Friday, May 20, 2022

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Patch Note Update: Check all in-game changes for the latest season

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The latest 1.8 Update of PUBG Mobile goes live today that will introduce significant in-game changes in the battle royale title. Not only this, but players will also get rewards (3000 BP
100 AG, Aureate Assassin Helmet (3d) ×1) for updating their game to the latest. Here we have listed the entire Patch Note update of the PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update. PUBG Mobile 1.8 Patch, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update, 1.8 Update Patch Note, PUBG Mobile 1.8 Changes

PUBG Mobile 1.8 patch notes

Updated content

New Classic mode map

The characteristics of the new classic mode map in PUBG Mobile are as follows:

  • With the advancement of science and technology, all firearms have been modified to have an AC Core Module, making them easier to aim and control.
  • Reduced the size of the urban area & the density of the Playzone in the new map to make it easier to discover enemies.
  • Characters are equipped with Tactical Glasses by default, which shows players the damage dealt by firearms.
  • Added a new interactive zipline to make it easier to move to the next Playzone.

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Mode selection improvement

Ranked modes: Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok.

Unranked Modes: These do not provide rating points and include the following:

  • Classic mode – AfterMath, Erangel, Livik, Sanhok, and other Classic maps.
  • Arena mode – Santorini, Training, Team Deathmatch, Team Gun Game, and other classic Arena modes.
  • Other modes – Player VS AI, Metro Royale, Quick Match, Arcade Mode – War and other casual game modes, Payload 2.0, and other EvoGround modes.
  • Feature improvements – Removed the Drop Tactics feature. Classic Mode no longer supports multiple selections.
  • Location improvements – Removed Mode Records and only retained the mode location. Enhanced visual performance.

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Classic mode improvements

New supply shop

A new supply shop has been added throughout the map in PUBG Mobile, where gamers can utilize the currency they have picked up from the map to purchase battle supplies. The valid maps are:

  • Erangel – Ranked Mode – Classic
  • Livik – Ranked Mode – Classic
  • Erangel – Unranked Mode – Classic
  • Livik – Unranked Mode – Classic
  • Erangel – Ranked Mode – Spider-Man™
  • Livik – Ranked Mode – Spider-Man™
  • AfterMath

New Recall mechanic

Gamers have the option to call back a fallen teammate from Recall Tower. It will be applicable on specific PUBG Mobile maps/modes, including:

  • Erangel – Ranked Mode – Spider-Man™
  • Livik – Ranked Mode – Spider-Man™
  • AfterMath


Basic mechanics improvements

  • Added a feature that allows players to continue swimming in a near-death state, but their swimming speed will be reduced.
  • New auto jump feature as players will automatically jump in the direction of a marker that has been placed on the map.

Firearm balancing

  • MG3: Modified the default shooting mode to 660 RPM; Recoil: +10%.
  • M16A4: Added a tracer effect to bullets; Recoil: -10%.
  • MK47: Added a tracer effect to bullets; Recoil: -10%.

Returning modes

  • Metro Royale: Reunion will be available in PUBG Mobile from 24 January from 02:00 (UTC +0).
  • Payload 2.0 will be available from 26 January from 02:00 (UTC +0) and will remain available.

React Survival to be shut down

  • React Survival mode will be shut down in PUBG Mobile at 23:59 (UTC +0) on 10 January.

Basic security content: PUBG Mobile 1.8 Patch 

Merit System

  • Added the Merit System screen on the Profile page in PUBG Mobile. This can be used to view the Merit rules, changes to the Merit score in the last month, and more.
  • We have comprehensively improved the detection rules for violations.

Secure matchmaking separation

  • All players suspected of cheating will be placed under safety observation for a more comprehensive security inspection.
  • They can only play Solo Classic Mode TPP.
  • Users will not receive any earnings from matches, trigger achievement rules, or be included in rankings.
  • Players can’t join teams, rooms, tournaments, or use other game features like spectating.

Report feature improvements

  • New report feature that can be used in matches.
  • Added a report feature to the Career Stats screen to report players who eliminated you

Game interfaces improvements

Lobby screen improvements

  • Improved the locations of monetized events and activity events.
  • Moved the Brother in Arms location to the Team-up Lobby and more.

Event Center updates

  • Updated the Event Center screen to display events with better visual performance.
  • Moved activity events to the Event Center.

PUBG Mobile music

  • Migrated the original BGM content to PUBG Mobile music, and it can also be played in the main lobby.

IP-themed game modes : PUBG Mobile 1.8 Patch 


  • Available in Erangel from 12 January 02:00 (UTC +0) to 14 February 23:59 (UTC +0)
  • Available in Livik from 15 January 02:00 (UTC +0) to 14 February 23:59 (UTC +0)

The gameplay features of this mode are as follows:

  • Challenge the Boss: Find Mylta Power and fight alongside Spider-Man!
  • Web Shooter: Players will be able to shoot spider webs after getting the Web Shooter. Spider webs slow down players they hit.
  • Spiderweb Ball: When the Spiderweb Ball is thrown at the ground, it releases many spiderwebs in an area that slows the movement of other players moving through it.

New season

New cycle season: CYCLE 2 SEASON 4

  • New Cycle in PUBG Mobile starts on 18 January 02:00 (UTC +0) and will be available 21 March 23:59 (UTC +0).
  • New Season Rewards: C2S4 Glasses, C2S4 Set, CS24 Parachute, C2S4 – MK14, C2S4 Mask, C2S4 Cover.
  • Cycle Rewards: New Cycle Season rewards. Collect the Diamond/Crown/Ace Badges in the same Cycle to get high-quality supplies for free.
  • Cycle Memories: New Jujutsu Kaisen-themed story missions. Collect Sukuna Fingers to unlock commemorative titles.

New RP – Royale Pass Month 7: Royale Guard

  • The new Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile starts on 18 January 02:00 (UTC +0) and will run until 17 February 23:59 (UTC +0).
  • Elite mission rewards and friend bonus mission rewards do not use up the point limit.
  • The themed M16A4, DP28, UZI, and 2-Seat Motorcycle finishes are now available!

Other updates and improvements

Several improvements have been added to the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update. They are as follows:

  • Graphic quality improvements: Enhanced HDR water surface material effects in Erangel.
  • When a player only has one consumable or throwable, the expand button above it is hidden by default.
  • Improved interactions on the Settings screen.
  • Improved the layout order and naming of tabs in the settings.

Bugfix : PUBG Mobile 1.8 Patch 

Developers have fixed multiple bugs within the game, lobby, and more in the PUBG Mobile 1.8 version. The specifics are as follows:

In-match issues

  • Fixed issue where there were no footsteps when carrying a wounded player.
  • Fixed effect display errors for some weapons.

Lobby issues

  • Fixed issue where players using certain tablet models were unable to open the Purchase page when tapping a Lucky Airdrop.
  • Fixed issue where Voice volume could not be adjusted on the Settings page.

Other issues

  • Fixed issue that made it impossible to hide the matchmaking details popup window.
  • Fixed Maid Set and Mutation Mask display issue.
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