Lewis Hamilton gives much awaited answer on pending Mercedes F1 contract

Lewis Hamilton to meet Toto Wolff on contract extension after return to form following major upgrades to Mercedes F1 car.

Lewis Hamilton Gives Much-Awaited Mercedes Contractual Deadlock Update

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are well into their contract negotiations for the upcoming season/s. Amid rumours of a Ferrari contract offer, the Briton has given an important insight into the much-anticipated situation. With new upgrades and result following in at Spanish GP, things have changed. Sir Hamilton will now meet Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff to discuss his contract.

Earlier this month, sources from both UK and Italy suggested a potential Ferrari move for Hamilton. However, these claims were categorically negated by both ends. Recently, in an interview with SkySports, Hamilton gave an update regarding his meeting with team boss Wolff.

“I haven’t signed anything yet, but I think we are meeting with Toto tomorrow [Monday] so hopefully we can get something done. It wasn’t a subtle hint. We’ve had so many meetings and this is just another one of the meetings we are having,” Hamilton said.

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Major upgrades & Lewis Hamilton contract:

Silver Arrow duo finished right behind the RB-19 of Max Verstappen with Hamilton coming home in P2. George Russell closely followed the 7-time world champion to complete the podium steps.

Importantly, the team brought major upgrades ahead of the Monaco GP weekend and then a few more in Spain. This included bidding adieu to their unique sidepod concept and majorly altering the aerodynamical design. To the surprise of many, they outperformed Aston Martin with ease and comfort, something that’s rarely seen this season. After signs of improvements this race weekend, possibility of Lewis and Mercedes putting pen to paper has increased exponentially.

Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari off, Mercedes superstar gives much-awaited answer on Pending F1 Contract, to meet Toto Wolff for extended stay in Formula 1

“You could see today my performance is not affected by that, but it’s always something that’s at the back of your mind. Once that’s done then you are able to then focus more and think about the future,” added the Mercedes man.

The team, however, has already gone ahead with the contract of George Russell, tying him up till 2025. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton is soon expected to put pen to paper with the team as well. Wolff also remarked on the situation saying that it will take half an hour with Lewis to get to a conclusion.

Hamilton joined the team in 2014 and now after 9 seasons together, the speculations are rife that disappointing on-track performances could force him out. Many sources have reported a strain in relations between the team and their main driver. Primarily, it was regarding the lack of performance of the W-14.

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