IPL 2020: SRH Beat Delhi by 15 Runs to register first win of the season

IPL 2020: SRH Beat Delhi by 15 Runs to register first win of the season

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]11.40pm That’s a wrap guys. Than you for joining us. See you again tomorrow. 11.37pm Full match report: https://www.insidesport.in/ipl-2020-dc-vs-srh-highlights-williamsons-heroics-get-srh-first-win-of-ipl-2020-beat-dc-by-15-runs/ 11.35pm Match Summary .@SunRisers register their first win of #Dream11IPL 2020 as they beat #DelhiCapitals by 15 runs in Match 11 A look at the Match Summary below 👇#DCvSRH pic.twitter.com/OWyZdkhenD — IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) September 29, 2020 […]


That’s a wrap guys. Than you for joining us. See you again tomorrow.


Full match report: https://www.insidesport.in/ipl-2020-dc-vs-srh-highlights-williamsons-heroics-get-srh-first-win-of-ipl-2020-beat-dc-by-15-runs/

Match Summary

SRH win by 15 runs
David Warner’s SRH gets their first win of IPL 2020

The team from Hyderabad clinch their first win of IPL 2020 by beating the table-toppers. Rabada blasted the last ball for a six over wide of long off but it has come very late for DC and it has been such because of some great death bowling by SRH.


Axar b Khaleel Ahmed 5(6)


Nine from the penultimate over with Bhuvi bowling yorkers regularly. Rabada added boundary with a slice shot over cover as he was offered a full toss. SRH need 28 runs from 6 balls DC-135/6 after 9 overs

Excellent over from Nataranjan

In the death, he gets his execution almost perfect. Yorker after yorker and low full tosses. And eventually the wicket of Stoinis. The pressure was building and Stoinis had to do something. He went across to play the flick shot but got trapped in front of the wickets on the yorker. 37 needed now. SRH-126/6 after 18 overs


Marcus Stoinis has been trapped by Natarajan. He calls for a review but this seems to be hitting middle and leg. GONE! Review wasted. SRH 126/6

SRH-119/5 after 17 overs

SRH need 44 more from 18 deliveries

Rashid strikes again!

Stoinis took no time to settle in the last over with him hitting a four but he plays timidly against the extremely economical Rashid. Pant makes the mistake of taking him and loses his wicket. Caught by Garg. Delhi need 46 off 20 balls. FOW-117/5


The wide of off strategy against Hetmyer has worked. Bhuvi bowled it slower also as the batsman went reaching for it, he could only place the shot to wide of long off where Pandey wobbled once before taking the catch. Man in form, Stoinis comes out and cuts the short ball on off for a boundary. Pant finishes the over with another boundary. 49 needed now. DC-114/4 after 16 overs

Time for Strategic Timeout

Shimron Hetmyer tried to flick one over covers, but it found Manish Pandey. Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets a wicket on the first ball of his return. FOW-104/4

SRH-104/3 after 15 overs

DC need 59 runs from 30 balls


Four byes from a full toss on leg is not what SRH need here. Natarajan and the bowlers need to be disciplined. The required rate may be over 12 but with Pant and Hetmyer in the middle, nothing looks far fetched.10 from the over as the pacer makes a good comeback. 75 needed from here. SRH-88/3 after 14 overs

Back to back sixes!

Abhishek Sharma gets hit for two back-to-back sixes by Rishabh Pant. This is Delhi’s chance of getting back into the contest.


Pant played a slap shot back to the bowler but Shrama dropped him and then paid by conceding two sixes on the next two deliveries. The first was a slog sweep over cow corner and the second one was a drive over long off. 15 from the over. 85 needed from here. SRH-78/3 after 13 overs


Dhawan out for 34. On a pitch where batting is looking like an exercise, DC needed someone to do the hard work. They have a lot of stroke-makers but who is going to play that ugly innings. Dhawan was set and could have continued but got out trying an ugly heave. The googly took the faint edge to the keeper. S Ravi turned the appeal down but the review helped the umpire make the right decision. Shimron Hetmyer comes out to the middle. 100 needed in last eight overs.

Excellent review from Bairstow

Rashid strikes, Dhawan gone for 34

Another big wicket for Rashid. Googly does the job this time as Dhawan went for the heave, and edged it to the keeper. It was a very faint edge that umpire S Ravi didn’t catch but the review saved the day for him.


Sharma continues quietly. DC batsmen are trying to manufacture shots here as it clearly not easy to time the shots. Dhawan tried out a reverse sweep and it went just over the short third man. Another top-edge for Dhawan on last ball but it was away from the same short third man fielder. SRH-60/2 after 11 overs


Even the best can miss the mark, so after two dot balls when Rashid pitched it uppishly on leg, Dhawan was quick to grab the opportunity as he played the sweep shot excellently to the backward square leg fence. Six off the over. DC-54/2 after 10 overs


Chip shot on the first ball by Dhawan off Sharma but it drops ahead of long off. Pant drives the next ball for a double. And two more singles are added on last two balls. It’s good bowling by Sharma. he is hitting length and trying to keep the ball on middle and off. Time for a strategic break. DC-48/2 after 9 overs


Rashid Khan is the strike bowler and that’s what he does in his first over. Removes Iyer on the second delivery after beating his outside edge on the first. Iyer went for the big slice on off after spotting the flight but didn’t connect well and holed out at deep cover. Rishabh Pant is the new batsman. Just one from the over. DC-43/2 after 8 overs

SRH-43/2 after 8 overs

Iyer gone for 17

Shreyas Iyer plays it inside out on a wider and fuller one from Rashid Khan. He gets caught by a running Samad. FOW-42/2


Bowling change. Left-arm spinner Abhishek Sharma into the attack. Eight runs off the over with a bye and wide. There could have been a wicket after Dhawan lost his composure and came out to attack, the flighted delivery was away from the batsman and he somehow managed an inside-edge for a single. SRH-42/1 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay

Khaleel with the ball, and in the second ball of the over, Iyer (14*) stomps forward and lofts it magnificently over mid-off. He seems to have confidence now. Three singles end the over and the powerplay too. SRH-34/1 after 6 overs

Time for Strategic Timeout!

Execution had been pretty good by SRH bowlers so far but Khaleel, in this over, missed his mark regularly and was made to pay for it. The long hop was cut to sweeper cover fence by Dhawan for a boundary. The leg side delivery was tickled to fine leg fence by Iyer. And three came on last ball with a cover drive by Iyer. SRH-27/1 after 5 overs


T Natarajan comes into the attack. A good start for the left-arm pacer as well. Five from it with a boundary for Dhawan, who again steps out and drags the fuller delivery from off to the long on fence. Retains the strike with a single. DC-15/1 after 4 overs

Slow starts from DC

And there’s the first boundary of the innings, timed to perfection. Bhuvneshwar attacks Dhawan but the veteran opener just lifts it up and sends the ball straight down the ground. The pacer bounces back well and concedes just one more run. DC- 10/1 after 3 overs


Khaleel Ahmed has the ball for the second over. Dhawan hits the first ball carelessly to outside off, but one bounce to the fielder. Iyer and Dhawan regularly rotate the strike in an attempt to form some stability. Just the three runs. DC: 5/1 after 2 overs

Shaw departs for 2

Bhuvneshwar Kumar gives SRH a brilliant start with the ball. After three dot balls, a catch opportunity arose but the ball landed in a no man’s land. But no worries, fifth ball… a caught behind. Brilliant start by Hyderabad. Shaw walks for 2.SRH-2/1 after 1 over


We are back with DC’s chase! Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start for SRH, Prithvi Shaw to take strike.


Wicket again in the final over for Rabada and he gets the big wicket of Kane Williamson. He gives a total of five runs as SRH post 163/4 after 20 overs. Can SRH defend it or willDC chase it down and complete their hattrick of wins.


Fuller from Rabada and Kane tries to clear the man at deep mid-wicket, fails, gets caught. Goes back for a well made 46.

SRH-158/3 after 19 overs


Rabada continues. Two run out chances for DC but on both occasions batsmen safe. Lovely slower ones from Rabada, Bairstow missing them both. And the frustration gets to Bairstow who fails to connect the fuller length from Rabada, gets caught inside the circle after hitting it very high up in the air. What an over from Rabada. Just five off it and a wicket. SRH-145/3 after 18 overs


Jonny Bairstow tried to go for a slog hit, but mistimed it. Got the elevation, but not the distance. Anrich Nortje takes an easy catch. FOW- 144/3


FIFTY for Jonny Bairstow, he hits it to deep mid wicket and runs two, umpires went upstairs to check run out while Bairstow completed the second run but he was safe as the keepers’ gloves hit the stumps and not the ball.


Stoinis back on. Interesting bowling change at this stage of the match. Maybe Iyer wants to give less pace on the ball. But Williamson up to the task, still gets two boundaries for his tea. 12 off the over. SRH-140/2 after 17 overs

Williamson begins onslaught

Kane has unleashed hell on Sunrisers Hyderabad bowlers. Back to back boundaries in last over, back to back boundaries in this over. He is on fire.

Time for 2nd strategic Timeout

Anrich Nortje back into the attack. First ball Kane hits it to mid wicket, no run. Short arm jab from Bairstow but just for one. Somehow all these shots are finding fielders. SRH needed a move on and Kane provided it with back to back fours. Some very good shots on both sides of the wicket by NZ captain. 11 off the over. Time out called.  SRH-128/2 after 16 overs

SRH-117/2 after 15 overs

Rabada comes back on, should ball till the end as he has three overs left. Mixed up his length pretty well. Also less pace on the ball. Super stuff from Stoinis at long on boundary, stopped one. Good over from Rabada over all. Nine off it.

SRH-108/2 after 14 overs

Kane Williamson plays one of his immaculate drive, however, only for a single. With this SRH also bring up their 100. With a little over 6 overs to go and Williamson and Bairstow at the crease, how much will SRH add?


Axar continues. Kane is not wasting time, ticking off singles, if not boundaries. Axar bowling flatter line to both batsmen in contrast to nice flight he was giving in the last match. A safer option here maybe. Five off the over. SRH-99/2 after 13 overs


Amit Mishra bags his second of the day and this time it is Manish Pandey, who has to take the long walk to the paviolion. Some unorthodox shot by Pandey and he pays for it. Hits the edge of the bat and flies straight into the hands of Kagiso Rabada at deep mid-wicket. He departs on 3. SRH: 94/2 after 12 overs


Manish Pandey is gone. No pace on the ball from Mishra but a lot of flight, Manish goes after it , tries to clear the deep mid-wicket boundary but does not connect well. Rabada takes a simple catch there near the ropes. FOW-92/2


Axar Patel, Left arm orthodox, finally comes into the attack. Manish Pandey has joined Bairstow in the middle. SR has been an issue for him in IPL and today he is again required to up the run-scoring rate. Meanwhile Bairstow is opening up. Nine off the over. SRH-91/1 after 11 overs

End of 10 overs; SRH-82/1

Excellent review from DC

David Warner tries to reverse sweep, and the ball goes to wicketkeeper. Huge caught behind appeal from Rishabh Pant and Amit Mishra. Umpire not interested. DRS has been called. Review shows just a small kick of the glove and it has been given an out. Warner is not pleased. FOW- 77/1

Sharma to Warner

Full toss, borderline on the no-ball, punched to deep point. It is ruled just below the waist. SRH-77/0 after 9.1 overs

SRH-73/0 after 9 overs

Ishant back on. He starts off with a wide down leg. He continues to stray on the pad and Bairstow collects two at square leg. Iyer would like to finish Ishant early as he is not a death overs bowler and would hope he does not give much away. A wicket will be a bonus. Warner goes big, flat six down the ground. 14 off the over.


David Warner and Jonny Bairstow are showing a sense of urgency. Running between the wickets and trying to convert 1s to 2s and 2s to 3s. SRH-59/0 after 8 overs

Strategic Timeout; 50 comes up for SRH

David Warner and Bairstow starts attacking as they get 14 runs from the 7th over. Spin for the first time tonight as Amit Mishra, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack. Fifty up for SRH as well as for the opening partnership. SRH-52/0 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay!
Warner hits first six of the innings; 14 runs off the over

SRH-38/0 after 6 overs

Stoinis bowls an excellent over

4 runs conceded as Stonis traps Bairstow in front of the stumps but DC chose not to review. SRH-24/0 after 5 overs

SRH-20/0 after 4 overs

Bowling change. Just one over for Rabada in his first spell. Anrich Nortje, right-arm fast, comes into the attack. He goes round the wicket to Warner, a good plan. More pace on the ball as well. Third ball of the over, Bairstow almost chopped it on to the stump, courtesy an inside edge. Was a quick ball, 144 kph that one. Appeared quicker off the pitch. Brilliant start from Nortje. Just 3 off the over.

SRH-17/0 after 3 overs

The run rate has really slowed down as both Jonny Bairstow and David Warner are unable to get going. The pressure will start building now.


David Warner and Jonny Bairstow add 14 runs after two overs. Both the batsmen seem in good touch, good news for the SRH fans. SRH-14/0 after 2 overs

David Warner’s 50th IPL cap as skipper


Bairstow hits a boundary in the first over to make a strong start for SRH. SRH-9/0 after 1 over

Aaaand we are underway!

Here we go! Ishant Sharma to bowl the first over, Warner takes strike


We are just a few minutes away from start. Can’t keep calm anymore! (Stay tuned for all the live updates)

DC Playing XI

SRH Playing XI

Toss Results

Delhi Capitals wins toss and elects to field first

Kane Williamson fit; Who will he replace? (Read More)

Milestone Alert!

— Rishabh Pant requires 3 dismissals and 6 sixes respectively to complete 50 IPL dismissals and 100 IPL sixes.
— Manish Pandey is 72 runs from completing 3000 IPL runs
— Shikhar Dhawan needs 3 sixes and 104 runs respectively to complete 100 IPL sixes and 1000 IPL runs for Delhi franchise.
— Siddarth Kaul needs 1 wicket to complete 50 IPL wickets.

Toss to take place at 7pm IST

We are exactly one hour away from the toss.

Key Player battle to watch out for tonight


Here’s a glimpse of how the IPL 2020 Points Table have shaped up so far ahead of tonight’s clash between DC vs SRH

Probable XIs

Sunrisers Hyderabad Predicted Playing XI: David Warner (C), Jonny Bairstow, Manish Pandey, Priyam Garg, Wriddhiman Saha (WK), Mohammad Nabi, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, K Khaleel Ahmed, T Natarajan

Delhi Capitals Predicted Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer (C), Shimron Hetmyer, Rishabh Pant (WK), Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Amit Mishra, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje, Avesh Khan



SRH currently has the edge over DC. Can they extend it further tonight or will DC continue their unbeaten streak?

Explosive Warner

How many sixes from David Warner tonight? Any predictions?


Former Kiwi cricketer turned pundit Scott Styris shares his insights on the needful David Warner and SRH has to do to get their first win of IPL 2020.


David Warner leading the SRH camp from the front ahead of tonight’s clash against DC. Here’s a glimpse!

DC vs SRH Head 2 Head

DC and SRH have met 15 times in IPL so far. Sunrisers Hyderabad currently lead the head-to-head 9-6.


Won by SRH

Won by DC


No Result








Won By


12 April 2013

Sunrisers Hyderabad

3 Wickets


4 May 2013

Sunrisers Hyderabad

6 Wickets


25 April 2014

Sunrisers Hyderabad

4 Runs


10 May 2014

Sunrisers Hyderabad

8 Wickets


18 April 2015

Delhi Daredevils

4 Runs


9 May 2015

Sunrisers Hyderabad

6 Runs


12 May 2016

Delhi Daredevils

7 Wickets


20 May 2016

Delhi Daredevils

6 Wickets


19 April 2017

Sunrisers Hyderabad

15 Runs


2 May 2017

Delhi Daredevils

6 Wickets


5 May 2018

Sunrisers Hyderabad

7 Wickets


10 May 2018

Sunrisers Hyderabad

9 Wickets


5 April 2019

Sunrisers Hyderabad

5 Wickets


14 April 2019

Delhi Capitals

39 runs


8 May 2019

Delhi Capitals

2 Wickets


Can Delhi get a hattrick of wins?

Delhi Capitals looks all geared up to maintain their unbeaten streak tonight when they face SRH.


Last night, we witnessed an enticing encounter which RCB sealed in the Super Over against MI. Navdeep Saini, the hero who bowled the Super over for RCB and conceded just 7 runs gives a detailed account of that heart-thumping over. Check it out.


Hello peeps, welcome to yet another exciting day of IPL 2020. Today we have league leaders Delhi Capitals take on last placed Sunrisers Hyderabad who will hoping to get their first win of IPL 2020 tonight.

https://twitter.com/IPL/status/1310829159141306374[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]IPL 2020 leaders Delhi Capitals (DC) will take on Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) tonight in Match No 11 in what promises to be a mouthwatering contest. David Warner’s SRH have lost their first two matches and will hoping to get their first win of the IPL 2020 campaign tonight. Delhi Capitals on the other hand are unbeaten so far in the tournament and will be seeking to extend it further.[/vc_column_text][vc_raw_html]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How Gambhir's three-format philosophy can backfire on Bumrah as workload management takes back seat?
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