Messi joins PSG: Lionel Messi talks about playing with Neymar, Ramos, and more at the press conference with PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Check all details

Lionel Messi joins PSG – PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN has announced the signing of Barcelona legend Lionel Messi. Messi & the club did a…

Lionel Messi joins PSG – PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN has announced the signing of Barcelona legend Lionel Messi. Messi & the club did a press conference and president Al-Khelaifi was present along with the ex-Barcelona player. Find out all that they had to say. The 34-year-old’s deal also has the option of a third year. Messi left Barca – the only club he has played for – as they were unable to afford a new deal under La Liga’s financial fair play rules. Find out all the Argentine had to say in the press conference: 

Lionel Messi Press Conference LIVE Updates

@3:17 PM: Lionel Messi on how important his family was taking this decision

“The only thing I told Leonardo (sporting director) as I really hoped my family would be at ease in Paris and feel OK in Paris and France.

“It’s a new experience for me and I really want to do it. At the end of the day, it is football and that is the same in the whole world.

“I am sure I will get used to my new teammates and I am really happy. I want it to begin now. This is new for us but I am ready in the sporting aspect. For my family, it’s a beautiful city so we are happy.”

@3:13 PM: Al-Khelaifi on FFP Regulations

Regarding FFP, we always follow the regulations from day one to the end. We will always follow these regulations. before we do anything, we check with our commercial, financial and legal people.

We have the capacity to sign him. What Leo brings to the club is huge, which you can see just outside. He is a big asset for the club.

I hope Leo will not ask for more salary, but what we have is fantastic.

@3:10 PM: Messi on ‘complex’ Barcelona exit

It was very complicated to exit Barcelona without knowing where I would go. Barcelona was my home since I was a kid. I knew I’d arrive in a strong team that was aiming to win the Champions League, which I love to win.

I know my goals and Paris’ goals are the same. I don’t know if we will face Barcelona, it would be very nice to go back, hopefully with fans. It would be very strange to play at home, there in Barcelona, in another shirt, but it could happen.

@3:08 PM: President Al-Khelaifi on PSG’s Champions League dream

“I think our team is very good but we need to work. Last year was very complicated. It’s not easy, but we are focused and we will just take one step at a time.

“We don’t hide our objective, but first we will focus on Ligue 1 and after September 15 we will focus on the Champions League.

@3:05 PM: President’s message to Mbappe amidst transfer rumors

I think everybody knows the future of Kylian, people from Paris and the players. He is a really competitive player. He wants to win, he wants to win trophies, he said it in public.

He wanted a competitive team and I think we have got the most competitive in the world. So there is no excuse for him now. He can’t do anything else but stay.

Lionel Messi PSG Press Conference Live Updates:

@3:03 PM: Lionel Messi on Champions League, shouts out Neymar:

“My goal and my dream is to win the Champions League once more.

“I think that we have the team to do it here.”

And a shoutout for Neymar too!

“Ney played a significant role in my arrival.”

@2:58 PM: Lionel Messi on PSG fans

“I’m very grateful – grateful to the people in the street.

“I was in Barcelona when the press told me about that. I’ve seen things from Spain and the people were already outside in Paris and it was incredible to see them outside in the streets.

“I am grateful and want to thank them and now I really want to see them in the city in the stadium. It will be an incredible year and we are going to enjoy this.”

@2:55 PM: Lionel Messi on the hectic past week

“Everything that happened to me this last week has been very strange. It has been hard, it has been emotional.

“I cannot forget what I lived and experiences in Barcelona but I feel happy about this new life. I am very happy.”

Lionel Messi Press Conference LIVE Updates

@2:52 PM: Lionel Messi on when he would make his Ligue 1 debut

“I do not know. I was on a holiday and it is very new. I spoke yesterday with the technical staff.

“Maybe I need a pre-season myself. I am going to begin to train and I hope I can play as soon as I can.

“But I cannot answer exactly the question.”

@2:48 PM: Messi on playing with Neymar, Ramos, and Mbappe

“It is really crazy and I am really happy about that.

“Sharing the day-to-day life with them and the squad, the team is incredible and I really want to train and compete now because I am going to be playing with the best players. It is an incredible experience.”

@2:45 PM: Now, Lionel Messi

“Everyone knows how hard it was to leave Barcelona. I am absolutely loving my time in Paris so far.

“I am very grateful that such complicated negotiations were made so easy. Truly. I feel this club is ready to fight for every title.”

@2:42 PM: Nasser Al-Khelaifi:

Lots of gratitude from Al-Khelaifi.

Praise for Messi, his father Jorge, his wife.

“It will be very exciting for our fans and fans worldwide. It is amazing what we have tried to achieve, Leo, Jean-Claude, the fans.

“We have a big ambition, a football project we are very proud of where we are today.

“There is no secret this agreement with this best player in the world. Leo I would like to thank you, wife, and father Jorge for the job you have done to make this happen.”

Even some praise for Leonardo!

“The real work starts now”

Lionel Messi Press Conference LIVE Updates

@2:38 PM: Nasser Al-Khelaifi: 

“I’m very proud and very happy to present Lionel Messi as a PSG player.

“It’s a very historic moment for us. Everyone knows Leo. He makes football magic and he’s a winner. The only player to win six times the Ballon d’Or.”

@2:36 PM: Lionel Messi is walking towards the room with his wife and kids.

@2:28 PM: Just 2 minutes left before Lionel Messi enters the room before he speaks for the first time as a PSG player.

@2:13 PM: The press conference is about to start and the journalists have started to join

@2:00 PM: Omar de Fonsesca live before Lionel Messi’s press conference

@1:50 PM: Fans arriving at the Parc des Princes for Lionel Messi’s press conference

Lionel Messi Press Conference LIVE Updates

@1:30 PM: The queue outside the PSG club shop for Messi’s jersey

@1:22 PM: Messi’s Press conference timing has been postponed by 1 hour, it will now be held at 2.30 PM

@1:17 PM:

@01:07 PM: Just a while to go before Lionel Messi addresses the press, keep following for live updates

@12:00 PM: Lionel Messi in the streets of Paris

Lionel Messi Press Conference LIVE Updates

@7:10 AM: Lionel Messi joins PSGCheck his salary & Contract Details:

  • Messi has signed a two-year deal with the option of extending it to third, in a deal that is expected to net him a total of £92.6MILLION over two years.
  • The six-time Ballon d’Or winner will get a £25m signing on-fee on top of his take-home wages of £650,000 per week.

@6:00 AM: Messi Joins PSG – His 1st Comments after joining the club:

“I am impatient to start a new chapter of my career in Paris. The club and its vision are in perfect harmony with my ambitions,” said the Argentina star.

“I know how talented the players and staff are here. I am determined to build, alongside them, something great for the club and for the fans. I can’t wait to set foot on the Parc des Princes pitch.”

Messi joins PSG: Argentina and Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has officially signed his deal with PSG, rejoining his friend Neymar Jr on a two-year deal. The Argentine icon according to the information available has signed two year deal with PSG.

05:49 AM: Wednesday: Day 1 of Messi in Paris

@00:00, IST, Wednesday: 

@23:42 IST:

@22:00: PSG to unveil Messi in Club Jersey in next 1 hour, Official Press Conference on Wednesday: The six-time Ballon d’Or winner will now attend an official press conference that will be held on Wednesday, August 11 at 10 am (1:30 PM IST)

@20:00 PM: Messi is expected to undergo his medical on Tuesday with PSG, as per all LIVE Updates about LIONEL MESSI’s new CLUB. 



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@20:15: Difficult to see Messi in another club’s colours, says Iniesta

A press conference will take place in the auditorium of the Parc des Princes this Wednesday August 11 at 11 am.

To be followed live on http://PSG.TV from 10am.

Notably, Messi’s net salary at Barcelona was in millions. According to Spanish daily El Mundo. In Paris, his salary would be around 40m euros, ($46.9m) according to the French press, which would put him in the same category as Neymar (36m euros), until now the highest-paid player in the history of Ligue 1.



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@19:15: Hundreds of supporters are now outside Paris airport to catch a glimpse of the former Barcelona star and legend.


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Messi joins PSG: @19:13 PM: Messi is now officially a PSG player. The League 1 club officially announces Messi’s aarival.

@19:12 IST: 

Messi joins PSG: @19:10 PM: Messi has landed in Paris. With Neymar’s confirmation coming in, PSG’s announcement is imminent.

@18:50 PM: Neymar has just confirmed that he will be reuniting with Messi.

Messi joins PSG: @18:40 PM: Messi is about to reach Paris.

@18:25 PM: Messi is set to arrive in Paris at 3:23 PM local time or around 7 PM IST.

@18:05 PM: Messi at Barcelona airport before leaving for Paris.

@18:00 PM: Messi is set to arrive in Paris in an hour.

Messi joins PSG: @17:41 PM: Lionel Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo confirms on her Instagram story, the family of five is off to a new adventure.

Lionel Messi to PSG Live: It's final, Lionel Messi's wife confirms he is now PSG player, to get $40 Million salary, Follow Live Updates
Lionel Messi to PSG Live: It’s final, Lionel Messi’s wife confirms he is now PSG player, to get $40 Million salary, Follow Live Updates

@17:30 PM: Messi appears happy with his wife Antonella. The couple is flying to Paris to sign with PSG.

Messi joins PSG: @16:55 PM: Messi arrives at Barcelona airport.

Messi joins PSG: @16:45 PM: Messi has left for Paris to sign the new deal.

Messi joins PSG: @16:30 PM: Barcelona have begun removing Messi’s posters from club premises and billboards.


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Messi joins PSG: @16:25 PM: Messi takes off from Barcelona for Paris as per ESPN.

@16:15 PM: Messi’s father Jorge confirmed to La Sexta that his son will be signing for PSG today.

Messi joins PSG: @16:00 PM IST: As per the French outlet, L’Equipe, Messi will arrive in Paris in the afternoon and will undergo medical before signing the contract. He is set to be unveiled on Wednesday.

@15:40PM IST: 

Messi joins PSG: FC Barcelona shocked the football fraternity by announcing the departure of Lionel Messi. The Argentine superstar is currently a free agent following the expiration of his contract with Barcelona on June 30. He is now close to signing a record 40 million deal with French outfit PSG as the Ligue 1 side looks to bolster their squad further with the Argentinian icon.

Lionel Messi to PSG Live: Lionel Messi set to be unveiled as PSG player, will it happen today? Follow Live Updates

@12:30 IST: Has Barcelona made a last ditch offer to Lionel Messi? No confirmation on this but rumor-mills are doing the rounds that Barcelona has made ONE last ditch offer to hold Messi at the club.

  • La Porteria & Football ESPANA are reporting that BARCA CEO Reverter called Jorge Messi – father of Lionel – to make a final offer despite president Joan Laporta claiming the decision was made that Messi would leave and despite the player saying goodbye in a press conference on Sunday.
  • The information from La Porteria or Football ESPANA cannot be verified at the moment

@11:00 AM IST: Ramos-Messi link imminent: It sounds bizarre but Lionel Messi’s worst enemy on the pitch Sergio Ramos will be his teammate at PSG. The two have had heated encounters during El Clasicos with the defender being sent off twice due to tackle on the Argentinian.

Lionel Messi to PSG Live: Former Barcelona star Lionel Messi's unveiling at PSG likely to be pushed; Follow Live Updates

@9:05 AM IST- A twist in the tale? Barça and Messi have been negotiating for the last few hours, Messi is still at his house in Spain. Messi’s lawyers and his father Jorge are still working on the PSG official contract paperwork received yesterday. According to Barca Times and ESPN Argentina, Messi is in negotiations with Barcelona.

Messi joins PSG: @7:00 AM IST- New captains chosen for FC Barcelona- The Spanish club has chosen Sergio Busquets along with 3 others as club captains. Read full story

@6:30AM IST – No Messi – No Problem says Ronald Koeman: Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman is feeling “very optimistic” about the new season despite heading into the campaign without captain Lionel Messi.

“Despite Leo Messi’s departure, we are very optimistic about the season ahead. We are very pleased with the squad we have, the signings we have made and the young players who are making the step up, who will always form part of the future of this great club,” he said.

Messi joins PSG: @5:00 AM IST- Lionel Messi is currently not in Paris and he’s not landed anywhere. He’s at his home with his family. Messi’s lawyers and his father Jorge are still working on the PSG official contract paperwork received yesterday. He’ll fly to Paris once deal will be completed.

Messi joins PSG: @4:00 AM IST – Messi still in Barcelona as PSG rumors intensify: Lionel Messi is still in Barcelona. The 34-year-old is not expected to travel to Paris today despite earlier reports suggesting otherwise.

Lionel Messi remains in Barcelona and is yet to join a new club despite frantic situation that he’s about to sign for Paris Saint-Germain.

The captain was spotted looking pretty relaxed at home after a day of speculation that even had some reporters claiming he’d left Barcelona and was flying to Paris

@17:00 PM IST: As per reports, Lionel Messi was reportedly arriving in Paris at around 6 PM on Monday – but all of those reports finally were found to be untrue.

@16:45 PM: Hundreds of PSG supporters are outside the Paris airport and outside PSG’s stadium Le Parc des Princes as they anticipate Messi’s arrival.

Messi to PSG Live: On Sunday, during his last press conference at FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi confirmed that he was in talks with PSG but reiterated that nothing was finalised. But as per ESPN FC, the deal is done and he is set to undergo medical on Tuesday and it will be followed by his unveiling.

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messi press conference

An emotional Lionel Messi, who was addressing his last press conference, broke down crying as he had to leave his beloved club against his wish. The club and he agreed on a five-year contract with Messi taking a 50% pay cut but the deal didn’t materialise.

“I cannot imagine leaving the club in such a way. I will be back soon and do all I can to help the club to become the best in the world,” Lionel Messi said.

Also Read: Lionel Messi’s New Club: Barcelona lawyers file complaint to block Messi’s move to PSG

However, some at FC Barcelona are not happy with Lionel Messi’s departure and joining PSG. A group of Barcelona club members and lawyers have filed a complaint to the European Commission to block Lionel Messi’s transfer to French side PSG. After his exit from Barcelona, Messi is moving closer to a deal with League 1 champions.

messi press conference

“PSG’s ratio with regards to Financial Fair Play is worse than Barcelona’s. In 2019/20, 99 percent of PSG’s income was used for salaries, whereas it was 54 percent for Barcelona,” as per the statement made to the Court of Appeals by Dr Dr. Juan Branco, Marca reported.

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