IPL 2023 LIVE Streaming: Viacom18’s WAR CRY, claims streaming will be bigger than IPL LIVE broadcast on STAR SPORTS

IPL 2023 LIVE Streaming – Viacom vs Star IPL Covrage: The LIVE Streaming partner of Indian Premier League, Viacom18 is gearing up…

IPL 2023 LIVE Streaming – Viacom vs Star IPL Covrage: The LIVE Streaming partner of Indian Premier League, Viacom18 is gearing up to outshine Disney Star Sport LIVE Broadcast in SEASON-16 of the league. Viacom18 Sports has claimed that LIVE Streaming of IPL on Jio Cinema will be bigger than IPL on TV by a massive amount. Viacom 18 has already announced that league will be streamed Live for free on the Jio app. Follow IPL 2023 LIVE Updates with InsideSport.IN

In an interaction with e4m, Anil Jayaraj, CEO of Viacom18 Sports, stated that the goal was to present IPL in a way never done before. “We want to eliminate all barriers in terms of consumption – availability, affordability, and language.”

The reach of the LEAGUE will be bigger than IPL on TV. It will not be bigger by a small amount, but by a massive one”, added Jayaraj.

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IPL 2023 LIVE Streaming: Viacom18’s WAR CRY, claims streaming will be bigger than IPL LIVE broadcast on STAR SPORTS

Viacom vs Star IPL Covrage: The split in the IPL media rights created quite a stir in the media industry. Jayaraj shared that Viacom18 Sports would be providing 24×7 access to fans with the option to watch their favourite moments in their preferred language.

The telecast will be in 16 to 18 unique feeds, thus removing the third barrier – language.

“We believe that consumption can go up dramatically if we can crack these three values. Of course, we’ll add a few other features like multi-cam,” said Jayaraj.

“We have ensured that we can take care of virtually any capacity because India has got 700 million internet users. We now have enough seeding capacity. In addition to enhancing capacity, we have built other links, which ensure that there is no breakage anywhere in the system. We have built the largest tech team possible and also partnered with people who really know how to solve some of these issues.”

When asked if TV and digital were being sold together, Jayaraj disclosed, “We are seeing a lot of demand on digital but not as much on TV, owing to the shift in the increased consumption and engagement on digital. In line with that, we are prioritizing digital over TV.”

He further added, “Our intent is to build a consumer base, which is diverse, where we can get people to come in and view the products that they would like. That’s the reason we have gone for a variety of sports. We have been quite deliberate in choosing to buy rights that we believe we can monetize. But the idea is very much about building a large portfolio of sports on the back of which we can build a large consumer bass.”

What differences JIO Cinema brings to the TABLE? The LIVE Streaming of Indian Premier League Season 16 (IPL 2023) will have something different & special this time.

First, unlike Disney Hotstar, Jio Cinema will serve IPL LIVE streaming to the fans absolutely free. Yes, no subscription or any telco plan would be required to watch IPL this time. Secondly, Jio Cinema will enhance the viewers experience by building huge tech led REAL-TIME statistical features during the coverage for fans:

Jio Cinema IPL Coverage: The coverage by JIO application is going to serve a technologically advanced experience to its viewers. The digital broadcast of the IPL 2023 is going to be bigger and better.

The Jio Cinema’s enhanced TECH EXPERIENCE will give user more control to what he wants to watch & view. The scorecards, stats, graphics, wagon wheels, will be available to fans at one click rather than having to wait for the broadcaster to screen it.

Also in another major move the official partner will stream the IPL Season 16 in 11-12 languages. The new addition to the IPL telecast in languages includes Bhojpuri. This as per InsideSport estimates, will add 30-40MN more audiences to IPL’s viewership.

Bigger, Better, Bolder IPL LIVE Streaming coverage this year

  • IPL 2022 LIVE Streaming was limited to 6 languages i.e English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada
  • As per info available, Viacom18 is planning to LIVE Stream IPL 2023 in 11-12 languages
  • The new addition of languages include Bhojpuri which is the 2nd most spoken language in India after Hindi
  • Other than IPL will also be LIVE Streamed in Bengali & Gujarati.


IPL 2023 LIVE Streaming: Big decision by Viacom18 before IPL 2023, Voot merges with JIO Cinema: Follow LIVE UPDATES

IPL LIVE Jio Cinema: Viacom18 will be positioning JioCinema as biggest destination for entertainment & LIVE Sporting action on the back of Indian Premier League (IPL 2023). The Reliance investment company has decided to merge its OTT platform Voot with JioCinema. The combined OTT according to reports can be rebranded.

Viacom18 had acquired the digital rights for IPL 2023-27 for Rs 20,500 crore. It dabbled with live-streaming of sports exclusively on both VOOT & JioCinema on separate ocassions. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 was streamed LIVE on Jio Cinema. While VOOT live streamed properties like BWF, SerieA, LaLiga and others.

JioCinema was launched under Jio Platform, Reliance’s holding company for telco, Reliance Jio. The Competition Comission of India had approved JioCinema’s merger with Viacom on September 2022.

Voot showcases Viacom18’s television properties and shows on OTT behind the paywall through Voot Select. JioCinema is more of an aggregator of content across all broadcasters and is completely free.

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