IPL 2020 SRH vs DC: SRH stays alive in Playoffs race with a massive 88 runs win; DC’s wait for Playoff berth continues

IPL 2020 SRH vs DC: SRH stays alive in Playoffs race with a massive 88 runs win; DC’s wait for Playoff berth continues

David Warner (34-balls 66) and Wriddhiman Saha (45-ball 87) stamped their class with the bat before Rashid Khan dished out a clinical bowling performance as Sunrisers Hyderabad kept themselves alive in the race for IPL play-offs with a whopping 88-run win over Delhi Capital, here on Tuesday. IPL 2020 SRH vs DC LIVE Score Updates […]

David Warner (34-balls 66) and Wriddhiman Saha (45-ball 87) stamped their class with the bat before Rashid Khan dished out a clinical bowling performance as Sunrisers Hyderabad kept themselves alive in the race for IPL play-offs with a whopping 88-run win over Delhi Capital, here on Tuesday.

IPL 2020 SRH vs DC LIVE Score Updates and Commentary

SRH wins by 88 runs

Sunrisers Hyderabad have played excellently as a unit tonight. Whilw the openers took on the attack from the word go, the bowlers to put up an exemplary display to bundle DC out for 131 in 19 overs and secure a massive 88 runs win. A boost in points and in morale for SRH!

Ashwin gone; DC 9 down

Holder manages to get a wicket on the final ball of his final over, as Ashwin’s shot finds the fielder at the very edge of the deep midwicket boundary line. Final nail in the coffin for DC; only formalities left now for SRH. DC-125/9 after 18 overs


Sandeep Sharma is on for his final over. His first delivery was dipping away wide, but Pant swung a bat at it, and there was a huge sound as it carried to Goswami. The umpire says it’s wide, but David Warner reviews. It took a long, long time for the third umpire to come to a decision, but ultimately, they confirm that the ball did get a big edge on it’s way past Pant. DC-110/8 after 17 overs; need more 110 from 18 balls

Excellent review from David Warner

The ball takes an edge off of Rishabh Pant’s bat, and carries to Goswami! The umpire gives it a wide but Warner decided to review. And guess what, the Aussie is right. Huge wicket for SRH!

Rabada castled by Nataranjan

Natarajan bowls a lethal yorker at the base of the off stump and Rabada has no solution to it. DC-103/7 after 16 overs; need more 117 from 24 balls


Jason Holder is back after that expensive second over. It’s a slightly more expensive over than we’ve become accustomed to seeing in the last half an hour or so, 9 runs come off it, and no wickets. DC-96/6 after 15 overs; need more 124 from 30 balls


DC-87/6 after 14 overs; need more 133 from 36 balls

Rashid registers best bowling figures in IPL 2020

Final over for Rashid Khan, the spinner has performed brilliantly yet again. Gets his third wicket in the form of Axar Patel, who tries to go big, but hits it straight down the throat of Garg at deep midwicket. A dot to finish it off, and Rashid ends his night with figures of 4-0-7-3. We head into a strategic timeout now. DC-83/6 after 13 overs

Rashid Khan gets his third wicket

Rashid strikes again to pick his third wicket. Axar manages a flat-batted slog-sweep but turns out be a powerless shot. Priyam Garg (st. to Shankar) at cow corner picks it easily.

Warner bowls for the first time in IPL 

Vijay Shakar seems to have hurt his hamstring. The all-rounder is limpings and physio rushes towards him. Shankar is leaving the field and won’t be able to complete his over. Warner takes charge, bowls the last delivery of the 12 over. DC-82/5 after 12 overs

DC keep losing wickets; go 5 down

The Delhi captain departs after having had no discernible impact on this match. DC has now lost half their side.

Yet another excellent over from Rashid

Dot, single, dot, single, dot, single. The required run-rate has now creeped up to 16.0. Rashid’s figures read 2-6 in three overs. This is incredible pressure from Hyderabad, they are dismantling Delhi. DC-76/4 after 11 overs; need more 144 from 54 balls

We reach the halfway mark!

Shankar brought on in the 10th over. Iyer and Pant still looking to see themselves in. Pant ends the over with a straight boundary. DC-73/4 after 10 overs; need more 147 from 60 balls

Strategic Timeout taken

Rashid Khan is back for a second over. No wickets come off it, but just two singles. The required run rate is now 14.0, as we head into a strategic timeout. DC-66/4 after 9 overs; need more 154 from 66 balls


Nataranjan handed over the ball. First three balls are good, just two runs of them, before Rishabh Pant gets down quickly and sweeps over square leg for a six! DC need more of these! 9 runs off the over. DC-64/4 after 8 overs; need more 156 from 72 balls

Beauty from Pant!

A beautiful shot from Rishabh Pant. Length ball, angling in. Pant gets down and slog sweeps over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. Right off the middle of the bat

Double wicket over from Rashid

Rashid Khan has single-handedly taken the wind out of DC’s sails with two wickets in his first over. A wrong’un from the leggie and Rahane attempts a forward push. Gets trapped in the front leg, adjacent to middle stump. Replay shows it’s clipping leg. Rahane walks back. DC-55/4 after 7 overs; need more 165 from 78 balls

2 for Rashid Khan!

Rashid strikes again! Two wickets in the over. Rahane is out lbw. He is out for 26. Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant come in as the new batsmen with Delhi in severe crisis.

Hetmyer falls for 16

Rashid Khan comes on and gets the breakthrough in his first over of the night.

End of Powerplay; 50 comes up for DC

DC-54/2 after 6 overs; need more 166 from 84 balls


Sandeep Sharma continues. He starts the over by giving away a single. The next one’s hit for four by Rahane, it’s hammered past left of cover. A single follows, before Hetmyer gets in on the hitting as well, that was walloped past mid-off. DC-34/2 after 5 overs; need more 186 from 90 balls

Excellent over from Holder!

Holder is bought into the bowling attack by David Warner. Good first five balls, just 2 runs off it, before Rahane gets a slice of luck after edging it for a boundary. DC-24/2 after 4 overs; need more 196 from 96 balls


Sandeep’s back for his second over. Shimron Hetmyer’s out to bat now, and DC really need him and Rahane to do something special. Good over from Sandeep, just 4 runs off it. DC-18/2 after 3 overs; need 202 more from 17 overs


Shahbaz Nadeem bowls the 2nd over. And starts with a bad ball which Rahane cuts away for four. Stoinis is out to a simple catch as well. Two soft wickets lost. DC-14/2 after 2 overs.

DC lose second wicket; 

Stoinis’ cameo is short-lived. Another big wicket for Sunrisers Hyderabad, Stoinis holes out to Warner at mid-off!


DC-6/1 after 1 over

Stand and Deliver!

Stoinis new man the crease after the first loss and what a way to make his announcement. Full, inswinger, and Stoinis plays it over over mid-on. An effortless shot from Stoinis, just stood and delivered.

Big blow to DC!

Dhawan, who has been in sublime form off late after hitting IPL’s first back to back centuries failed to replicate in tonight. Pitched up, Dhawan looks to flick but it takes a leading edge that goes up in the air. Warner moves back from mid-off and takes the catch as Dhawan bags a golden duck.

We are underway with DC’s chase!

Dhawan and Rahane walks out; Sandeep Sharma to start off proceedings for SRH.

End of SRH’s innings

SRH-219/2 after 20 overs


Nortje into the penultimate over of the innings. Despite losing a couple of wickets, the runs are coming thick and fast for SRH. Pandey has assumed the charge and he would be looking to provide SRH the flourish. 10 runs off the over. SRH-212/2 after 19 overs

200 up for SRH

Stoinis comes in. Williamson picks up a single off the second and notably, SRH cross the 200-run mark. The wicket has been really good for batting and the SRH batsmen have attacked right from the word go. Six runs off the over. SRH-202/ after 18 overs


Manish Pandey now takes the onus and continue the momentum ahead. Targets Tushar Deshpande and goes after him with all guns blazing. 15 runs from the over. SRH-196/2 after 17 overs

Tight over from Axar Patel

Axar Patel into his final over. Six runs off the over. Patel gave 36 runs from his quota of four over, much lesser than some of his teammates, but failed to pick up any wicket. SRH-181/2 after 16 overs


After Saha’s dismissal, it’s two new batsmen at the crease – exactly what DC wanted. Williamson joins Pandey at the crease. Pandey crunches over the non-striker for a boundary on the final ball. Fuller delivery, Pandey walks down the line and plays towards the straight boundary. SRH-175/2 after 15 overs

Saha falls for 87

Saha departs after scoring 87 off just 45 balls. He holes out to DC skipper Iyer at mid-on. Nortje with the breakthrough. Strategic Timeout taken.


Marcus Stoinis comes into the attack. The genuine pacers have failed. Let’s see what Stoinis can conjure up with his medium-pace. Saha shows his class with a late cut off the last ball that raced away for four. Nine runs off the over. SRH-165/1 after 14 overs

150 comes up for SRH

Rabada back to bowl the 13th. Nothing going DC’s way. Rabada deceives the batsman with a slower ball but there are four byes off the shoulder. Saha slams for another six to end the over. SRH-156/1 after 13 overs


Axar comes back. He has so far been economical but Saha is toying around with the DC bowling attack. Axar too concedes a four and a six in the over. 15 runs off the over, including a rare triple. SRH-142/1 after 12 overs

Brutal from Saha!

Deshpande returns and gets smacked for two consecutive fours by Saha, who has brought up his half-century. Despite Warner’s departure, runs keep coming thick and fast for SRH. 14 runs off the over. SRH-127/1 after 11 overs

Half-century for Saha now

Saha registers his second fastest fifty in IPL.

We reach the halfway mark

Ashwin returns and he gets the breakthrough, removes the dangerous Warner after the batsman went at him for a boundary. But runs keep coming as Saha collects another boundary off the over. 11 runs off the over. SRH-113/1 after 10 overs

Warner falls for 66

Breakthrough for DC at last and Ashwin has come to their rescue. Tossed the ball up to Warner, the batsman mistimed it and the ball went straight to Axar in the inner ring.

100 up for SRH

100 runs on the board for SRH within the 9th over. Amazing batting show put up by the Warner-Saha duo. Pressure mounting on DC bowlers as they are yet to pick a wicket. SRH-102/0 after 9 overs


Saha gets a boundary off Ashwin after dancing down the track. Saha’s going after the spinners, Warner is taking on the pacers. It’s all SRH at the moment. SRH-94/0 after 8 overs

Strategic Timeout taken

SRH have made the most of the powerplay. Warner, the birthday boy, has come out all guns blazing. Saha returns, with the hope of getting a breakthrough for DC. He fails but concedes just seven runs as the umpires signal for a Timeout. SRH-84/0 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay

Another expensive one from Rabada. He leaks 22 in his second over. Warner gets stuck into him, bludgeoning two sixes and two fours. Along with that, Warner brings up his half-century off just 22 balls. SRH-77/0 after 6 overs

Fifty for Birthday Boy David Warner!

A quickfire innings from the SRH skipper to bring up his half-century in just 22 balls

Fifty comes up for SRH
Fifty partnership for Saha-Warner

SRH-55/0 after 5 overs



Anrich Nortje returns. Tries a bit too much and gets smacked for two consecutive fours from the blade of Warner, who has come out all guns blazing on his birthday. 13 runs off Nortje’ second, another costly over for DC. SRH-46/0 after 4 overs


Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack. Starts off with two dots against Warner, who slog sweeps the third for a maximum. Saha targets the backward square leg region for the second boundary in the over off the last ball. 13 runs off the over. SRH-33/0 after 3 overs

Costly from Rabada; 15 runs off it

Not the start Rabada wanted! He was welcomed by Warner with three runs and then Saha went for a couple of boundaries. 15 off the over. SRH-20/0 after 2 overs

Back to back boundaries from Saha

Saha delivers magnificently on his return. Hits consecutive boundaries to the Purple Cap holder of the tournament. Saha looks confident with the bat. Amazing start to the SRH innings.


Good start from Nortje- just five off it. Starts with two dot balls as Saha gets a boundary after getting the strike following a tight single from Warner. Nortje finishes with a single and a boundary. SRH-5/0 after 1 over

Run out scare for Saha!

Warner looked eager to get off the mark after starting with two dot balls. Makes a tight call to Saha on the third ball who is saved by whiskers after Axar Patels manages a direct hit.

Aaaand we are underway!

A new opening pair for SRH- Wriddhiman Saha joins David Warner at the top; Nortje handed the new ball.

A quick recap of what’s at stake today for SRH and DC!

SRH: Today is the litmust test for Sunrisers Hyderabad. SRH will become 2nd team in the IPL 2020 to be eliminated if they fail to win against the Delhi Capitals.

DC: If the Capitals win tonight, they move to 16 points. Five teams could still reach that tally, but given the KKR’s poor net run rate, the Capitals should be a reasonably safe bet for a playoff spot if they get to 16.

DC Playing XI

Delhi Capitals (Playing XI): Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Shimron Hetmyer, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje, Tushar Deshpande

SRH Playing XI

Sunrisers Hyderabad (Playing XI): David Warner(c), Kane Williamson, Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Wriddhiman Saha(w), Jason Holder, Abdul Samad, Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan


Toss Results!

DC wins toss and opts to bowl first

Shikhar Dhawan in need of a consistent partner

The most disturbing part about Delhi Capitals has been Shikhar Dhawan’s opening partners in the last 4 matches. Prithvi Shaw (3 matches) and Ajinkya Rahane (1 match) have added just 7 runs to the team totals in the last 4 matches. 3 times in the last 4 matches Shikhar Dhawan’s opening partner has been dismissed without scoring.

We are exactly one hour away from toss!

Pitch Conditions: The pitches have slowed down in Dubai considerably as witnessed in the recent games. Both teams would be inclined to bat first on this surface. SRH in particular would want that after the failure to chase down a moderate total last time.

Milestone Alert!

-Manish Pandey needs 62 runs to complete 1000 IPL runs for SRH.
-David Warner requires 9 sixes to complete 200 IPL sixes.
-Rishabh Pant needs 47 runs to complete 2000 IPL runs.
-Shikhar Dhawan requires 29 runs to complete 500 runs in this IPL season.

Will Prithvi Shaw be back in place of Ajinkya Rahane?

Shikhar Dhawan, who has scored 471 runs in 11 games this season, has not been getting the ideal support from the other end while opening the batting. Ajinkya Rahane, who was brought in for an out of form Prithvi Shaw against KKR in their last match managed to score a Golden Duck.

Rahane has played 4 matches this season scoring juust 25 runs at a poor average of 6.25 and once again could be replaced by Prithvi Shaw tonight.

It’s David Warner’s birthday today; will we see a special innings on his special night?

David Warner has been a fantabulous batsman in IPL and this edition has been no different. Warner hit two half centuries in IPL 2020 and will be hoping to get more. He is also currently within the Top 10 batsman in the Orange Cap race, currently occupying the 9th spot with 370 runs.

Warner, in the ongoing edition also etched his name on the record books by becoming the first player in the history of the Indian Premier League to register 50 fifty-plus scores. Warner scored 52 against Kings XI Punjab to get to the milestone in Abu Dhabi.

SRH vs DC Head to Head Stats- Who currently has the edge?

Both the teams have met 16 times out of which Hyderabad have won 10 games. In their last game at Abu Dhabi, SRH beat DC by 15 runs. The win-loss record of SRH vs DC is 3-2 in David Warner’s favour.


Won by SRH

Won by DC


No Result








Won By


12 April 2013

Sunrisers Hyderabad

3 Wickets


4 May 2013

Sunrisers Hyderabad

6 Wickets


25 April 2014

Sunrisers Hyderabad

4 Runs


10 May 2014

Sunrisers Hyderabad

8 Wickets


18 April 2015

Delhi Daredevils

4 Runs


9 May 2015

Sunrisers Hyderabad

6 Runs


12 May 2016

Delhi Daredevils

7 Wickets


20 May 2016

Delhi Daredevils

6 Wickets


19 April 2017

Sunrisers Hyderabad

15 Runs


2 May 2017

Delhi Daredevils

6 Wickets


5 May 2018

Sunrisers Hyderabad

7 Wickets


10 May 2018

Sunrisers Hyderabad

9 Wickets


5 April 2019

Sunrisers Hyderabad

5 Wickets


14 April 2019

Delhi Capitals

39 runs


8 May 2019

Delhi Capitals

2 Wickets


29 September 2020

Sunrisers Hyderabad

15 Runs

Abu Dhabi

Can SRH keep themselves alive in the IPL 2020 Playoffs race?

Today is the litmust test for Sunrisers Hyderabad. SRH will become 2nd team in the IPL 2020 to be eliminated, if they fail to win against the Delhi Capitals. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Currently 7th, Played 11, Points 8. They need to win all 3 remaining games. One slip up they will be out. Even if they win 3 they will be dependent on others for qualification. Remaining matches: vs Delhi Capitals (October 27), Royal Challengers (October 31), Mumbai (November 3) Chances : Very Less

How things stand so far!

Two back-to-back defeats against Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab must be hurting but DC needs to shrug it off and add two points to take their tally to 16, which will elevate them to the top of the table.

On the other hand, Sunrisers’ hopes to reach the playoffs are hanging by a thread. David Warner and his men occupy the penultimate spot with eight points from 11 outings.

Can DC become first team to secure playoffs berth? Check out the possible scenarios

Delhi Capitals: Position on points table: 2nd, Played 11, Points 14

  • The Delhi Capitals are coming into this game with two consecutive losses, against the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Kings XI Punjab.
  • If the Capitals win on Tuesday, they move to 16 points. Five teams could still reach that tally, but given the KKR’s poor net run rate, the Capitals should be a reasonably safe bet for a playoff spot if they get to 16.
  • If the Capitals lose they would be a bit worried since their last two games are against the Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. If the Capitals lose their last three games by 20 runs, their NRR will come down to 0.125 and then even Kings XI can go past them.

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