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Jitesh Sharma’s ‘strike-rate focus’ mindset threatens Sanju Samson’s T20 future

Jitesh Sharma’s ‘strike-rate focus’ mindset threatens Sanju Samson’s T20 future

Unlike many cautious middle-order players, Jitesh Sharma thrives at numbers 5 and below.

Jitesh Sharma, the rising Indian wicketkeeping star, is taking the T20 cricket world by storm with his refreshing “no-nonsense” approach to strike rate. This aggressive batter, preferred over Sanju Samson in the recent T20I against Afghanistan, is sending a clear message: strike rate matters, and he’s the man for the job in the middle order.

Unlike many cautious middle-order players, Jitesh Sharma thrives at numbers 5 and below. He relishes the challenge of coming in late and launching into immediate attack. His dedication to power hitting, honed through practicing for various scenarios, is already paying off.

His 31 off 20 balls in the first T20I against Afghanistan perfectly showcased his philosophy. Walking in at 72/3, Jitesh Sharma didn’t waste time. He smashed a boundary off his second ball and kept the momentum going, ensuring a steady stream of boundaries till his dismissal. This not only boosted the score but also made things easier for the incoming batter, Rinku Singh.

Jitesh Sharma focuses on strike-rate

Jitesh Sharma’s focus on strike rate isn’t just about personal glory. He understands its importance in T20 cricket, where a few overs can swing the game. His aggressive approach provides the much-needed impetus in the middle overs, preventing the opposition from gaining control.

But Jitesh Sharma isn’t resting on his laurels. He acknowledges the need to improve his finishing skills to truly solidify his place in the Indian XI. “I want to finish games,” he declared on Jio Cinema, setting his sights on winning matches for India.

“I always go for strike rate – I don’t compromise on strike rate and it also makes it easier for the following batters,” Jitesh added.

Jitesh Sharma’s arrival signals a potential shift in India’s T20 batting strategy. His strike-rate priority and middle-order prowess pose a serious challenge to Sanju Samson, who has traditionally occupied the middle order slot. If Jitesh continues to impress, Samson might find himself facing an uphill battle to regain his place.

One thing is clear: Jitesh Sharma is not afraid to take risks and play the game his way. His refreshing approach to strike rate is a breath of fresh air for the Indian team, and it could be the key to unlocking their full potential in the T20 arena. Sanju Samson, and other middle-order contenders, would be wise to take notice. The future of Indian T20 batting might just belong to Jitesh Sharma and his relentless pursuit of quick runs.


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