WWE Raw Results & Highlights: Big E retained the WWE Championship after beating Bobby Lashley in a brutal Steel Cage Match

WWE Raw Results & Highlights: Big E retained the WWE Championship after beating Bobby Lashley in a brutal Steel Cage Match
WWE Raw Results & Highlights: Big E retained the WWE Championship after beating Bobby Lashley in a brutal Steel Cage Match

WWE Raw- Raw Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night Raw Episode on 28th Sept: WWE Raw streamed live from the Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Extreme Rules fallout edition of Monday Night Raw saw some brutal contests for the United States Championship and the coveted WWE Championship. Read the post to know the superstars who had a great night this week on WWE Raw.

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WWE Raw Live Matches of the night

  • WWE Championship- Bobby Lashley vs. Big E
  • Erik vs. Angel Garza
  • 24/7 Championship- Reggie vs. Ricochet
  • Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee vs. Akira Tozawa
  • United States Championship- Sheamus vs. Damian Priest
  • Jinder Mahal, Veer & Shanky vs. Jeff Hardy, Mansoor & Mustafa Ali
  • Jaxson Ryker vs. Karrion Kross
  • AJ Styles vs. Riddle
  • Raw Women’s Championship- Doudrop vs. Charlotte Flair
  • Goldberg gets interviewed Live
  • WWE Championship- Big E vs. Bobby Lashley, Steel Cage match

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Here are the WWE Raw- Raw Results and Highlights

WWE Championship- Big E vs. Bobby Lashley, Steel Cage match: Bobby Lashley blasted on the WWE Champion Big E and started the assault on the WWE Champion. He didn’t even let the champ enter the ring and brutally assaulted him by tossing him over the barricade, slamming him face-first on the ring post, and bashing the heavy steel stair right on his spine. All this took place on the outside and the bell is yet to ring to start the match. Now, we go into a commercial.

The match finally started in the ring after the commercial, and it was Big E now who was slamming Lashley in the cage walls. Lashley broke Big E’s momentum by hitting him a vicious clothesline and ran him into the cage walls multiple times.

Big E was planted with a vertical slam as Lashley looked good. He went for a spear but Big E hip tossed him on the top turnbuckle. After a few exchanges of blows, Lashley tried climbing and escaping the cage, but Big E tried stopping him, Lashley then caught Big E in a dragon sleeper and the WWE Champion was out.

Lashley tried climbing again, but Big E threw him down this time and started climbing. He almost reached the top of the cage, but Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander arrived to prevent Big E from escaping. After a while, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods of New Day also arrived and they didn’t let Bobby escape through the cage door. The four men outside the ring got engaged in a brawl.

We returned from the commercial, and it was Bobby Lashley who superplexed the WWE Campion from the top turnbuckle. Big E however had his offense intact as he went for three Belly-to-Belly suplexes on the former Champ. Lashley however turned around things and hit Big E with a Spear. It seemed like that was it, but Big E broke the pinfall at 2 counts.

Bobby then asked the referee to open the cage door and started walking, but Big E stopped him not since but thrice. This annoyed Lashley and he tried to hit the champ with a vicious right hand but Big E countered with a Big Ending. The champ went for the cover, but surprisingly Lashley kicked out on two-count.

After a brutal back & forth battle, Big E hoisted Bobby Lashley for a Big Ending on the top-rope and delivered perfectly to ping him one, two, three.

WWE Raw- Raw Results and Highlights: Big E defeated Bobby Lashley via Pinfall

After the match ended, Drew McIntyre arrived on the ramp and pointed towards Big E with his sword. Seems like he is next in the line to challenge the WWE Champion.



In the ring: Shayna Baszler destroyed Eva Marie by making her sleep with her submission. She continued the assault and stomped on Eva’s left elbow on the steel stairs, like she did to Nia Jax last week.



Goldberg gets interviewed Live: WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg is live via Satellite as he discusses his next move in WWE and what Bobby Lashley did to his son Gage at Summerslam. Goldberg vows to take down Bobby Lashley after what he did to his son. He says that he will finish Bobby Lashley and do whatever he could to make his family proud.- “Gage Goldberg is my son, and you, are about to be my victim.”



Raw Women’s Championship- Doudrop vs. Charlotte Flair: The two women started off with a classic wrestling lock before Doudrop stunned the queen with two shoulder blocks in a row. Doudrop looked on the money right from the outset as she was surprisingly dominating the women’s champ.

Doudrop was looking good for a win before Eva Marie’s music hit and out she came. This distracted her and Charlotte took advantage by hitting a Natural Selection and picking up a pinfall victory.

WWE Raw- Raw Results and Highlights: Charlotte Flair defeated Doudrop via Pinfall



AJ Styles vs. Riddle: The two started with the classic wrestling hold before Riddle overpowered AJ and slammed him down on the mat. He then took AJ into the corner and hit him repeatedly with a series of kicks.

Riddle looked focused and determined. He went for three Guirella Slams in a row and made AJ suffer pain. Riddle then rocked him with a vicious knee strike on the face. After exchanging few blows, AJ sent Riddle outside and hit him with a sliding knee from the apron. The action then continued in the ring for a while before Styles sent Riddle outside yet again as we head to the commercial.

After we returned from the commercial, the two men were fighting in the ring with Riddle’s power on display. Riddle tried for two standing moonsaults in a row but missed on both occasions. He hit the third one, but AJ put his knees up and Riddle had a painful landing on AJ’s knees.

The action was quick and some ferocious moves were on display. Riddle hit German Suplex and multiple knees on the face, while AJ Styles returned with a rolling gut buster. We also saw AJ putting a calf crusher on Riddle which the latter barely escaped by holding on to the bottom rope.

In the closing moments, Riddle tried going for an RKO, but Styles caught him and hoisted him on his shoulder for a side slam. AJ finished the proceedings by hitting the Styles clash.

WWE Raw- Raw Results and Highlights: AJ Styles pinned Riddle



Backstage: Doudrop approached Sonya Deville & Adam Pearce to ask them to face Charlotte tonight in an open challenge for the women’s title. Then authority figures gave the green light to Doudrop’s proposal.



Jaxson Ryker vs. Karrion Kross: Ryker and Kross started off with the classic wrestling hold before Kross started his offense on Ryker. The two men did exchange some blows as Ryker too delivered some heavy right-hand strikes. However, two Doomsday Saito slams followed by a Kross Jacker were all required for Karrion Kross to pick up a win.

WWE Raw Live Results: Karrion Kross defeated Jaxson Ryker via submission.



Jinder Mahal, Veer & Shanky vs. Jeff Hardy, Mansoor & Mustafa Ali: Shanky and Mustafa Ali started the proceedings. Ali tried to be quick by hitting to dropkicks, but Shanky didn’t break a sweat and wasn’t able to get down on his feet. He picked Ali and hit him with a side slam, before tagging Veer.

Ali tagged Mansoor and it was the latter along with Veer inside the ring. Veer dominated Mansoor for a while before the latter tagged Jeff Hardy in. Hardy changed the complexion as he dominated Veer and then Jinder Mahal who got the tag.

In the closing moments of the match, Shanky tried attacking Jeff Hardy on the outside, but Mansoor helped Jeff escape the scare of the 7 feet giant. In the ring, Mustafa Ali was on his own and had no one to tag in his corner. Veer was lurking behind and when he got the opportunity, he hit a vicious left-arm lariat to rock Ali and pick up a pinfall win.

WWE Raw Live Results: Veer pinned Mustafa Ali to pick up a victory for his team.



United States Championship- Sheamus vs. Damian Priest: Time for the no disqualification Sheamus vs. Damian Priest United States Championship match. The match started with a classic wrestling hold and both men were not letting the hold break. Sheamus got the side hold and tried pinning the champ with the side hold locked.

Finally, the two separated and now we witnessed some offense. Damian Priest hit Sheamus with an elbow in the corner and then hit a broken arrow which saw Sheamus rolling outside the ring. Priest followed him but Sheamus pulled his leg from the apron and the action moved outside the ring.

Priest first rocked Sheamus with a big boot while he was sitting on the steel stair and pulled out a Table. Sheamus returned and slammed Priest knee-first into the steel stair and set up the table outside the ring. Priest returned with a hard right-hand blow, but Sheamus send him inside the ring. He then tried putting Sheamus (standing on the apron) through the table with a running boot, but Sheamus escaped and took Priest on his back to slam him on the table, before going to the commercial.

After the commercial, Sheamus was punishing Priest with Kendo Stick strikes in the middle of the ring. He then placed the stick across Priest’s mouth. Priest did get out of it but only to get slammed back-first on the mat. Sheamus then set up a table on the corner ring post. The two men then exchanged a few blows, before Sheamus dived from the top turnbuckle only to be caught by a vicious kendo stick strike on his gut.

Priest then continued the Kendo stick strikes and Sheamus moved outside to escape the wrath of the champion. Priest slammed Sheamus back first on the barricade, but while he was taking him to the ring, Sheamus pushed the champion into the ring post on the outside.

Both men returned in the ring and we saw Priest going head-first into the steel chair placed on the corner post and the two men continued exchanging heavy blows for a while and didn’t back down from exchanging chair shots and kendo stick strikes. Priest got an opportunity to run Sheamus into the table set vertically on the corner post. That was all it. Priest then hit a Reckoning to pick up a win over Sheamus.

WWE Raw Live Results: Damian Priest defeated Sheamus via pinfall



Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee vs. Akira Tozawa: Akira Tozawa was in the ring and he demanded a match tonight against anyone. The challenge was accepted by Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee who finished the match in a moment or two by hitting a clothesline followed up by his finishing maneuver.

WWE Raw Live Results: Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee defeated Akira Tozawa via pinfall



Backstage: Riddle gets interviewed where he is asked about his preparations ahead of his match against AJ Styles. He tells that Randy has taken the night off and he will be on his own to face AJ Styles. He also said that he will make Randy proud by defeating the former.



24/7 Championship- Reggie vs. Ricochet: The two men started things off with a handshake. Both were escaping each other’s offense by showing their high-flying ability. Ricochet sent Reggie outside the ring and then dived on him from the top rope near the announce table. As the two men went outside, the 24/7 troops came in and attacked both the men to disqualify the bout.

WWE Raw Live results: Match ended up in a disqualification


Angel Garza vs. Erik: Angel Garza and Erik are up next taking on each other. The two men teed off with Garza hitting a ferocious knee on the face of his opponent. Garza got his opportunity to strike back and he delivered in style with some exciting Luchador moves.

Erik then placed a heavy knee on the face of Garza, that was the time when Humberto climbed the apron and distracted Erik. That was all Garza needed, he then hit a superkick followed by his finisher to end the match.

WWE Raw Live results: Angel Garza defeated Erik via pinfall



WWE Championship- Bobby Lashley vs. Big E: The colossal WWE Championship match is about to tear the house apart.

The two men started with the wrestling lock before Big E slapped Lashley on his face. This made Lashley furious and he made the WWE Champion pay with some ferocious strikes. He rocked him with a vicious right hand and after a slam, sent him outside the ring.

On the outside, Lashley took Big E on his shoulders and bashed him face-first on the ring post. He went on to attack him further but Big E caught him and delivered a belly-to-belly suplex, before going into a commercial.

After the commercial, Lashley was seen rolling Big E inside the ring and drove him face-first on the mat. He then hoisted the champ on the top turnbuckle and tried the superplex to shrug him off for good. The champ resisted and didn’t let him hit the superplex, but Lashley rocked him again with a heavy right hand and the champ fall down outside.

Lashley then went outside and the two men bumped into each other with a double clothesline. The action then shifted inside the ring and it was Lashley who was towering over the WWE Champion. After exchanging a few blows, Big E hoisted Lashley for a Big Ending, but the All-Mighty went to the apron and survived the scare. Big E then bashed into Lashley with a spear through the middle ropes and the two men went outside.

On the outside, some familiar faces were already standing. Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander wearing The Hurt Business T-Shirt were spotted. Both Big E and Lashley went inside the ring again and Lashley hit Big E with a spear. Just when he went for the pin, Kofi & Xavier arrived they attacked the Hurt Business and went into the ring, resulting in a DQ.

WWE Raw Live results: Match got disqualified

Chaos took place inside and around the ring between the New Day and Hurt Business. This led Adam Pearce to walk out and announce that Big E & Bobby Lashley will compete later tonight for the WWE Championship in a Steel Cage match.