WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Ricochet is the new Intercontinental Champion, Ronda Rousey dismantled Charlotte Flair

WWE Smackdown – Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on…

WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Ricochet is the new Intercontinental Champion, Ronda Rousey dismantled Charlotte Flair
WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Ricochet is the new Intercontinental Champion, Ronda Rousey dismantled Charlotte Flair

WWE Smackdown – Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on 5th March: The FTX Arena in Miami, Florida, airing this week’s Friday Night Smackdown. The show focused on the build-up for Wrestlemania 38 as two more matches for the most Stupendous Wrestlemania were announced on the show tonight. Besides the announcement of two Wrestlemabua matches, some really impressive action was witnessed on the show. Check out the results and highlights of this week’s Friday Night Smackdown. Follow WWE Live Updates and WWE Raw or WWE Smackdown on InsideSport.IN

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WWE Raw Results & Live updates

  • Backstage segments of multiple stars
  • Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn vs. Ricochet
  • Austin Theory in the ring
  • Naomi vs. Carmella
  • Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal
  • The Usos & Roman Reigns
  • Smackdown Tag-Team Championship: The Viking Raiders vs. The Usos
  • Sheamus vs. Big E
  • Ronda Rousey vs. Sonya Deville

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WWE Smackdown Results March 5, live blog & live streaming details: WWE Smackdown, follow live updates

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WWE Smackdown Live Results

Ronda Rousey vs. Sonya Deville- As we get set for the first-ever match of Ronda Rousey on Smackdown, Charlotte Flair, the Smackdown Women’s Champion, also came out and joined the commentary team. As the bell rang, Sonya started trash-talking to Ronda only to get slapped on the face.

Ronda went for an armbar early on, but Charlotte distracted her from the outside, which gave Sonya enough time to sneak an attack on the already taped right knee of Rousey. Deville was on the attack, but Ronda was on the move and returned quickly with her offense.

She went for multiple arm drags first, and then nailed Piper’s Pit on Sonya Deville. Ronda then closed the match but nailing a perfect armbar and Sonya was quick to tap out.

WWE Smackdown Results: Ronda Rousey defeated Sonya Deville via submission.

Once the match got over, Ronda provoked Charlotte to enter the ring. After denying for a bit, Charlotte finally entered the ring only to get stunned with a new submission move of Ronda Rousey, the Ankle Lock.



Backstage- Johnny Knoxville gets interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Braxton asks him what he has to say about the challenge Sami put forth earlier tonight for Knoxville. Johnny Knoxville accepted the challenge and said that he will see Sami at Mania.



Sheamus vs. Big E- Before the bell could have rung, Kofi Kingston who arrived with Big E on the ATV, was honking to the tune of New Day Rocks. Ridge Holland then came with a steel chair and slammed it on the back of Kofi. Meanwhile, in the ring, Big E was attacked by Sheamus.

Ridge then started slamming the chair on Big E’s ATV and after a while, Sheamus and Ridge Holland drove the ATV backstage.

During the commercials, it was seen that Sheamus and Ridge Holland destroyed the ATV in the parking area with hammers.



Smackdown Tag-Team Championship: The Viking Raiders vs. The Usos- Jimmy & Erick started the proceedings and Erik was all over Jimmy in the opening seconds of the match. Erick sent Jimmy outside the ring and tagged Ivar who launched himself from the apron on both The Usos.

Erik rolled Jimmy inside the ring and Ivar launched himself from the top turnbuckle with a splash. He went for a cover, but Jimmy survived. The momentum was soon shifted in favor of The Usos when Jey took the tag from Jimmy. Both Jey and Jimmy were attacking the legal men Erick inside and outside the ring and finally sent him to the timekeeper area as we head into commercials.

After the commercial, the momentum was in the favor of Viking Raiders. Both Erik and Ivar attacked Jey and Erik went for a cover, but Jey kicked out at the very last second. At one point, we saw Erik and Ivar hitting the Viking Experience at Jimmy, but Jey broke the count to keep their titles alive.

In the closing moments, The Viking Raiders were going for yet another combined move, but once again a tag from The Usos, which Erik didn’t see, worked in the champs’ favor. Jey distracted the ref, while Jimmy hit a superkick on Erik’s head while the latter was hanging on the middle rope. After the superkick, The Usos delivered a 1D to pin the Raiders and retain their titles.

WWE Smackdown Results: The Usos defeated the Viking Raiders via Pinfall



The Usos & Roman Reigns: Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs were on the way to the ring, but got viciously attacked from behind by The Usos. Once the attack was over, Roman Reigns came out with Paul Heyman. The Bloodline then heads to the ring along with Paul Heyman.

Once the Bloodline was in the ring, as usual, Roman Reigns started off by saying “Miami.. Acknowledge Me!” Roman then says that he and Brock Lesnar are going to defend their respective titles at Madison Square Garden, and he knows that he is going to Smash his opponent, but maybe Brock doesn’t have a chance to keep his title intact at MSG.

He then added that he wants Brock to carry the WWE Championship to Wrestlemania so that he (Brock) could hand the title to him once Roman smashes him. Roman ended the segment by saying that at Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar will Acknowledge him.



Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal: As the bell rang, Drew and Jinder started their attacks on each other. Jinder stunned Drew with a big kick on the side of his face, and then was wearing him down. Drew came up with some of his offenses to get out of jail.

He tossed Jinder across the ring with a belly-to-belly followed by a neck breaker. He then went to the corner to set up the Claymore, but Shanky tried distracting him. This gave Mahal enough space to get his hands on Drew, but it didn’t last long, as Drew McIntyre hit his Claymore to take out Mahal.

WWE Smackdown Results: Drew McIntyre defeated Jinder Mahal via Pinfall



Backstage: Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin were seen playing cards (possibly Poker) with some of their friends. While playing, they were cracking jokes on Drew McIntyre. Corbin also mentioned how he is going to beat McIntyre at Wrestlemania 38.



Naomi vs. Carmella- As soon as the bell rang, Carmella’s drama started. She went outside the ring and got her face mask on. She was then caught on the apron with a kick on the side of her face from Naomi. Naomi then went to the top turnbuckle, but Queen Zelina distracted her which gave Carmella enough time to unsettle Naomi.

The two ladies were on the attack in the ring and Zelina tried to attack Naomi, ut Sasha Banks came to the aid. She pulled Zelina down and slammed both her knees into Zelina to crush her into the steel stairs. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Naomi kicked Carmella on the face and then went for a starship moonsault to pick up a win.

WWE Smackdown Results: Naomi defeated Carmella via Pinfall



Austin Theory in the ring- Austin Theory enters the ring as the Prodigy of Mr. McMahon. He was talking trash to Pat McAfee and told him that not Mr. McMahon (as rumored) but he is his opponent at Wrestlemania. Austin then went towards Pat McAfee talking trash, saying “I’m going to beat you to a pulp” and ruffled his feathers by slapping him on the face.



Backstage: Sami was seen disgusted after his defeat due to Johnny Knoxville. Therefore, he challenges him for a match at Wrestlemania 38 in Dallas, Texas.



Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn vs. Ricochet- As the bell rang, Ricochet went for an early roll-up pin and almost had Sami Zayn lose the IC title. Ricochet was quick with his moves, but his momentum was stopped with a clothesline.

Sami then wear down Ricochet by wrapping his arm around his neck, but Ricochet retaliated with some attacks of his own. At one point, Sami was standing on the apron and Ricochet nailed a superkick. Sami was down and out, but soon he gathered strength and hit an astonishing overhead slam on the apron. We now head into commercials.

After the commercials, both men were seen in the ring and Sami was stomping Ricochet for good. He went to the top turnbuckle but missed a dive. Ricochet took advantage and went for a cover, but again it was a near fall.

The action was swift and Ricochet was going for some quick pinfalls, but Sami somehow kept himself alive in the match. We saw a standing moonsault from Ricochet, followed by an incredible somersault over the top rope to the floor. This was one incredible move and Sami was stunned too.

In the closing moments of the match, when Sami was rolled inside the ring, but while Ricochet was entering the ring, Sami kicked him and he went outside. While Sami was working on Ricochet near the announce table, Johnny Knoxville’s music hit, and out came the Jackass star. It was a slight distraction and Ricochet hit a Hurricanerana Bomb to roll up Sami for a pin. Ricochet is now the new Intercontinental Champion.

WWE Smackdown Results: Ricochet defeated Sami Zayn


Backstage: Paul Heyman, Ronda Rousey, Sonya Deville, The Viking Raiders, The Usos, Ricochet, and Sami Zayn are featured in a backstage segment simultaneously. They talk about their opportunity for tonight as each and every one of them (except Paul Heyman) are involved in a match tonight.


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