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India records highest percentage of doping violations among countries with 2000 or more tests

India records highest percentage of doping violations among countries with 2000 or more tests

Even Russia, which was suspended a few years back due to rampant doping violations, brought down it's percentage to 0.8.

In a shocking news for the country, India has registered the highest percentage of failed dope tests among countries with more than 2000 samples. South Africa is second on the list, in the 2022 Testing Figures Report released by the World Anti-Doping Agency. As many as 3,865 samples (urine, and blood combined) were collected during the period for India, and out of which 125 returned positive.

That makes it 3.2 per cent positive samples, the WADA suggested in its report on Wednesday. Even as far as the number of samples go, India is 11th on the list. Meanwhile, the doping violations in Russia (85), USA (84), Italy (73) and France (72) were considerably lower.

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South Africa Not Far Behind in doping

South Africa had 2.9per cent positive samples from a total of 2033 tested. The third place was occupied by Kazakhstan with 1.9 per cent of its testing pool of 2,174 samples. These three were followed by Norway and the USA. The highest number of testing was done by China, who recorded 19,228 samples. But only 0.2 per cent of tests returned positive.

Germany tested 13,653 samples of which 0.3 per cent tested positive. “WADA’s Annual Testing Figures Report is the most comprehensive overview of all doping control samples,” WADA Director General Olivier Niggli said in a statement.

“WADA is pleased to note that the number of anti-doping tests in the testing figures continue to increase across the board and are the closest to the pre-pandemic levels (2019). The Testing Figures Report is an important tool for collaboration between Anti-Doping Organisations,” he added.


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