PUBG Mobile India Update: Will PUBG relaunch before FAUG release? This is what we know so far

PUBG Mobile India Update: Will PUBG relaunch before FAUG release? This is what we know so far

PUBG Mobile India latest update: Sparks flew when a video saying that PUBG unban date was going to be between January 15 to January 19. FAUG’s launch will happen on January 26, 2021. As InsideSport had earlier reported there were major rumours surrounding relaunch of PUBG Mobile India. A video was making rounds on YouTube regarding the release date. The YouTuber attributed Maxtern, a caster and eSport influencer’s tweet of “deadly news” as the source for the said PUBG Mobile relaunch date.  The video said a trailer is going to come around mid-January, “The teaser will contain a few of the biggest game Content Creators of India.”

In the tweet, Maxtern said he is going to announce something really important between January 15 and January 19. However, there was no hint towards the return of the game. People were quick to assume it was something about the Indian version.

What is known about PUBG ban till now?

Many industry insiders have been claiming over the months that date on the game’s release would be given out shortly, however, it has not happened as of now. There are various reports claiming that relaunch is slated around March 2021. However, the Government has not issued a formal statement for the same and all news of PUBG relaunch should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

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The government’s reply to an RTI filed by Gem Wire gives us answers to some important questions regarding the ongoing back and forth between PUBG/Krafton on the app’s return.

How will FAUG release impact PUBG?

With FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) will release on January 26, 2021 and the race to launch PUBG Mobile India might seem relevant considering they could lose a major chunk of players if the people actually like the story mode format of FAUG. 

What is PUBG’s current status?

PUBG Mobile India can only make its way into the country when MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) revokes the ban on the game and shows a green flag to the Indian version. The game was banned on September 2, 2020 under section 69A of the Information Technology Act of 2000.