Check out the Top 3 ways to earn quick cash in GTA Online

Rockstar Games is doing a great job to push out new updates for GTA Online which maintain the dynamics of the open-world title and offer players with lots of new features. The addition of business in GTA Online has offered players a whole new approach to play the game and they can now aim to earn quick cash in GTA Online through different ways. Here are the Top 3 ways to earn quick cash in GTA Online:

  1. Owning a Vehicle Warehouse

GTA Online earn moneyBuying a Vehicle Warehouse is easily one of the quickest ways to make cash in GTA Online. Players can stock up to 10 supercars in their warehouse and export them for millions. Players are advised to never sell the mid-range standard cars, and only sell out the top-of-the-line cars which give the most profit. With the latest Los Santos Tuners update, supercars are in high demand in the game.

  1. Arcade Business

GTA Online earn moneyArcade business is one the most profitable businesses available in the game. Players can get a secured income of $50,000 from the arcade without investing a lot on the business. This also offers players to take part in the Diamond Casino Heist, where they can get their hands on a massive $3.6 million in-game currency. Players also get the chance to own a master terminal for $1.4 in-game currency from where they could manage all the businesses.

  1. Coke Lock Up

GTA Online earn moneyCoke Sales are one of the most rapidly growing businesses in GTA Online. Though players initially have to invest a huge chunk of money to start with, that money will be back in no time. Players can aim to buy the cheapest clubhouse and the cheapest coke lockup in the city from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Players have the option to upgrade the staff and equipment for $1.3 million and it will significantly increase the cash flow from the business.

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