Top 3 improvements that GTA Online can get on its next update

Top 3 improvements that GTA Online can get on its next update
Top 3 improvements that GTA Online can get on its next update

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a huge success since its release 8 years ago. Rockstar Games are diligently releasing new updates to keep GTA Online more interesting for players. Recently, GTA Online got the Los Santos Tuners update which introduced new action-packed missions and a lot of tuner-based cars that players can race and own. Rockstar Games also revealed that GTA 5 has crossed the 150 million sales mark, making it the second most popular game in the world. GTA 5 Online update, improvements

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Though GTA Online is reaching new heights in terms of popularity, the game still has a lot of room for improvement. Rockstar Games are continuously working on fixing bugs and improving gameplay for the players. Here are the top three improvements that Rockstar can introduce on their next GTA Online update:

  1. Exploitable Glitches

Players have always managed to find many exploitable glitches on GTA Online. These glitches are various programming or design bugs in the game itself and players can benefit from these bugs by increasing GTA money or by duplicating cars and many more. Though players are advised not to use these exploits as Rockstar tends to directly ban them from the game. It is expected that they will work on fixing these glitches in future updates.

  1. Money Making

Every player in GTA Online wants to be wealthy but there aren’t many options in the game in order to make some serious cash. Rockstar Games have introduced various heists including the Cayo Perico Heist update which received a lot of praise but they are not always a concrete source of income. Players can also be involved in different kinds of businesses to make money and it is expected that Rockstar will introduce more money making ways in GTA Online.

  1. Hackers

Hackers are not new in GTA Online. Players have a hard time dealing with these hackers and it absolutely ruins the gameplay. It is frustrating for players to watch hackers getting all the money and climbing up the ranks. This has led many players to quit GTA Online and have never come back. Rockstar games will be including several anti-hacking measures in the upcoming updates, which will eventually make Los Santos a better place.

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GTA 5 Online update, improvements