WWE Money in the Bank Results: Theory knocks out Riddle to win the MITB briefcase

WWE Money in the Bank Results: WWE Money in the Bank 2022 streamed live from MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.…

WWE Money in the Bank Results: Theory knocks out Riddle to win the MITB briefcase
WWE Money in the Bank Results: Theory knocks out Riddle to win the MITB briefcase

WWE Money in the Bank Results: WWE Money in the Bank 2022 streamed live from MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match: The main event of the Money in the Bank Premium Live Event featured the men’s MITB ladder match. Seven superstars from both Raw and SmackDown brands competed for the MITB briefcase. However, WWE Official announces Theory for the Money in the Bank Ladder match. With one more add-on, All eight superstars started their fight for the MITB briefcase.

Omos started his destruction in the ring, slamming Riddle and later knocking Seth Rollins and Theory. However, other superstars team up to take down the Nigerian Giant. In the meantime, Drew McIntyre delivers a Claymore, knocking out Omos. Later, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre start their brawl in the ring, whereas Seth Rollins comes in to knock them out.

Seth Rollins tries to climb the ladder but Riddle takes him out and later Sami Zayn knocks him out of the ring. Further, the Nigerian Giant joins the match once again but all seven superstars team up to take down Omos. All superstars bury Omos under the pile of ladders.

On the other hand, Seth Rollins sneaks in to climb the ladder but fails to do so with Sami Zayn’s interference. However, Madcap Moss powerbombs Sami Zayn on the ladder. The match continues with other superstars fighting to climb the ladder. Meanwhile, Riddle picks up the momentum knocking out Sheamus and Seth Rollins.

Soon, the Nigerian Giant came back into the ring tossing Madcap Moss and Drew McIntyre out of the ring. Later, Theory becomes the next victim. However, six men get together to take down Omos power bombing Omos into the announce table.

Once again, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre fight for the Money in the Bank briefcase. Meanwhile, other superstars pile up to win their chance. However, Seth Rollins and Riddle fight at the top of the ladder and Riddle delivers a super RKO to Rollins. Although Riddle went on the top of the ladder, the former United States Champion rolled in to win his opportunity knocking out Riddle and eventually, grabbing the MITB briefcase.

Ronda Rousey vs Natalya: The SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey defended her title against Natalya. Both women engaged in offensive strikes, snapping arms at each other. The match continued with the two women firing shots at each other.

Natalya tried to overpower Ronda Rousey with consecutive strikes to her face cornering her in a corner. Later, she grabbed Ronda in the middle of the ring delivering more damage. The match continued with Natalya’s brutal assault to humiliate the champion. However, the SmackDown Women’s Champion capitalized with her injured leg and caught Natalya in a submission clutch.

In the end, Natalya tapped out, taking severe damage. Unfortunately, the SmackDown Women’s Champion received a surprise from the Money in the Bank winner Liv Morgan. She ran into the ring to cash in her Money in the Bank contract. The injured champion had to stand once again to fight Liv Morgan.

Although Ronda Rousey caught Liv Morgan into the ankle lock, Morgan made her way out and caught Ronda in the cradle to pin her. Eventually, she defeated the SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey.

The Usos vs The Street Profits: The Undisputed Unified Tag Team Champions The Usos defended their title against the Street Profits. Jimmy Uso and Angelo Dawkins started the match for their respective teams. Angelo Dawkins displayed great athleticism, knocking out Jimmy Uso. However, Jimmy Uso slipped through the rings to avoid more damage.

Later, Montez Ford tagged in to take on Jey Uso. Ford dominated the match decimating Jey Uso. Angelo Dawkins tagged in to fight but The Usos unleashed their attack on Angelo Dawkins. Further, The Usos delivered more damage to Dawkins slamming him into the ring post. The match continued, with Angelo Dawkins crawling for the tag.

However, both men continue to fight once again and later both men tagged out in their respective corners. Montez Ford initiated his attack, but Jey Uso delivered a kick to slow down Montez Ford. The Usos took control of the match dominating Montez Ford in the ring.

Nevertheless, Montez Ford crawls to tag and brings Dawkins the ring. The one-half of the Street Profits unleashed his brutality on The Usos. Soon, the Street Profits took control of the match dominating The Usos. Dawkins and Montez Ford team up to take down Jey Uso with the blockbuster, but Jey kicked out the pin.

Both men continue to fight in the ring when both The Usos drove Dawkins into the ring post followed by a double superkick to Montez Ford. However, Ford kicked out once again. The match became continued with an intense match-up and no team trying to give up. Although Montez Ford tried to finish the match with the frog splash, The Usos kicked out.

Later, the match continued on the sidelines when Jey smashed Angelo Dawkins into the timekeeper’s area and targeted Montez Ford to end the match to retain their titles.

Bianca Belair vs Carmella: The Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair defended her title against Carmella. The match started with Bianca Belair’s big muscles, tossing Carmella in the ring. Both women tried to tease each other, and Belair delivered a backbreaker to Carmella.

Although Carmella rolled out of the ring, Bianca Belair continued her assault. However, Carmella had some tricks in her bag to mock the champion and initiated them to deliver the damage to Bianca Belair. The challenger continued her assault on the champion, but the Raw Women’s Champion capitalized and attacked Carmella. The EST of WWE picked Carmella in the air and delivered a side suplex.

Further, Bianca Belair tried to avoid more damage by driving the champion into the ring post followed by a super kick. However, the champion kicked out the pin and later caught Carmella in the KOD to win the match.

Theory vs Bobby Lashley: The United States Champion Theory defended his United States Title against the All-Mighty Bobby Lashley. The All-Mighty initiated the first move in the match and he tossed Theory in the ring. He continued to attack the champion outside the ring. Although Lashley tried to smash Theory into the ring post, Theory avoided and smashed Lashley.

However, the assault from the former WWE Champion continued in the ring. He smashed the champion in the ring and assaulted him. Meanwhile, Theory tried his tricks and made his comeback in the match, attacking the challenger and avoiding several attacks from Bobby Lashley.

For an instance, Theory dominated the match, grabbing the former WWE Champion, however, the All-Mighty made his comeback and initiated his brutal attack. Lashley slammed Theory with a military press slam, but Theory kicked out. Further, Theory tried to donate the match once again with Bobby Lashley’s spear, but unfortunately, Lashley caught Theory in the Hurt Lock and tapped him out to win the United States Title.

Women’s MITB ladder Match: Money in the Bank Premium Live Event kicked off with the Women’s MITB ladder match. Seven superstars featuring Becky Lynch, Asuka, Lacey Evans, Shotzi, Raquel Rodriguez, Liv Morgan, and Alexa Bliss. As soon as the bell rang, all superstars left the ring to bring the ladder, except Becky Lynch and Asuka. Both women continued to fight in the ring, with Asuka firing all the cylinders and decimating Becky Lynch.

Later, Asuka slams Liv Morgan on the ladder. However, Raquel Rodriguez smashed everyone in the ring. Although Becky and Morgan formed a temporary alliance to take down Raquel, they failed to do so. Further, Shotzi tries to stop the powerhouse in the ring later joined by Asuka and Bliss, who corned Rodriguez.

Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch delivered more damage with high risk with bodies in the ring. The former MITB winner Alexa Bliss tried the first ladder climb, but Raquel stopped her from doing so. Meanwhile, Asuka made her move to attack Alexa Bliss and Shotzi. The brutal battle continued for the MITB briefcase.

Lacey Evans and Shotzi tried to do their best to climb the ladder and had their hands on the briefcase, however, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez poured water on their plans. Further, Shotzi and Big Time Becks fought for their opportunity to win the MITB briefcase.

On the other hand, Asuka and Raquel Rodriguez fought on the sidelines. However, Becky Lynch involved herself to attack the Empress of Tomorrow. She took down Asuka with a top ladder leg drop. But the match continued with other superstars climbing the ladder when once again, Becky spoiled their plans. Unfortunately, Liv Morgan stood strong and knocked Becky Lynch to win the Money in the Bank.

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