Pokimane explains why she got ‘scared’ by xQc’s messy room tour

Pokimane explains why she got 'scared' by xQc’s messy room tour
Pokimane explains why she got 'scared' by xQc’s messy room tour

Pokimane explains why she got ‘scared’ by xQc’s messy room tour: Recently, on his July 5 stream, xQc gave his audience a tour of his room. Immediately after, the clip went viral after viewers started talking about the streamer’s habits & hygiene maintenance. This is because of the amount of trash that was littered across his desk and under his computer.

After watching the clip, Pokimane went vocal & expressed her thoughts about how the condition of xQc’s setup actually “made sense” for a popular & full-time streamer. She also expressed her concerns by terming the situation “scary” and how one should be careful about the damage it does.

While reacting to xQC’s viral clip, Pokimane became shocked by the number of drinks on his desk. Finding it difficult to fathom, she asked, “Oh my… Four, five, six seven. Seven drinks on the left side of his monitor. Does that mean it’s been a week since he cleaned up? Or does he drink more than one drink a day?”

Shortly after, Pokimane watched Nick ‘Nmplol’ Polom’s defense of xQc who showed his own trash-filled room after just “one day” of streaming. Pokimane then told his viewers that the streamers’ rooms being “messy” wasn’t the problem and explained the same to her audience.

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“It’s not about needing a trash can. It’s about when you stream really long hours because there is this sense that like I CAN’T leave my stream or else the viewers will leave,” she told on her stream.

Poki further added, “Even for like five minutes, people don’t want to get up to make food or heat up food that they left in the fridge. So instead they order literally three meals in the day, and just chug them energy drinks so that they can stream the long hours, and by the end of it, it results in a lot of trash. Which makes sense.”

Pokimane then addressed the adverse effects of leading such a lifestyle. “When I look at this, I’m not like ‘Oh, that’s so messy, but it’s more so living this way day and day out, I can’t imagine what it does to your body and its health. Like, processed food three times a day. And I’m not even saying this from like a high horse of eating healthy all the time. It’s kind of scary,” she said expressing her concerns.

Warning his viewers to refrain themselves from taking up these habits she said, “I hope it’s not the kind of thing you as viewers look up to. Chug energy drinks, and order McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A three times a day so that I don’t have to leave my PC. “That is a difficult thing to do to your body EVERY single day. And it’s going to catch up to you. You know the saying ‘you are what you eat’ …I swear to god that s**t is true.”

Having said all that, the streamer dwelled on how she could relate to having a messing room while doing lengthy streams. However, seems like Poki herself has found a balance between streaming and taking proper care of a healthy body & mind.

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