PUBG Mobile: Big PUBG influencer Maxtern deletes Twitter after claiming to give big PUBG update to fans

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile: Big PUBG influencer Maxtern deletes Twitter after claiming to give big PUBG update to fans, It has been a dubious few months since PUBG banned, and the array of rumours, insiders have information about PUBG release date, haven’t stopped. Amidst this commotion, were an array of claims made by eSports influencers. One of them being Sagar ‘Maxtern’ Thakur. Maxtern had been making claims about PUBG relaunch and when quoted on, he has had a history of backing out.

For those in the unknown, Maxtern had tweeted about an incoming announcement on Christmas regarding PUBG Mobile and the current rumour about a deadly announcement between January 15 and January 19 regarding the same game has been one of them.

However, Maxtern decided to bid farewell to his Twitter account three days before the self-set deadline. The content creator has also tinted towards doing the same for his  Instagram on 19th January in an Insta story.

As Maxtern’s history speaks, the PUBG Mobile YouTuber had earlier claimed in a deleted tweet tha  PUBG Mobile India’s early access has been given out to some of the influencers. This was accompanied by a tweet on December 12, which stated, “According to some internal source: there might be an announcement related to PUBG mobile India officials on this Christmas. Hope they are true! Source: People in touch with the internal team.”

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However, it was just rumour-mongering around Christmas time, an attempt to gain more followers, perhaps, since it is already known that Maxtern had been trying hard to get himself verified on Twitter. On January 5, he once again made an attempt to garner attention, and tweeted out– “A deadly announcement between Jan 15th to Jan 19th soon! #Confirmed. Else, will delete my Twitter.” It was a pinned tweet on his now-deleted profile.


PUBG Mobile caster Ocean Sharma also reacted to his Twitter account being deleted and tweeted out:


There have been other accounts that came up and one of them also responded to Ocean Sharma’s tweet saying “I am back”. However, Maxtern clarified on his Instagram that he had only one Twitter account ‘@RealMaxtern’ so the new account could be assumed to be a fake one. While clarifying, he also said he has no issues with people if they make a fake account with his name. “Btw, you’re allowed to make fake account,” his Instastory read.

“Fake Maxtern ki lanka laga do Twitter pe,” he added.

PUBG Mobile was being teased since Diwali in 2020 when a new teaser was released. However, there have been no updates on it, since, besides rumour mongering, and a long queue of fake news.

Maxtern’s claim of various comeback dates for the game could have been an area of hope for PUBG lovers, but all of this confirmed that the content creator’s claims have been proved to be false once again, at least in the self-imposed deadline.