BGMI Unban News Latest: Upthrust Esports owner Kartik Sabherwal comments on the BGMI Return and upcoming events, CHECK DETAILS

One of the things that the BGMI community pays interest in, is the possible return of the title. The Last few months…

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One of the things that the BGMI community pays interest in, is the possible return of the title. The Last few months have been constantly hectic for the fans as rumors around its unban gained volume. A recent report by a reputed media house certainly intensified the excitement around the fans however, there is no official confirmation as of now. Previously, we saw popular individuals making bold claims about the possible return. This time, another individual in the community shared his thoughts on the ongoing situation, Katrik Sabherwal, the owner of Upthrust Esports, which featured in Shark Rank recently, also understands the game is on its way to return. For future updates on BGMI Unban News Latest, follow InsideSport.IN.

BGMI Unban News

In a recent interview, Upthrust Esports owner, Kartik Sabherwal reacted to the ongoing situation and also shared the prospect of underdogs in the forward, Talking about the possible unban rumors of Battlegrounds Mobile India,  Kartik added, “I can not share any leaks. What I know is that the title will be back very soon. ” Furthermore, Kartik also shared his thoughts on the opportunities for new gamers in the coming days and months.

BGMI Unban News Latest is here. Check out what Upthrust Esports owner Kartik Sabherwal has to say on the Battlegrounds Mobile India Return and upcoming events.
BGMI Unban News Latest (Image via Instagram)

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Here’s what Kartik has to say on that.

News gamers should not lose hope. They should continue grinding. Upthrust Esports will give its level best to provide opportunities for underdogs. Gamers should have dedication and grind. I am not telling them to play the game all the time. The dedication should be there whenever they play and they should also have the patience to reach where they want to be.  “


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As of now, the developers of the title, Battlegrounds Mobile India, KRAFTON have not revealed any unban date of the title. The earlier mentioned ones are only reports. Hence, gamers should wait for the official statement from either KRAFTON or the Government of India.

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