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IPL 2021: BCCI’s strict instruction to IPL Teams, ‘follow these Do’s & Dont’s for IPL 2021′

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IPL 2021 – BCCI issues Do’s & Dont’s to IPL Franchises: The BCCI has managed to keep the IPL 2021 with-in India’s shores. But the Indian board has issued some strict guidelines for IPL teams, players, umpires and support staffs to follow in six states that the matches will be played in. Not only this BCCI has also taken a hard stance on some of the IPL 2021 Rules and have asked franchises, players to strictly follow them.

As IPL 2021 tournament kicks off on April 9 in Chennai, the governing body has sent a Do’s and Don’ts lists of IPL 2021.

IPL 2021 Rules: Don’ts: The COVID-19 pandemic has forced BCCI to implement multiple health safety protocols to avoid any outbreak that can put the entire tournament in jeopardy. Considering that, the players and members of the support staff will need to follow some strict guidelines. BCCI has further taken a step, appointing four Bubble Integrity Managers per team to report any breach in the bio-secure bubble. They will directly report to the Chief Medical Officer in case they find any. Other than that, here are the things that players will not be allowed to do.

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No unscheduled visits from family members: While life in bio-bubble is tough, considering the safety of the players, BCCI has strictly prohibited any unscheduled visit from family members during the IPL 2021. If a family member is willing to visit a player or staff, the individual will need to seek prior permission from the BCCI and the Chief Medical Officer. Furthermore, family members are not allowed to leave the bio-bubble during the tournament. Only in unavoidable circumstances, they will be allowed to exit.

No mingling with other guests of the hotel: To restrict interaction with other guests of the hotel, players will be given a separate wing. Other guests of the hotel will not be allowed to enter the restricted area in any circumstances. BCCI will also try and arrange smaller hotels so that they can be booked entirely to efficiently manage the bio-bubble.

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No media: Like other guests, media will not be given entry to the bubble in any circumstances. Players will only be allowed to interact with the media virtually. In IPL 2020, media was not allowed as well.

No more soft signal: Other than COVID-19 related precautions, on the field, there are changes too. The BCCI has decided to do away with the controversial soft-signal by the on-field umpires. “The on-field umpire giving soft signal while referring the decision to the third umpire will not be applicable,” the BCCI said in the SOP.

No saliva on ball: Like international matches, players are strictly prohibited from using saliva. In case a player does that, the ball has to be sanitized before being used again.

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IPL 2021 Rules: Do’s: There are a few things that have been mandatory while also relaxing a few norms.

Mandatory 7-day quarantine: While the quarantine period has been reduced, anyone entering the IPL bio-bubble will be required to stay in a mandatory 7-day quarantine before they can join others in the team. It will be also applicable to members of the family.

Bubble to bubble transfer: The tournament will see the first bubble-to-bubble transfers. That means if any player or coaching staff is playing an international match, they can enter IPL bio-bubble without undergoing quarantine. However, it is only possible if the player or staff takes a chartered flight or a private car without the possibility of coming in contact with anyone else.

90-minute time limit for each innings: There have been instances when matches were extended due to slow over-rate or due to some avoidable circumstances. Many matches in the past stretched to midnight. Now, an innings will be given a 90-minute time limit. The 20th over of the innings has to be completed within the time-period including five minutes of strategic timeout. The minimum over-rate in each game will be 14.11 overs per hour as per the new guidelines.

In case, there is any delay due to weather or technical faults and the innings will be less than 20 overs, 4 minutes and 15 seconds for every over will be reduced. The fourth umpire will be responsible to keep a check on the time-limit. If the batting side indulges in any time-wasting tactics, they will be warned and repeated offence will be given penalties.

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Move through safe corridor: Back to COVID-19 norms, players, team management, support staff and match officials will be given dedicated floors and zones to reduce and avoid mixing with other groups within a hotel.

Change jersey in case anyone outside the bubble touches a player: While there will be no crowd, in case, anyone from outside the bubble touches a player on the field, he has to change his jersey immediately.

Must sanitize ball if it goes outside the boundary: Keeping in line with the pandemic terms, a ball has to be sanitized every time it goes to the stands. It was introduced after cricket resumed following months of lockdown restrictions across the globe.

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