Friday, May 20, 2022

Shroud Thinks Neon is Going to be Insane in Competitive and Ranked thanks to her Abilities

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Riot Games debuted the newest VALORANT agent on Wednesday, following weeks of speculations and leaks. Neon is a Filipina agent who appears to be a duelist with the ability to run and use electricity. The agent may also throw up two blue walls side by side and appears to have the ability to slide cancel, according to the cinematic trailer provided by Riot. Several VALORANT professionals flocked to social media right once to share their initial opinions on Neon. Shroud on Neon, Neon Abilities, Neon Release Date, Shazam views on Neon, Neon Gameplay, valorant agent

Shroud Thinks Neon is going to be insane in the Competitive meta

Shroud loaded up Valorant in his January 7 live to test out the new duelist and a slew of other Episode 4 improvements. He swiftly told his viewers his thoughts on the new agent after a few minutes of getting to know her.

“Oh my god, this character is going to be crazy. I don’t think this character is going to be insane in the meta or anything,” said Shroud. “It’s going to be really fun to play and probably kind of annoying to play against – because she’s so fast!”

The former pro went on to say how he thinks she’ll fit into the metagame:

“This is definitely going to be a pub type of character. Like you go into a ranked match and you’re like I’m going to play Neon.” However, he questioned if we’ll see the new agent in competitive play. “Will it be played in competitive matches and sh*t? Probably not. But, who knows, maybe?”

Watch his opinion from here:

ShahZam Thinks Neon will be Fun to Play in Rank

Shahzam, like everyone else, is charmed with the trailer, as valorant never fails to impress with their content development. “Any Agent who likes mobility is incredibly exciting to play,” he remarked. He also stated that “no matter how she is applied, she is going to be a lot of fun to play in rank.” He did, however, go on to say.

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Neon Official Release Date:

As the highly anticipated Valorant agent Neon’s release date approaches, Riot Games has officially disclosed the agent’s details. Only a few days remain until Valorant agent 19 Neon is released to the public. Agent Neon, the valiant, is expected to arrive on January 11th, 2021.

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