WWE Raw Results: Check out the BEST and WORST of this week’s Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw Results: Check out the BEST and WORST of this week's Monday Night Raw
WWE Raw Results: Check out the BEST and WORST of this week's Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw Results: Best and Worst of tonight’s show- The final Raw before Survivor Series took place at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like any other edition, this week’s Raw also had some Best & Worst moments. In this post, we have listed two worst and two best moments from the show, let’s plunge in. 

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WWE Raw Results: The Usos making a one-off appearance (BEST)

The Usos made a surprise appearance tonight to ambush an attack on the WWE Champion Big E.- This was a perfect move from WWE, considering Survivor Series is just 5 days away, i.e., on Sunday, November 21.


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Big E addressed Roman Reigns in his segment tonight. He mentioned now his battle against the Tribal Chief is personal after what the latter has done to his New Day members Sir Kofi Kingston & King Woods in the past two weeks on Smackdown. 

The Usos made their way when Big E was heading backstage to chase Kevin Owens. They started the assault on the WWE Champion right from the ramp and took him back to the ring beating. This ambush attack has made things even more personal, and now the showdown between Roman Reigns & Big E would be intimidating. 


WWE Raw Results: Tamina vs. Bianca Belair (WORSE)

Bianca Belair and Tamina collided in the first hour of the night, and this match didn’t make any sense. The bout focused on fitting into the three-hour slot and had no build-up before the start. 

Tamina is a once in a blue moon fighter which made the match result predictable. Bianca Belair was the one to end up on the winning side after hitting Tamina with her finisher, Kiss of Death.

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WWE Raw Results: Kevin Owens confirmed his ‘Heel’ side

Kevin Owens is back as a heel. The Prize Fighter who snaped WWE Champion Big E last week announced himself as a heel when he came out on the call of the WWE Champion in the opening segment of the show.

WWE Raw Results: Check out the BEST and WORST of this week’s Monday Night Raw

Kevin blamed Big E for this change. He said he was sick and tired of proving himself to him (Big E), the guys back in the locker room, and the WWE Universe that he isn’t the bad guy. But despite regular pressing and pumping, Big E didn’t agree to his words and what he did last week to the champion was all about taking out his frustrations.

Owens also said that he will be beating the hell out of Big E soon because now he is what the champ wanted him to be i.e., “The bad guy.” This character change of Kevin Owens could pay heavy dividends in the future when these two men collide over the WWE Championship.


WWE Raw Results: Rey Mysterio getting replaced by Austin Theory in Team Raw

Another change has arrived ahead of Survivor Series. After two changes on Smackdown teams (one each in men’s and women’s teams), the men’s Team of Monday Night Raw has been changed a bit.

WWE Authority Figure Adam Pearce has made a slight change to Team Raw. He has replaced the former World Champion and legendary luchador Rey Mysterio with Austin Theory in Team Raw. The change came following the main event of the night when Rey Mysterio lost to the All-Mighty Bobby Lashley and was reeling in pain in the middle of the ring. 

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Pearce walked to the entrance stage and said that he cares for the well-being of both Team Raw and Rey Mysterio and therefore is replacing Rey Mysterio. Later, Austin Theory attacked Dominik Mysterio, who was attending on his father inside the ring, from behind to get Adam Pearce’s nod to feature in Team Raw for Survivor Series.