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‘Either they are acting stupid or they are stupid’: Igor Stimac keeps hurling truth-bombs at AIFF

‘Either they are acting stupid or they are stupid’: Igor Stimac keeps hurling truth-bombs at AIFF

After slamming AIFF in open forum on Friday, Stimac goes into details about various facets of his contract in a one-on-one interview.

Former India football team coach Igor Stimac continued hurling accusations at the AIFF on Saturday. After Friday’s session where Stimac addressed an open conference, the former Croatian international gave an exclusive interview to journalist Boria Majumder where he talked about how the AIFF treated him, about the lack of a termination clause in his contract, and how he plans to use the compensation he will receive from AIFF. Here are the excerpts.

On if he thought things would end this bitterly

No, honestly never. I was doing my best to avoid (the bitter exit). Wherever I was working, I left without any bitterness, without anger. After everything we have done together, it’s a defeat for everyone that it had to end this way. I told you months ago that I will leave my position even if we qualify. But there is a way of how to do things and how to deal with things,” Stimac said.

On how AIFF needed to deal with Stimac

AIFF needed to deal with things smartly. They needed to wait until the end of the month for me to complete my deal with other party. They could’ve been free of paying anything that way. There was no need of paying 3 months salary. But if they insisted on that, then I could accept it under one condition: The president needs to resign with me,” Stimac said.

On non-termination clause

Either they are playing stupid or they are really stupid. Because that clause was taken out from my contract because I insisted on it, because I didn’t trust them,” he said.

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On what he plans to do with compensation

I don’t want to speak to AIFF anymore. My lawyer is in charge of it now. I will help some Indian academies with this money. The people that worked with me will be compensated as I promised to them. I will just tell you that the people running AIFF don’t know how to do it. I wish them the very best for their lives but move from the football house and let others who know how to do the job run the show,” Stimac added.


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