Emerging Sport Trend: Make money by playing online games

Since the rise of the internet and online gaming platforms, the global scenario has changed considerably. Sports are now not just a medium of entertainment or passing time. Online gaming has become a great way to win money. Like any other profession, people are making their livelihood through sports. Players can use their gaming skills online and win gigantic cash prizes. Before you get too excited, do also understand that it is not as easy as it sounds. Players need to study and practice the game to make themselves perfect before playing professionally. Players can improve their winning probabilities by learning from their own mistakes on the game table and work on those weaknesses.

Online games are slowly gaining the interest of Indian players which is evident by the increasing number of new registrations on gaming websites. Here are few trending online games where a player can showcase knowledge and skills on the game tables to win a staggering amount of money.

1. Card Games

Players can make great amount of money by playing online card games. Players can participate in online cash games and tournaments which offer big cash prizes. Gaming websites host several different forms of cards games online i.e. poker and rummy.


Poker is one of the most popular skill-based card games. It is a highly competitive game where winning depends on individual’s knowledge and experience. It challenges player’s strategies, patience and decision making abilities. There are many gaming platforms available online but it is important to choose an authentic website to invest the money in the game. Adda52.com is the leading online poker portal which hosts a variety of cash games and tournaments in different formats of poker i.e Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Crazy pineapple which players can choose as per their liking & interest.


Rummy is another highly entertaining card game variant. Rules to play Rummy are quite simple and easy to learn but it requires proper planning and following complex strategies to defeat the opponents. The most played variants of rummy are 13 cards, 21 cards, and marriage rummy. You can participate in online rummy tournaments where you can win amazing cash prizes.

2. Online Quizzes

If you want to test your knowledge about politics, sports, movies, history, science, and current affairs and use it to make money, you can participate in online quizzes and win cash prizes. There are quiz apps available which pay the winners like Loco & Mchamp. The quiz competitions are held out daily and is a huge hit among the masses.

3. Chess

Chess is a brain game which requires careful observation to understand the opponent’s game-plan and decide each move accordingly. It is a great game where winning requires focus, patience, and determination. As you cannot determine the next move of your opponent, you need to create strategies according to the situation. If you are a good chess player, then you can participate in online chess tournaments. There are numerous gaming websites available which host online chess tournaments where players can participate and win cash prizes.

Other than these, there are many different types of online games available online i.e. carom, pool, video games, etc. which you can select from, to play as per your interest. However, a player needs to be pretty good in his game to survive in this competitive world of online gaming. You can also build your career through online sports but keep in mind that a player needs to constantly improve his expertise to stay on top of the game. Like live sports, it is mandatory to upgrade your game knowledge and techniques in online games too, as you need to compete against highly skilled players to prove your mettle and claim the title of the champion.

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