For 2020, it is target Rs 1,000 cr for Kohli’s brand WROGN

When it comes to numbers – the Virat Kohli graph is bound to have only an upward swing. The unprecedented standards the…

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When it comes to numbers – the Virat Kohli graph is bound to have only an upward swing. The unprecedented standards the man with Midas Touch has set in the sports commercial space are also reflecting highly on his signature brands. Inside Sport, in an exclusive chat with Ms. Anjana Reddy, the promoter of the company that owns Virat Kohli-promoted brand WROGN, gathered that the brand is targeting fiscal revenues of Rs 1,000 CR by 2020.

Inside Sport (IS) – Welcome to InsideSport. Brand Virat Kohli is doing great on as well as off field. Is it reflecting in sales revenue of his promoted brand WROGN

Anjana Reddy (AR) – With Virat’s growing stature, the brand WROGN is having great time. It is the fastest growing Indian youth brand. We have almost doubled our revenues this financial year in the trade channels and at all the retail point. We have been meeting our targeted numbers consistently.

IS – What does brand stand for and your TG ?
AR – WROGN stands for what Virat brings to the table i.e A sophisticated fashion brand for the rebel in you. Wrogn is intelligent. It is fairly evolved. It has fire, hunger. It is constantly exploring possibilities and likes to be experimental. It is anti-mundane, it strives to make the world an interesting place. It is active, not passive. It seeks an evolved world for itself. All these characteristics belong to Virat and the same is reflected in the brand ethos. Our mail TG is 19-28 years male audiences.

IS – Where do you see the brand going from where it is at this stage in next 4-5 years ??
AR – Places. The brand has in itself to become the YOUTH BRAND of India. In terms of numbers we are looking to clock 1000 CR by 2020

IS – What is gonna be distribution strategy going forward ?
AR – WROGN has an omni presence in both the Online & Offline channels of sale. The brand is retailed through, Online Fashion giant Myntra, Flipkart and India largest Large format retailer Shoppers Stop along with Wrogn’s Exclusive Brand Outlets spread nationally. We are gonna be opening up more exclusive brand outlets in future.

IS – We saw the brand launching the Woman TEE on the occasion of the woman’s day. Are you targeting now the female wear market ?
AR – Not exactly. The idea to introduce STROGN Tees was to support the cause and showcase our strength which the brand believes in, we are not looking to add any women’s category under the brand WROGN. We hear about the suppressions and the senseless violence against the women at large, thus the voice for the cause. This could be eve teasing or domestic violence, whatever may be the suffering we extend our support strengthen the women at large troubled by any sufferings. Virat strangly believes in it, so we thought to introduce the same on the occasion of the WOMAN’S day.

IS – What are the other brands being promoted by the holding company.
AR- The holding company USPL (Universal Sportsbiz private Limited) consolidates three celebrity fashion brands under its retail umbrella. The portfolio includes WROGN, inspired and co-owned by Virat, a contemporary women’s ethnic brand with Shraddha Kapoor, Ms. Taken a women’s western wear by Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon. All the three brands of USPL are positioned uniquely in the Indian celebrity fashion industry.

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