Monday, May 16, 2022

PUBG Mobile & Free Fire Ban: ‘Chances for the ban are very little’ says Bangladeshi PUBG Mobile Pro ‘HUNGRYBOX’:

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PUBG Mobile & Free Fire Ban: ‘Chances for the ban are very little’ says Bangladeshi PUBG Mobile Pro ‘HUNGRYBOX’: Recently a report surfaced by Bangladeshi publication Daily Manab Zamin, that the access two most popular games are reportedly getting restricted in Bangladesh. Since it has been making headlines in the country as both the games are very popular in the country & many players and content creators have made an honest career out of these.

However,  in a statement to the Via Daily Star, Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Mustafa Jabbar revealed that. “Neither me nor my ministry, are aware of any such developments. Although we have the tools, we cannot block these sites or games on our own. We need to act on recommendations from other concerned government or law enforcement agencies. We did not receive any such recommendations as of yet”.

Now, regarding the ban, Gemwire reached out to PUBG Mobile professional player MD “HUNGRYBOX” Ekramuzzaman. In an exclusive statement to Gemwire, he shared “Nowadays when we are parenting our children, we are providing them with a lot of facilities like tablets and mobiles at a very early age, which is not developing their conscience. I have seen few kids deliberately playing Minecraft and watching a stream on YouTube never actually understanding what’s going on.”

He further added “If you ask me where did they get this chance to buy Minecraft, I would say their parents gave it to them so that they can keep their children busy while feeding. That’s a matter of concern. We should focus on the core faults rather than banning online games for pulling the student into online classes. The responsibility starts with family and it matters how modern parents are facilitating their children in this regard. The game is not a problem, the problem is how we use it.”

When asked about the ban the professional player convinced “The chances are very little. The Information and Communication Technology have asked strong reasons (for the ban) and they are reviewing it right now.”


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Previously, PUBG Mobile was temporarily banned in the country. While the ban was later revoked later, further obligations regarding these two games are being discussed now in the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Moreover, the Bangladesh Mobile Phone Users Association called for action against both Battle Royale titles due to their addictive nature & their adverse effects on the young generation.

The president of the Bangladesh Mobile Phone Users Association, Mohiuddin Ahmed, expressed his concerns by quoting “While we are relentlessly working to get the next generation of young people to have access to high-speed internet, the next generation has gone astray by abusing technology, which has made us think.” 

Terming the gamers as “Teen-Gangs” & expressing how they can “cause danger to society”, he further added, “as a result of playing these games that support in-game purchases, a large sum of money is getting transferred to foreign developers. And that is damaging the country, society, the person & their families”

While Esports brought many hidden talents into the spotlight & introduced a completely new career path that is full of possibilities, a large percentage of the society including the Government associations are still focusing on the negative aspects of it & turning to easy solutions such as permanent bans.

Many citizens of the country have expressed their thoughts on the matter & some has accused the government of not being fair with their decisions. Where people still don’t have free access to the internet, where there aren’t proper regulations to stop violence caused by social media, the governments are finding solutions by banning entire platforms that help people to connect & engage in activities.

Many believe that a ‘limited & regulated’ access for children is a far more approachable option than entirely banning the games. They also demand that each & every app including Facebook & TikTok, goes under similar reviews before those are left to be accessed for free. Contradicting to this, a large number of people has stated that only by banning these games, their children & families will be saved from further damage.

Recently, Free Fire announced that it is introducing a brand new dedicated server for Bangladesh which is scheduled to go live on 8th June. Needless to say, after the news surfaced about the potential ban of both these games, Bangladesi gamers are left in a state of frenzy.

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