NBA 2020 Live: When and Where to Watch Live NBA, NBA Restart, Schedules, format Live Streaming and NBA scrimmage

NBA live starts on 31st July, 22 teams will return to play during the 2019-20 NBA season. The 22 teams consist of the 16 teams (eight per conference) in current playoff positions and the six teams that are currently six games or fewer behind the eighth seed in their respective conferences.
The player will be isolated and retested to make sure there isn’t a false positive. If it is confirmed, then the player will begin treatment and will undergo a period of rest and recovery lasting at least 14 days. Players will be restricted from exercise and will have to pass cardiac tests before a return to basketball is even considered. Players will be tested regularly.
If a player doesn’t want to go?

If a team determines a player is at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, he can be designated a “protected” player who does not have to report and will not lose salary. Additionally, a panel of three medical experts will review players’ medical histories and could determine whether a player has a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. In that case, a player is “excused” and will also not be docked salary.Players have the option to challenge the “protected” status and a panel of physicians will have ultimate authority. However, if a player doesn’t fall into either criterion and still declines to go, he will lose a corresponding number of game checks. For example, a player making $10 million per year will lose roughly $108,000 per game missed for up to 14 games. Players with season-ending injuries who will be unable to play in Orlando, such as Brooklyn Nets stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will still receive their full pay.

NBA Live : How big will be the each NBA squad and what protocols they will follow ?

Team Members

Each team will have 37 people inside the NBA campus. That will include up to 17 players, as well as support staff (including coaches, trainers, strength coaches, equipment managers, security, and front-office personnel). Teams are being encouraged to bring a mental health professional. As teams advance in the playoffs, they will be allowed to add and swap out members of the travel party. Teams can add two staffers after advancing past the first round of the playoffs, and two more after the conference semifinals.

When to watch NBA  scrimmage live:
Orlando Magic vs LA Clippers

July 22, 3 PM EST (July 23, 12:30 AM IST)
Washington Wizards vs Denver Nuggets
July 22, 5 PM EST (July 23, 2:30 AM IST)
New Orleans Pelicans vs Brooklyn Nets
July 22, 7 PM EST (July 23, 4:30 AM IST)
Sacramento Kings vs Miami Heat
July 22, 9 PM EST (July 23, 6:30 AM IST)
Portland Trail Blazers vs Indiana Pacers
July 23, 3:30 PM EST (July 24, 1 AM IST)
Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angeles Lakers
July 23, 7 PM EST (July 24, 4:30 AM IST)
Oklahoma City Thunder vs Boston Celtics
July 24, 5 PM EST (July 25, 2:30 AM IST)
Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors
July 24, 7:30 PM EST (July 25, 5 AM IST)
Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando Magic
July 25, 12 PM EST (9:30 PM IST)
Miami Heat vs Utah Jazz
July 25, 4 PM EST (July 26, 1:30 AM IST)
Philadelphia 76ers vs Oklahoma City Thunder
July 26, 12 PM EST (9:30 PM IST)
Indiana Pacers vs Dallas Mavericks
July 26, 4 PM EST (July 27, 1:30 AM IST)
Portland Trail Blazers vs Toronto Raptors
July 26, 6:00 PM EST (July 27, 3:30 AM IST)
Houston Rockets vs Memphis Grizzlies
July 26, 8:00 PM EST (July 27, 5:30 AM IST)
Washington Wizards vs Los Angeles Lakers
July 27, 3:00 PM EST (July 28, 12:30 AM IST)
Utah Jazz vs Brooklyn Nets
July 27, 5:30 PM EST (July 28, 3 AM IST)
Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat
July 28, 2 PM EST (11:30 PM IST)
San Antonio Spurs vs Indiana Pacers
July 28, 4 PM EST (July 29, 1:30 AM IST)

NBA Live : How many games each team will play in NBA Restart ?

It varies by team, but most of the 22 teams would play 72 or 73 games after the eight “seeding games” are added to their regular-season game total. The Dallas Mavericks would have played the most total games (75) and the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers would have played the least (71).


• July 31 is the start date for NBA. The finals would end no later than Oct. 12

• The 2019-20 restart is contingent on an agreement with The Walt Disney Company to use Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Fla., as a single site for a campus for all games, practices, and housing for the remainder of the season

• The 2020-21 NBA regular season would likely begin on Dec. 1, 2020, provided the games begin on July 31st

NBA scrimmage TV schedule: NBA scrimmage broadcast details in India
The NBA exhibition games will begin on July 22 (July 23 IST). The Orlando Magic and LA Clippers game will be broadcast first, followed by the New Orleans Pelicans and Brooklyn Nets matchup. NBA TV is offering a live broadcast of the scrimmages for all seven days, including six doubleheaders and one quadruple-header along with scrimmage highlights for some games. The Washington Wizards vs Denver Nuggets game along with the Sacramento Kings and Miami Heat game will be tape-delayed.

Where to watch NBA LIVE Streaming and broadcast in India:

In India all NBA Games will be live broadcasted on SONY SPORTS and will be LIVE STREAMED ON SONY LIV and on FanCode

NBA schedule 2020

NBA fixtures and live broadcast schedule

July 31, Friday

New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz, 4:00 am Indian Standard Time (IST)

Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers, 6:30 am IST

August 1, Saturday

Brooklyn Nets vs Orlando Magic, 12:00 am IST

Washington Wizards vs Phoenix Suns, 1:30 am IST

Portland Trail Blazers vs Memphis Grizzlies, 1:30 am IST

Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics, 4:00 am IST

San Antonio Spurs vs Sacramento Kings, 5:30 am IST

Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets, 6:30 am IST

Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat, 10:30 pm IST

August 2, Sunday

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Utah Jazz, 1:00 am IST

Los Angeles Clippers vs New Orleans Pelicans, 3:30 am IST

Indiana Pacers vs Philadelphia 76ers, 4:30 am IST

Toronto Raptors vs Los Angeles Lakers, 6:00 am IST

Brooklyn Nets vs Washington Wizards, 11:30 pm IST