with multiple chest chops. He caught the WWE Hall of Famer in a Figure Four Lock and the pressure altered continuously for both men. Later, Balor delivered a Sling Blade on the sidelines, but Edge stood back, driving him into the barricade. Further, Edge knocked Balor into the WWE Universe and assaulted him with a hockey stick, forcing him to utter “I Quit”.

Further, the match continued in the WWE Universe, both men brutalizing each other. Soon, the tables turned out for Edge, with Balor attacking Edge with steel chairs and bringing the Hall of Famer into the ring. Balor and Edge continued their brawl in the ring, using chair shots to decoy each other. Meanwhile, Judgement Day came for Balor’s aid but Edge countered them back with a vicious spear.

On the other hand, Edge made himself ready to deliver another spear when Rhea Ripley handcuffed him. Soon, Balor brought the kendo stick into the fight brutalizing Edge. On the other hand, Rey Mysterio and Beth Phoenix came to Edge’s aid. However, Judgement Day took Beth Phoenix hostage to force Edge to utter the words “I Quit”. In the end, Edge says “I Quit” forcefully

Bianca Belair vs Bayley: ‘The EST of WWE’ Bianca Belair defended her Raw Women’s Champion against Bayley in a ladder match. As the bell rang, both women barged against each other and grabbed the ladder to get the Raw Women’s Title. However, Bianca Belair pushed Bayley to the sidelines.

Once again, both women restored order in the ring and fought fiercely. The EST of WWE slammed Bayley on the ladder, but the former SmackDown Women’s Champion backfired on Belair with a sunset flip. Bayley tried to climb the ladder but Belair took the challenge down. However, Bayley attacked the champion and dominated her attacking her with multiple strikes followed by a flying elbow on Belair on the ladder.

The match continued with Bianca Belair slamming Bayley followed by a KOD. Soon, she tried to grab the Raw Women’s Title claiming the ladder but Damage CTRL made their way to aid Bayley. Although Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky tried to deliver more damage to Bianca Belair, they ended up being slammed with a taste of KOD.

Meanwhile, Bayley attacked the champion and tried to climb the ladder but Bianca Belair bounced back to stop the challenger. In the final moments of the match, Bianca Belair delivered a KOD on the ladder face first and climbed the ladder to retain her Raw Women’s Title.

Drew McIntyre vs Karrion Kross: Next, we had the Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre in a strap match against The Herald of Doomsday Karrion Kross. The referee tried to bind both men with the strap, but Kross denied it. Meanwhile, Scarlett attacked McIntyre and the fight broke between the two men. Both men continue to brawl on the sidelines without the match officially starting.

Drew McIntyre delivered a slam from the steel steps and brought back Kross into the ring and tied him to start the match. Although the Scottish Warrior delivered heavy blows at the start, Scarlett caused a distraction, allowing Kross to take over the match once again. The former NXT Champion slammed McIntyre multiple times on the ring post targeting his injured left shoulder.

The strap match continued with Doomsday’s domination. After a brief time assaulting the Scottish Warrior on the sidelines, he tried the first pinfall cover, but the former champion kicked out. Both men stood toe to toe inside the ring attacking each other with the strap.

In the final moments of the match, Scarlett used pepper spray to blindside Drew McIntyre, allowing Kross to deliver the Kross hammer to win the match.

Liv Morgan vs Ronda Rousey: The SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan defended her title against Ronda Rousey in an Extreme Rules match. As the bell rang, Ronda Rousey went furious against Liv Morgan and caught her in a submission hold with an early pinfall. However, the champion rolled up grabbing the baseball match.

Unfortunately, Ronda Rousey grabbed the baseball bat and unleashed a vicious attack on the ringside. Meanwhile, Morgan took advantage of recovery firing the fire extinguisher, but Ronda caught the champion in a piper’s pit. The assault continued for the champion, followed by a home run hit from the challenger.

The Baddest Woman on the Planet unleashed a brutal assault on Liv Morgan with multiple strikes with her judo black belt and the baseball bat. Both women continued their fight on the sidelines, barging into each other. Soon, Liv Morgan attacked Ronda Rousey with multiple chair strikes, followed by a Code Red on the steel chair.

Further, the champion delivered a successful senton Ronda Rousey on the table, however, Rousey caught Morgan off-guard and caught her in a chokehold entangled with a table. In the end, Morgan passed out after a terrifying chokehold.

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