Government demands Luis Rubiales resignation following Jennifer Hermoso fiasco

Following the Jennifer Hermoso incident at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, the government of Spain has demanded the resignation of Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales.

Luis Rubiales the Spanish FA Cheif finds himself in dire straits after Spanish prosecutor file complaint for sexual assault

Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish FA, has been receiving demands that he step down his resignation after kissing Jennifer Hermoso during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 final. Despite Rubiales’ apology for the incident, the backlash hasn’t subsided. They have led to calls for Rubiales to step down.

After Spain’s 1-0 victory over England on Sunday, Rubiales grabbed Jenni Hermoso’s head and kissed her on the lips as she walked to the stage to get her medal. Hermoso claimed that she ‘didn’t like’ the kiss in an interview conducted following the post-match celebration. Rubiales had before expressed regret for his actions.

Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales has been demamnded to be resigned follwoing Jennifer Hermoso incident in FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

Spanish FA Prez Luis Rubiales apologizes for bizzare moment with Jenni Hermoso

In a video message from the federation, Rubiales admitted, “Surely I was wrong. It was without bad faith at a time of maximum effusiveness.”

Spain’s government, meanwhile, claims that his apology is insufficient. They are requesting that he resign from his position as head of the RFEF, the Spanish Football Federation. On Tuesday, Pedro Sanchez, the interim prime minister of Spain, claimed that Rubiales’ apology for kissing Hermoso ‘wasn’t acceptable.

It shows that in our country there’s a long way to go in terms of equality and respect between men and women,” Sanchez told reporters. “What we saw was an unacceptable gesture.”

He continued: “I think the apology Mr. Rubiales has given wasn’t sufficient, I’d say it wasn’t adequate, and Mr. Rubiales should keep taking further steps… The RFEF isn’t a part of the Spanish government.

“The president is chosen or removed by [the federation’s] members. Mr Rubiales must take further steps to clarify a behaviour which is clearly unacceptable. His apology must be more clear and more convincing.” he concluded.

Rubiales also received criticism from Spain’s Association for Women in Professional Sports (AMDP) for acting with “lack of decorum, irresponsibility, and indecency.” The Association demanded that Rubiales take training or quit. Since then, the RFEF has declared that an emergency Extraordinary General Assembly would be held on Friday to talk about the problem.

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