WWE Survivor Series Live Results 26th November: Sami Zayn leads The Bloodline to victory after the shocking betrayal to his long time friend Kevin Owens

WWE Survivor Series Live Results 26th November: The 2022 Survivor Series kicked off from TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The Bloodline vs…

WWE Survivor Series Live Results 26th November: Sami Zayn leads The Bloodline to victory after the shocking betrayal to his long time friend Kevin Owens
WWE Survivor Series Live Results 26th November: Sami Zayn leads The Bloodline to victory after the shocking betrayal to his long time friend Kevin Owens

WWE Survivor Series Live Results 26th November: The 2022 Survivor Series kicked off from TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Bloodline vs Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens: The main event of Survivor Series WarGames featured The Bloodline against the Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens. Jey Uso and Butch started the WarGames match. Both stared at each other in the ring but Butch barged into the Jey Uso. The Brawling Brute took control of the match with his joint manipulation breaking Jey’s fingers.

After the first five minutes, Ridge Holland joined Butch to take the 2-on-1 advantage. Although the tag team champion tried to stand out in the intense situation, the Brawling Brutes paid him with multiple blows. Once again, Butch continued his assault on Jey Uso. However, Jimmy Uso was the next in line to aid his cousin. Surprisingly, Roman Reigns ordered Sami Zayn to jump in.

Sami Zayn successfully aided Jey Uso in recovery but that wasn’t enough. The Brawling Brutes took both men off guard. Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre entered at No. 3 to aid his team smashing both Sami Zayn and Jey Uso. He tossed both men inside the ring followed by a spinebuster and a belly-to-belly to both men. Drew McIntyre dominated the match until Jimmy Uso came inside the ring. Jimmy Uso brought the tables inside the ring.

To everyone’s surprise, once again Jey Uso and Sami Zayn fought with each other pushing each other. Zayn and Jimmy planted the table in the corner but McIntyre countered them, Meanwhile, Kevin Owens entered at No.4 to aid his team with a couple of steel chairs. Owens smashed The Bloodline with the steel chairs and smashed Jimmy on the table. Next in line, Solo Sikoa entered the match to aid his cousins and the Honorary Uce.

Solo Sikoa and Drew McIntyre collided inside the ring and the Enforcer knocked the former WWE Champion. On the other hand, Sheamus entered the WarGames unleashing massive destruction on The Bloodline. The Celtic Warrior tossed Sami and Jimmy Uso into the steel cage. The Brawling Brute and the company stood tall once again dominating The Bloodline.

Finally, Roman Reigns entered the WarGames to begin the match officially. Both teams stared down at each other and went fierce against each other. Sheamus and Reigns battled in a corner while the rest of The Bloodline struggled to get up. Sheamus tried to end the match with a Brogue Kick to the Tribal Chief but Solo took the bullet for him. On the other hand, Sami Zayn got a super kick from Jey Uso.

Later, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns collided in the ring where the Prizefighter finally got his hands on the Undisputed Universal Champion. Owens delivered a powerbomb to Roman Reigns followed by a stunner. However, Sami Zayn saved Reigns from pinning. Eventually, he attacked Kevin Owens with a low blow and a Heluva kick allowing Jey Uso to end the match with a victory.

Seth Rollins vs Austin Theory vs Bobby Lashley: United States Championship: Seth Rollins defended his US Title in a triple threat match against Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley knocked out Austin Theory and started his match against Seth Rollins. Meanwhile, Theory tried to jump in but Rollins took his share to knock him once again.

Rollins and Lashley fought each other and the champion was successful in overpowering Lashley but Theory pulled Seth Rollins out of the ring. Meanwhile, Austin Theory barged on the All-Mighty but Lashley landed him with a vicious suplex. Although Rollins and Theory teamed up for a suplex, they failed to do so. Lashley tried to pin Seth Rollins, however, the former Mr. MITB pulled out the referee saving the match.

Later, Bobby Lashley took the match on the sidelines fighting Theory but Seth Rollins delivered a knee to him. Moreover, Austin Theory attacked both men with steel steps neutralizing the match. The youngest champion continued his assault on Bobby Lashley on the sidelines. Seth Rollins and Austin Theory battled in the ring with vicious chops to each other.

Soon, Rollins took control of the match with multiple suicide dives from the middle rope. The Architect tried to finish the match with the stomp. However. the All-Mighty caught Rollins in a Hurt Lock whereas Theory jumped from the back grabbing Lashley’s neck with the sleeper hold. Seth Rollins delivered the pedigree but the former WWE Champion kicked out.

In the end, all three men went fierce against each other but Rollins took the match to an uneven end. Bobby Lashley delivered a spear to Seth Rollins while he tried to deliver the Falcon arrow on Theory. Eventually, Theory landed on Seth Rollins with a 3 pin-count.

Ronda Rousey vs. Shotzi: SmackDown Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey and Shotzi competed in a one-on-one match for the SmackDown Women’s Title. Shotzi tried to deliver a strong start on the Baddest Woman on the Planet but Ronda Rousey caught her in the ankle lock. However, Shotzi escaped it to take on Ronda Rousey. Later, she took flight from the middle rope dropping Baszler on the floor and driving Ronda Rousey into the steel steps.

Ronda Rousey took control of the match with her grabbing skills but Shotzi stuck to her instincts to stand tall. The champion dominated the match until the challenger knock Ronda onto the apron. Meanwhile, Shayna Baszler tried to attack Shotzi but she failed to do so. Later, Shotzi took the fight into the WWE Universe knocking off both women.

However, Rousey picked up the win with Piper’s pit followed by an armbar. Eventually, Shotzi tapped out to the submission maneuver.

AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor : AJ Styles and Finn Balor collided against each other in a one-on-one match. The Phenomenal gave a strong start to the match overpowering the former Universal Champion. He delivered multiple attacks on Balor’s left leg. However, Balor fought back turning the tables for the former champion.

The match continued with Balor’s dominance with multiple chops to Styles’ chest followed by a drop kick. He tried to pin Styles but Styles kicked out it. Later, fans saw the former Universal Champion exerting pressure with the abdominal stretch to the Phenomenal. Balor completely dominated the match until Styles brought his momentum back and delivered a knee on his opponent’s back.

Furthermore, AJ Styles targeted Balor’s knee. Meanwhile, Dominik distracted Styles with a face first which broke a fight between Judgment Day and The OC on the ringside. Meanwhile, Finn Balor dominated the match overpowering AJ Styles. Surprisingly, he tried to deliver the Styles Clash but Styles countered it. Both men tried to deliver their high-flying moves but eventually ended up unsuccessful. The Phenomenal caught Balor in the calf crusher but the Balor survived banging Styles’ head on the mat.

However, AJ Styles registered his win with a Phenomenal forearm after a long struggle.

Team Belair vs Team Bayley : Survivor Series kicked off with the women’s division WarGames match. Team Belair and Team Bayley kicked off the Survivor Series WarGames match. Bianca Belair and Dakota Kai started the WarGames inside the steel caged structure. Belair and Kia locked horns in the ring for the first five minutes until a new member comes in. The Raw Women’s Champion gave a strong start dominating the tag team champion in the ring.

Belair tossed Kia inside the ring. Although Kai tried to play tug of war with Belair’s ponytail, she failed to land a fatal blow. The clock continued to tick while the champion delivered a side suplex to the Damage CTRL member. The EST of WWE tossed Kai while Iyo Sky entered the ring to take the WarGames advantage. Both members of Damage CTRL surrounded the champion and assaulted her.

Next, the Empress of Tomorrow Asuka entered the ring fighting Iyo Sky. Although Damage CTRL tried to overpower Asuka and Belair, they failed to do so, Eventually, they received a brutal assault from the opponents. Nikki Cross entered the ring on the third spot adding weapons inside the War zone. She took her time to add the weapons where as Alexa Bliss entered the ring to equal the odds.

On the other hand, Nikki Cross took flight from the top of the cage destroying everyone in the ring. Next in line, Bayley entered the ring with some tables and ladders while Team Belair tried to capitalize. Bayley and her team de ella unleashed destruction in the WarGames attacking Belair and the rest of her team. The match continued with Mia Yim’s addition who brought trash cans to damage Team Bayley. She quickly took charge to overpower her opponents attacking everyone with their weapons from her.

Both teams took charge and attacked each other while the clock ticked bringing the dangerous Rhea Ripley, the final member of Team Bayley. As soon as she entered, the Eradicator displayed massive destruction overpowering everyone. Team Bayley stood strong in the ring while Team Belair struggled to capitalize. However, the final entrant Becky Lynch finally entered the match to start the WarGames officially.

The Man gave a powerful start attacking Cross and the tag team champions. Next, she took down the former SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. However, the Eradicator confronted The Man but Bayley took advantage of her distraction from her to assault Lynch with a 2-on-1 assault. Rhea tried for the first pinfall on Lynch but Asuka jumped in to save the day.

On the other hand, Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair worked together to take on Damage CTRL. The Man took Dakota Kai with the manhandle slam while Belair delivered the KOD to Bayley. Eventually, the match ended up with Becky Lynch’s final shot with a senton to the tag team champions to win the match.

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