Friday, May 20, 2022

“It’s just dry snitching”: know why HasanAbi lashes out on Ludwig amidst Pokimane ban

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Series of discussions, opinions and debates took place at length among streamers with the ban Pokimane faced after streaming copyrighted content on her channel. Some sympathized with her while others considered the strike to be appropriate. Amidst the chaos and unpredictable nature of the strike, HasanAbi called out Ludwig for “snitching” on streamers that are currently earning from Twitch’s TV meta.

Many leading streamers such as xQc, HasanAbi, Mizkif and others were broadcasting their watch-through of popular shows on Twitch without worrying about potential DMCA strikes. With the increasing popularity of these shows, streamers cared less about content ethics and warnings regarding bans.

Right from the beginning, YouTuber Ludwig has been vocal regarding his concerns about streaming of these shows. He had uploaded a detailed video on YouTube talking about the same and warned others of DMCA strikes. This video made HasanAbi lose his calm and accused Ludwig of “dry-snitching” and attempting to cause advertisement problems for Twitch.

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Here’s what HasanAbi said, “Oh come on Ludwig. Like, making a video like this is even worse dude. Making a video like this only draws attention to it and it’s absolutely- it’s just dry-snitching”.

Hasan continued, “This is the type of sh*t that you do to try to cause an ad-apocalypse for Twitch. Even if he has an adequate and appropriate point of view on this and a smart and reasonable approach on this, he knows, he f**king knows this will turn into something if you do that. If you make YouTube videos about it, it will turn into something.”

The Twitch star had more to share. “Ludwig is a very smart guy. As a smart dude, he absolutely knows pointing this out in a YouTube video is only going to draw more attention to it, especially because a big part of this is directed by companies personally taking action,” he admitted.

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Pokimane’s ban has led to many streamers like Mizkif withdraw from the meta, while HasanAbi isn’t much concerned about DMCA strikes. The community is waiting to see what more this ‘DMCA drama’ has in store.

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