Friday, May 20, 2022

Scout shares his ideas of India’s Esports Academy

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Right after the development of PUBG Mobile’s esports scene in India, a lot of young aspirants have invested their heart and soul to achieve success in the scene. Even to this date, considering the huge amount of participation and engagement in BGIS 2021, it is clear that young gamers in India are investing a huge amount of time and hard work to earn their name in BGMI esports. And players like Scout, more or less, has been role model to these young aspirants. Scout, India’s Esports Academy, Indian Esports, Esports, BGMI, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Esports Training, Esports, Gaming, Esports Institution

Yesterday, on his stream, Tanmay Singh aka Scout went vocal about this situation and shared ideas on how we can build a better system for the young talents that will provide equal opportunity to all. In the video below, Scout can be seen talking about an academy based system that is inspired by the professional football eco-system which helps to shape talents from the grassroots level.

While there can be a lot of arguments and no system comes without its flaws, Scout is confident that this might actually provide a fair chance to all and in turn, will benefit the overall Indian esports ecosystem.

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Professional organizations that train amateur players are not something that India is unfamiliar with. Along with various other companies, ROG, a gaming laptop brand has introduced ROG Academy last year that picks and trains young Valorant players and equips them with the tools of getting success in the esports scene. An esports institution exclusively in India has also been in talks. That said, we have seen quite an amount of promises around this and very little to no action. So, whether top organizations show interest in Scout’s opinion remains to be seen.

Who is Scout?

Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh is an Indian BGMI player who last played for Team SouL. He is also a Content Creator for 8Bit Creatives and the founder of TeamXSpark. Often referred to as one of the best Indian players and a great International player Sc0ut mainly is a Scouter, flanker, and assaulter. Scout is one of the biggest influencers in the Indian gaming community with more than 4.25M Subscriber on YouTube

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