Wednesday, May 25, 2022

GodLike going to PMGC: YouTubers and fans reaction on GodLike representing India in PMGC 2021

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A shocking turn of events has led to GodLike Esports being selected to represent India at PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021, despite placing in fourth place at BGIS 2021. GodLike in PMGC, GodL playing PMGC, Jonathan in PMGC, GodLike going to PMGC, BGIS, Snax on GodLike

GamingPro Ocean has confirmed that Godlike Esports will be playing PMGC. A lot of YouTubers have reacted to the news and congratulated GodLike. Among those who confirmed the news is Scout, Kiki.

Snax was shocked by the news and he even mocked the managers of the top three teams. He was a bit disappointed with players for missing such a huge opportunity. Moreover, he stated that the management of such teams must be revoked and a new management team should be hired.

SGDestro appeared emotional during his live stream after fans mocked him for being unable to attend PMGC 2021 due to passport issues.

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Ghatak, on the other hand, gave his support to team Skylightz Gaming and comforted them by mentioning

“It has been an amazing journey for you guys, from beginning to end, from being consistent to winning the event. It’s really unfortunate that you guys couldn’t make it for PMGC, but we know we share the same dream of being the first Indian team to win an international trophy. It’s all about the nation’s pride this time, and we’re going to finish what you guys started. Also, thank you for being a great competitor.”

While the GodLike fans were delighted with the news, others reacted negatively and spammed them with hate messages.

The Grand Final is scheduled to take place between January 21 and January 23. The tournament will be streamed exclusively on the PUBG Mobile Esports official YouTube channel.

GodLike Esports will participate in the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals. The official announcement has been made on the official Instagram handle of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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