Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Apex Legends Mobile: Huge Bunny Hop Nerf coming in next season

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Apex Legends Mobile just had a brand new update – Season 1.5. With season 2 due on July 13, the 1.5 updates has already introduced interesting new elements like Loba the burglar legend from its PC version. However, the developers didn’t address the most pressing matters at hand such as annoying sound glitches and other bugs that are polluting the gameplay experience. But above all, Apex Mobile haven’t nerfed the most broken element in the game right now, the infinite bunny hopping. Bunny Hop Nerf, Apex Legends Mobile Bunny Hop, Infinite Bunny Hop Apex, Bhop Apex,

For those who are unaware, bunny hopping is a mechanical gameplay trick where players skillfully spam the slide and jump button simultaneously to continue surfing through the land for indefinite distances. This also allows players to increase their movement speed to an overwhelming extent, thus making it impossible to hit them in battle let alone catching up them while they are getting away. Not even Octane’s Stim ability can keep up with the velocity that bunny hopping offers.

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Frustrated by this, a lot of competitive players have quit the game and the player base also seems to be going downhill. But looks like a nerf is right around the corner. According to leaks, the bunny hop will meet some kind of fatigue system and the process to implement the same is already under testing. This means that in season 2, players trying to bunny hop will be left with a strain on their character’s body, leaving them with decreased movement speed. This indicates that the mobile version will be getting closer to the PC one’s movement mechanics.

Now, these are just leaks and as of now, there is no official confirmation whether or not its actually coming in the game. Furthermore, when it comes to listening to the community, EA surely hasn’t been kind with the most pressing issues with the game have remained unsolved for months now. Releasing updates without solving them is naturally making the community furious. However, it’s more than likely that bunny hop is getting crossed out from the list. As for the rest, there’s no option but to wait for the season 2 patch notes to drop. For future updates on Apex Legends Mobile follow InsideSport.IN

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