PUBG Ban : Despite Ban, PUBG fraternity playing Korean version of the game – Is it correct ?

PUBG Opinion – Despite Ban, PUBG fraternity playing Korean version – Is it correct ? Esports in India stems from the decades of Café gaming culture, from the Zapak Gameplexes to around the block gaming cafés which would host tournaments for as less as Rs. 500 . Having personally witnessed the growth of esports in India, from playing tournaments in college dorms and cafes without viewers to playing for hundreds of spectators at a stadium. I went on to help organize tournaments and coach the next generation of players, guiding them to their potential. In the past couple of years, India has witnessed affordable and faster internet combined with PvP games such as PUBG Mobile which has garnered mainstream attention.

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I passionately believe we have the raw talent and the skill it requires to put India among the top esports countries in the world. This has always been and continues to be my drive through all my experiences as a player, coach, analyst, and journalist in esports.

As an expert I can firmly say that the current scenario of PUBG Mobile in India has put the entire esports industry at risk. PUBG Mobile is currently banned in India, and yet is being monetized by the professional players in India, who are backed by some of the biggest esports organizations. This can, directly and indirectly, hinder the growth of esports in the long term.

Despite Ban, PUBG fraternity playing Korean version of the game – Is it correct ?

PUBG Mobile Influencers, pro-players, and pro-teams have got back to playing the game, streaming it, and participating in competitive scrims, therefore monetizing the game while it still remains banned.

These players are mainly playing the game with the perspective that they are not violating the law because they are playing the KR version PUBG Mobile, this seems to be a callow misunderstanding of what the ban implies. The game was banned by The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India (“MEIT”) stating that it posed a threat to the security and sovereignty of India and surreptitiously transmitted unauthorized data of the users. This remains the same reason why the KR version of the game is not available on the Play Store and App Store.

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Numerous rosters have been recruited by organizations and have started playing scrims/tournaments for money in the past month. This monetization has put other esports organizations in precarious situation whether to lose out on players they want or to go against the ban and monetize the game.

A healthy esports ecosystem must have the publisher involved with the tournament organizers, making them official. This is seen as key in growing the prize pools, player salaries, and viewership of the game. These short-term gains by the players and organizations will hamper esports’ development in the long run in India. I can foresee the long-term damage this may cause to the industry which is definitely better to avoid.

The game being banned is an opportunity for other games to grow, which has been lackluster due to the fact that PUBG Mobile has continued to be monetized. It takes away from players and publishers

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that chance to explore and find a new game and audience, this is healthy as esports is not PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile is not the only esports.

This could also make it harder for the game to come back, when PUBG Corp. is trying to make its way back officially, players should not be taking steps that could backfire, making the game harder to make a comeback. I feel that bringing attention to this issue is of utmost importance to the esports/PUBG community as a lot of money hinges on this, it can make or break our further journey towards being accepted as an actual sport in the country.

My sole intent is for esports in India to succeed. This is why I am taking this step to put a stop to the harm being caused by these teams, players, and tournament organizers I am sending out a ‘Letter of Warning’ to them. Hoping for them to realize the potential damage they could do to esports in India and urge them to drop all content. Failing to which they shall invite the penalties applicable for non- adherence to the directives of the Government of India under the Information Technology Act.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version Users List

Streamers & Creators – Dynamo Gaming, 420 Gaming, Destro Plays, Kronten Gaming, Novaking, Antaryami Gaming, GtxPreet, GiLL, Toxic Mavi, Vexe Gaming, Encore Gaming Immortal Gamerz, Smokie

Tournament Organizers – Villager Esports Ultimate E, IGPL Esports, Upthurst Esports, Warmania, APL Esports, Modelling Cops

Participating Organizations – TSM Entity, Orange Rock, Galaxy Racer, Brawlers, Team IND, Fnatic, Team X, Crawlers, Marcos Gaming, Team Tamilas, Umumba Esports, Team Mayhem, FutureStation