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Sachin Tendulkar’s heavy bat one of the major reasons behind his success, says Mohammad Kaif

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Sachin Tendulkar and his exploits in international cricket is second to none and that’s not just a rhetoric as stats don’t lie. Most international hundreds, most matches, most runs in the Test and ODI formats of the game – a magical and once in a lifetime batsman who ruled the 22 yards of a cricket ground for almost 24 years. Follow more such news on InsideSport.IN. 

Sachin Tendulkar’s heavy bat one of the major reasons behind his success, says Mohammad Kaif

A child prodigy and then then one of the biggest legends of the game. Tendulkar made his Test debut when he was just 16. There was a time when his tennis elbow threatened to end his career, but the ‘Master Blaster’ bounced back like a true champion, hit ODI cricket’s first double hundred and even fulfilled his long pending dream to win the ODI World Cup in 2011. He continues to remain the only player to hit 100 international hundred.

What was the reason behind Sachin Tendulkar’s phenomenal success? 

According to Mohammad Kaif, the former India cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar’s heavy bat played a major role in his massive success at the world stage. During a podcast interview for DC with Kagiso Rabada, Kaif has reckoned that Tendulkar was immensely skilled and talented but his heavy bat played a heavy role in his stellar career.

“I think many people talk about his skill and talent but his bat was a weapon man. It’s heavy and you just have to time the ball and it would go for a boundary. Sachin won’t have been the same player with a lighter bat. Different players opt for different bats. Rahul Dravid was very different, he used lighter. Talent, hard work and the heavy bat, not saying heavy bats were the only reason behind his success. Sachin Tendulkar bats even in the optional sessions of the Road Safety Series,” Kaif has said.

Further, Mohammad Kaif shared an anecdote from his first tour of South Africa with the Indian Test team. On the tour, Tendulkar had suggested the former middle-order batsman a way to tackle Dale Steyn’s express bouncer which he was finding hard to negate with the bat.

“I remember when I went to South Africa, I faced young Dale Steyn. He bowled a bouncer to me and I tried to pull it. By the time I could bring in my bat, the ball had gone by. Sachin Tendulkar walked to me from the other end and said, ‘Just leave the ball, it’s too fast’,” Kaif revealed.

My wife is currently not happy with me: Kaif 

On a lighter note, Mohammad Kaif said that his wife was currently “not happy” because of the many hats he has been wearing. Notably, the 41-year-old is currently as assistant coach with Delhi Capitals, a commentator and is also seen playing in charity cricket matches from time to time.

“My wife is not happy at the moment because I promised her more time with her and family after retirement. That did not happen – Road Safety Series, commentary and coaching – had not idea life would be so busy. But wearing different hats has its own benefit. You learn a lot.

“I am playing and then commentating. Commentary helps me in coaching, talking live about each delivery helps me in commentary. I make pointers and observe. But my wife is not happy with me wearing so many hats. However, I am lucky to be involved with the game despite the bio-bubble life.”



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