Thursday, January 20, 2022

CoD Mobile Season 1 2022 Leaks: All Battle Pass Rewards Leaks And Much More

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 is going to release very soon. And while all the players are super hyped for the new season, the battle pass along with some new legendary draws have been leaked. This article will tell you everything we got to know in the CoD Mobile Season 1 Leaks. CoD Mobile Season 1 2022 Leaks, Call of Duty Mobile, CODM Season 1 Heist, Season 1 Leaks, CoD Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass, COD Mobile Battlepass

CoD Mobile Season 1 2022 Leaks: Battle Pass and much more

CODM Season 1 ‘Heist’ is going to release this month. And we recently got the battle pass. The battle pass is full of amazing content and a lot of fun to use gun-skins. Let’s take a look at all the content of CODM Season 1 ‘Heist’ Battle Pass.

– Man-O-War: Sterling Ace

– Rytec AMR: Master Plan

– PKM: Glided Lion

– Fennec:  Zakhaev’s Executioner

– Yuri: Bratok

– Makarov: Kingfish

– Iskra: Whitechapel

– Alax: Bouncer

– Legendary Calling Card:  Treasure Trove

– Epic Avatar:  Bratok

– Epic Frame:  Grand Heist

– PPSH-41:  Pistolet Pro

– Epic Backpack: Big Haul

– New Scorestreak: Storm Ball

– Epic Emote:  Priceless Fumble

– Epic Charm:  Mission Failed

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Along with this, you’ll get a lot of interesting rare skins and a lot of in-game currency as well. If you’re one of those players who buy the Battle Pass Bundles, here are all the rewards in it.

– Karambit:  Bad Hand

– Avatar: High Stakes

– Calling Card: Love Hurts

– Frame : Glided Riches

– Parachute:  Full Suit

We also got some leaks regarding the new Legendary Draws as well. The players can expect to see a new Legendary Arctic.50 in the CODM Season 1 ‘Heist’. Call of Duty Mobile has been very creative when it comes to new Legendary draws. And this time again they will get us some interesting things.

CoD Mobile Season 1 2022 Leaks
CoD Mobile Season 1 2022 Leaks

Along with this, the players can also expect to get a brand New Mythic Gun skin of the upcoming Weapon PPSh-41. You can refer to the image given below to get an idea about this new skin

Get a closer look at all the expected Legendary Draws here. That said, all these leaks are making it a lot more difficult for us to wait for the CoD Mobile Season 1. Make sure to play CODM Season 1 ‘Heist’ when it releases. Also, make sure to stay tuned with us for future updates such as these.

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