Thursday, May 26, 2022

WWE Smackdown: 3 things John Cena could do this week on Smackdown? Check all possible options

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WWE Smackdown: John Cena will be appearing this Friday Night at WWE Smackdown. The show will take place at the archetypal Madison Square Garden arena that embeds rich history with WWE. He has not been booked for any match or segment officially on the Blue brand for this Friday night, however with Cena onboard, expect the jitters to bust out. 

WWE Smackdown: 3 things John Cena could do this week on Smackdown? Check all possible options

As per local listings, Cena is scheduled to team up with The Street Profits to take on Roman Reigns & The Usos in a six-man tag-team Dark match when the show goes off the air (non-televised).- This might blemish the chance of him appearing on the broadcast segment of the show. However, if he does appear, here are three things he could look forward to doing.

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WWE Smackdown: Address the WWE Universe and discuss his future WWE schedule

John Cena is done with WWE for now. He is off to Hollywood filming his upcoming projects. After losing to Roman Reigns at Summerslam, he never got a juncture to talk about his future WWE plans.

At the Madison Square Garden edition of Smackdown, John Cena could address the WWE Universe and discuss his future plans. WWE could also look forward to booking him to simply bid adieu to the WWE Universe for the “time being.” 

WWE Smackdown: Comes face-to-face against Brock Lesnar

Well, this may not be the perfect booking as Lesnar is all set to start his feud with Roman Reigns, but certainly, a possibility that couldn’t be dismissed. Lesnar returned and bashed a hapless John Cena at Summerslam after the latter went down against Roman Reigns. 

Lesnar hit Cena with multiple German Suplexes and then hoisted him up on his shoulder for a devastating F5. The 16-time World Champion could have a face-off segment with The Beast Incarnate and plant seeds for a future John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar bout. 

WWE Smackdown: Tease a match at Crown Jewel PPV in October

Another reason for John Cena to appear on this Friday night’s Smackdown could be to tease a match at WWE Crown Jewel, scheduled for October 2021. Who could be his opponent though? Could it be Finn Balor? 

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The Prince has some unfinished business with the 16-time champion, and Vince McMahon will do everything and anything in his power to make the Crown Jewel PPV event worth remembering. Booking John Cena for a match at the event could be one of his plans. Will we see John Cena vs. Finn Balor at Crown Jewel? Certainly a possibility.


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