Pakistan cricket set to ban players from taking families on tour after T20 World Cup debacle

Pakistan cricket set to ban players from taking families on tour after T20 World Cup debacle

A former Pakistan cricketer has alleged that 17 officials and multiple family members traveled with the team for the T20 World Cup.

Changes in captaincy, players’ contracts to be demoted, and threats of ‘surgery’ on the team are some of the things Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Mohsin Naqvi has threatened to do since the team was knocked out of the T20 World Cup in the group stage. Now, we’re hearing that he’s about to take another decision.

T20 World Cup or family trip?

After hearing that 60 rooms were booked for the Pakistan cricket team as friends and family of the players traveled alongside them, Naqvi has decided to lay down the law. A source in the PCB has told PTI that players won’t be allowed to take family members along going forward in major events, and some senior officials might face the brunt for allowing the players to do so.


“You can expect the PCB to lose senior management level officials and also enforce some strict policies for the players in future. The fact that so many players not only took their wives and children to the World Cup even had their parents, brothers etc staying in the team hotel has left the chairman unhappy,” the source said.

Pakistan Cricket

PCB senior officials vs Mohsin Naqvi

PCB chief Naqvi believes that senior officials are cheerleaders who do everything players ask and have given them too much leeway. He also believes that these officials are going against him deliberately to undermine him.

“Some of these officials are not professionals but fans of the players and have given them lot of concessions which eventually led to the World Cup debacle. It is now becoming clear that if the players are today an indiscipline and careless lot, the blame for this falls on some of the senior management officials who have been patronizing them in many ways including in the finalization of the central contracts last year,” the source added.


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