Fall Season Face-Off: Team Jonathan wins the BGMI Fall Season Face-Off

BGMI Fall Season Face-off
Fall Season Face-Off:After the launch of BGMI in July, the game has made tremendous progress and is one of the most popular battle-royale games in India. In order to welcome the recent BGMI 1.7 update, Krafton announced another new BGMI tournament known as the BGMI Fall Season Face-Off. The tournament will go on for 2 days starting from today, November 16 and the winner will be decided on November 17. BGMI Fall Season Face-Off boasts a massive prize pool of 4,50,000 INR and a total of 18 professional teams are participating to claim the grand prize.
Here are the list of teams participating in BGMI Fall Season Face-Off:
1. Team Snax
2. Team Vaadhiyar
3. Team Glock Gaming
4. Team Scout
5. Team Payal Gaming
6. Team NovaKing
7. Team LoLzz
8. Team Shreeman Legend
9. Team Kronten
10. Team Mortal
11. Team GodNixon
12. Team Kanika
13. Team Incognito
14. Team Hrishav
15. Team Jonathan
16. Team Kaztro
17. Team Ghatak
18. Team Alpha Clasher
Here are the Overall Standings for BGMI The Fall Season Face-Off Final Day:
BGMI Fall Season Face-Off Team JonathanAfter a breathtaking final day, Team Jonathan was crowned as the champions of BGMI Fall Season Face-off and boasts a total of 57 points and 26 frags. Team Scout claimed the second spot of the tournament with 52 points and claimed a whooping 32 frags to their name. Even with a strong initial start on Day 1, Team Snax slipped a little bit in the final day as they secured third place with 49 points and 19 frags. Team Kanika secured fourth place in the tournament as they managed to score 46 points and a healthy 24 frags. Team Incognito and Payal claimed the fifth and sixth spot with 46 and 35 points respectively.
BGMI Fall Season Face-Off Team JonathanA total of four matches were played in the Fall Season Face-off Final Day with the first and second matches played in Erangel and Sanhok map respectively. Team Jonathan secured the top spot and was rewarded with INR 2,50,000. Team Scout claimed the second prize of INR 1,30,000 and Team Snax finished at third spot and claimed the reward of INR 70,000. The Pan Fight match on the final day was won by Team Incognito and claimed a prize of INR 25,000.