Sunday, May 22, 2022

Dr Disrespect gives us a glimpse of his ambitious 2022 resolutions

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Whenever Dr Disrespect becomes news, it is for something big. Even this time, the most ruthless, and athletic competitor in video game history had surprised everyone by providing his big plans for 2022. The list he released has some wild ambitions for this year. Let us break it down properly. Dr Disrespect 2022, Dr Disrespect new year goals, Dr Disrespect 2022 resolutions, Dr Disrespect Unban

Dr Disrespect 2022 resolutions; ambitious plans ahead

The first main objective of his 2022 goal list is that he wants to expand his new gaming studio, Midnight Society on a huge scale. For those who do not know, Dr Disrespect launched his own AAA Game Studio Midnight Society on 14th December 2021. Now he plans to raise $100 million dollars as funding for his game studio. While this may look like a tall task, but this shows that Dr Disrespect has a clear plan regarding his gaming studio.

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The next point in his goal list is to start/own a bourbon business. We do not know how serious Dr Disrespect might be regarding this, but who cares. A lot of his fans will still flock to try out his new bourbon business products. The one thing everyone knows is that if Dr Disrepect moves on with this initiative, we will sure be presented with a high-quality bourbon.

It is hard for anyone to correlate Dr Disrepect as a musician or producer. But the man has once again surprised everyone with his goal of releasing a Music album this year. Another thing that will excite his diehard fans is that Dr Disrespect also has a new year goal to organize a Doc-Con ‘22. It will probably be a fan event where he will engage with everyone while also telling them about his future plans.

The last resolution can be interpreted as a dig that he takes on Twitch, his former streaming platform. Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch TV back in June 2020. The platform also did not clarify this ban and the reason behind such a harsh step. This time, Dr Disrespect jokes about this in his new year resolutions list as he wants to remain “unbanned” and receive “massive payment.”

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Let us hope that he too has an exciting year and provides all his fans with engaging and entertaining content.

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