PUBG Mobile Latest Update : Frustrated PUBG officials requests meeting with ministry

PUBG Mobile Latest Update : Frustrated PUBG officials requests meeting with ministry on India release date

PUBG Mobile Latest Update : Various rumors about PUBG Mobile comeback in India have been floated from different quarters. Various timelines have passed and still the most played game in India hasn’t seen the light of the day. After all the rumors on PUBG Mobile India release date, InsideSport on last Thursday had reported that Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MEITY) hasn’t given any permission to the Corporation or any new entity in India to re-start operations in India. This news though must have disappointed the fraternity in India who were hoping for a quick relaunch the game before end of November.

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InsideSport is now bringing in some more Exclusive Update about the Relaunch.

The officials of newly formed entity in India has officially requested MEITY for a meeting. InsideSport has reliably learnt that the concerned executives of PUBG have been repeatedly requesting ministry for an opportunity of meeting. InsideSport was further told by the sources that the ‘request is yet to be granted by the MEITY’.  

PUBG is desperate to relaunch themselves in India. According to the Insiders, ‘the proposed meeting will decide if permission to Relaunch can be granted to PUBG or not’. The source further added that ‘In the current circumstances it will not be easy for the game to relaunch themselves before Jan-Feb next year and that too will depend on the stance of the government’.

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Ministry sources to InsideSport, “No permission to PUBG to operate in India as yet”

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Earlier on Thursday, InsideSport had reported to its readers that the Corporation or any new entity in India has not been granted any permission to re-start operations in India.

The game was banned in India along with the other Chinese Apps in September and according to the ministry source, ‘there is no change in that stance at this stage’, said the source.

InsideSport further tried probing the Ministry Source on the latest development of the game floating new entity in India and will it be enough for them to re-start the operations in India ? Reluctantly, the Ministry official told InsideSport that will not be enough to resume operations.

“Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating new company. This even Tik Tok or anyone else can do. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India”,

This clearly means, though the new company has been floated and approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the permissions by the ministry that banned Chinese Apps will still be required for the game to operate in India.

It is worth noting, that the corporation has registered as a company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 21st November. The new registered entity, complies with the government norms as one of the appointed Director is India by the name of Kumar Krishnan Iyer. The other director in the company is Sean (Hyunil) Sohn.

The company has a Corporate Identity Number of U72900KA2020FTC141285 which suggests that PUBG Mobile India is serious to not only make a comeback in the country but is also ready to comply with the norms.

PUBG Mobile Comeback : Microsoft Azure also declared that ‘they don’t have any information’ on the Re-launch 

Earlier Microsoft Azure who is reportedly getting into a partnership with PUBG Mobile to host the game on its servers and data centers also confirmed that they don’t have any information about PUBG’s relaunch in India.

“We don’t have any news to share at this time regarding PUBG Mobile India. Keep an eye on the official website for more information!” This is what they had to say. Ever since the coming soon posts by PUBG, Azure is being spammed on twitter, questioned by eager fans when the game will arrive.

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