WWE Summerslam 2020 results live streaming in US: How to watch the Thunderdome extravaganza LIVE on TV, online

WWE SummerSlam full Show: Just a day away from WWE’s biggest party of the summer at SummerSlam. As per USA time line SummerSlam will kick off at tomorrow night (Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020) from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, with its SummerSlam event starting at 6:00 pm ET with the Kick-off show leading right on into the main course at 7:00 pm ET on the WWE Network.

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However, we have official confirmation of eight catastrophic matches for this flabbergasting event that will blow your mind. WWE RAW has announced five matches for this extravagant event and nevertheless WWE Smackdown also has added three astounding segments for this event.

For this event Six-championships will be on the stake. It further includes three stipulation matches that are also going to be part of this thunderous night at SummerSlam.

Moreover, let us check out the confirmed matches from both WWE RAW and Smackdown for SummerSlam


— RAW Tag team championships
The Street Profits(c) vs Andrade & Angel Garza

RAW Tag Team Championships that will be on the stake at SummerSlam. The Current RAW Tag Team champions – The Street Profits will take on the team of Andrade & Angel Garza for the Tag Team Championships on the biggest party of the summer at SummerSlam. The Streets Profits have not been tested that much since they have won this Tag Team Championships from Seth Rollins & Murphy several months ago. However, the current would be in huge pressure after the astonishing performance of Andrade & Angel Garza in current.

At SummerSlam this will be a chaotic match when these two teams take on each other. Street Profits will look to continue their titles reign in WWE but Andrade & Angel Garza will try to end the Street Profits title reign at SummerSlam and claim themselves as new champs.

— WWE RAW Championship
Drew McIntyre(c) vs Randy Orton

This could be the biggest match of the night for the championship. This championship match will take place between the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton at SummerSlam for the RAW Championship. WWE fans could not wait for this match so long as Orton already produced a RKO on Drew McIntyre from on where out and ended the two weeks ago on Raw segment on a high-note.

Meanwhile, it will be a tremendous match when these two face off each other at SummerSlam. Randy Orton has been invincible to defeat since Wrestlemania 36 and he would like to continue his undefeated at the same when he meets McIntyre at SummerSlam and claims his 14th WWE championship.

— WWE United States Championship
Apollo Crews(c) vs MVP

The WWE United States Championship will be on the stake at SummerSlam 2020. Apollo Crews will defend his brand new United States Championship against MVP in this match. Crews will once again face MVP in a United States Title Match at SummerSlam, as the rivalry reaches a boiling point. MVP brazenly declared himself the United States Champion at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules after an attack from Bobby Lashley put Crews out of commission. Flanked by The All Mighty and Shelton Benjamin, MVP was oozing with confidence until Crews defeated the veteran in a United States Championship Match on Raw.

Can Crews keep the upper-hand against MVP and his imposing allies? Or will MVP help usher in a gold rush for The Hurt Business?

— WWE RAW Women’s Championship
Sasha Banks(c) vs Asuka

A major championship match that will take place at this SummerSlam. This championship match will take place between the current RAW Women’s champion Sasha Banks who will defend her championship against Asuka in this match. However, Sasha Banks has already defeated Asuka several weeks ago in RAW for a championship match with the little help of her friend Bayley. Meanwhile, Asuka got another opportunity to face off against Sasha Banks for her championship last week on RAW which Asuka grabbed from both hands.

Now, It will be interesting to see who will stand tall at SummerSlam in this championship match. Based on current performance it seems like Asuka now has the upper hand in this match and may beat down Banks In this championship match.

— A ” Street Fight” match
Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins

WWE has added a stipulation for Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio’s match at SummerSlam that it would now be a “Street Fight” match. This match has become official after both these belligerents went into a brawl in the two week on WWE Raw. Seth Rollins eagerly accepted the challenge of Dominik Mysterio to battle out at SummerSlam 2020 and vowed to give Dominik the same taste as he has done to his father Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules.

However, what happened after that was not a gratifying experience for WWE fans who can’t stomach beatdowns that cross a line. WWE Universe lost their cool on this after Seth Rollins and Murphy both slammed 30 unleashed kendo sticks on him and beat down Dominik in half last week on RAW.

However, it will be interesting to see how Dominik takes the revenge from Monday Night Messiah in his very first in-ring action against Seth Rollins however, Rollins will be the favorite in this match.


— WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship
Bayley(c) vs Asuka

A Triple Brand Battle Royal match took place last week on SmackDown Live to decide Bayley’s opponent for her SmackDown Women’s championship at SummerSlam. Women from all three brand participated in this Battle Royal, however, a surprising entrance of Asuka changed the scenario of this match.

Bayley and Sasha Banks both became shocked after they saw Asuka in this battle royal but it was Asuka, who got the astounding victory in this battle royal. She at last eliminated Shayna Baszler to earn this championship opportunity to face Bayley at SummerSlam for her SmackDown Women’s Championship.

But it seems like this time either one of them of ‘the Golden Role Models’ will lose her Championship against ‘the Empress of Tomorrow’ Asuka, who will do everything to beat both of them and take their Championship.

— WWE Universal Championship
Braun Strowman(c) vs Bray Wyatt (“Falls count anywhere”) 

Just few hours left in WWE SummerSlam however, WWE once again surprised all by adding a new stipulation “Falls count anywhere” match for the WWE Universal Championship.

Braun Strowman the current WWE Universal Champion will defend his title against “the fiend” Bray Wyatt this Sunday at SummerSlam. Despite that earlier this match was just announced as a Championship match. But after the latest episode of SmackDown Live when Braun Strowman chock slammed Bray Wyatt at backstage and as a result of it Wyatt caused minor injury and sent off on a stretcher.

This brawl now led us to a “Fall count anywhere” championship match. This chock slam would definitely made Wyatt to suffer not physically but mentally since he became the victim of Strowman’s anger in WWE’s new concept of ThunderDome.

These two will be facing each other for the third time this summer and this time in a catastrophic championship match. It was Bray Wyatt who stood tall over Strowman last time when both of them faced off against each other in a “Swamp Fight” at Extreme Rules.

But earlier in the show Braun Strowman made a huge statement this time he will break the shackles against “the fiend” and end his maniac once for all. Throughout this rivalry, Wyatt showed a little hand over “the monster among men” and this time it could be interesting when they meet each other at Summerslam to end this rivalry with a high-note.

— A “No Disqualification” match Sonya Deville vs Mandy Rose

WWE has further added a new kind of stipulation match for Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose that now this match would be “No Disqualification” match. Earlier this match was confirmed as “Hair vs Hair” match but WWE found it inappropriate since it may cost either of the superstars to go ‘bald’ or ‘shave off their head’ which would be embarrassing and insulting both. This Sunday both these harridans now face off in a “No Disqualification” match and the loser leaves WWE match.

It would a bizarre contest between these two old friends when they collide at the same time in ring at SummerSlam. But only one will stand tall against other. However, based on current performance it seems like Mandy Rose has the upper hand after what she had done to Sonya Deville two weeks ago on SmackDown Live.

Who will leave The Biggest Event of the Summer as the winner, and who will leave WWE for good?


When to watch WWE SummerSlam Live on TV?

WWE SummerSlam LIVE will telecast on Sunday, 23rd August 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

What time will WWE SummerSlam LIVE be aired on TV?

WWE SummerSlam LIVE will be aired at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. on 23rd August 2020

Where is WWE SummerSlam LIVE being held?

WWE SummerSlam LIVE will be held at Amway Center, Florida.

How to watch WWE SummerSlam Live Online and TV?

You can watch WWE SummerSlam LIVE Online on WWE Networks if you are a premium subscriber. However, even if you are not a subscriber, you can still watch recap of WWE SummerSlam 2020 online on ESPN, WWE Network, Paramount Network, Sky sports, RLT 9 and others.

How to watch: WWE Network


The monthly price is $9.99 (US) or £9.99 (UK). New subscribers used to get a free month, but that’s no longer the case now that there’s a free tier (which pay-per-view events are not covered by, sadly).

The WWE Network app is available on Roku, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple TV, iOS and Android.

# WWE SummerSlam with Virtual View

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