BLOW for PCB, Champions Trophy & T20 WC 2024 to witness change of venues

West Indies & USA could possibly co-host Champions Trophy 2025

BLOW for PCB, Champions Trophy 2025 & T20 WC 2024 to witness change of venues
BLOW for PCB, Champions Trophy 2025 & T20 WC 2024 to witness change of venues

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has received a huge blow. With India refusing to visit Pakistan, the ICC is likely to shift ICC Champions Trophy 2025 out. Instead, Pakistan will receive monetary compensation while the USA is the likely venue for the Champions Trophy in 2025. Furthermore, ICC is also mulling a shift in venue for T20 World Cup 2024 with the defending champions England frontrunner to host the mega event.

As per a News18 report, the discussion is at a very nascent stage and is only between respective cricket boards, the ICC, and other stakeholders. Another notable point to be noted is the broadcasters for the next ICC media rights are interested in the proposed idea.

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Why Pakistan is not likely to host the Champions Trophy?

  • BCCI is is no mood to travel to Pakistan to play a single series due to security reasons.
  • India also won’t travel to Pakistan to play Asia Cup 2023, it has given the option of playing at a neutral venue.
  • With a major share of revenue coming from India during the next ICC media cycle, ICC does not want to take any risk.
  • With the Champions Trophy a lesser event compared to T20 World Cup, ICC plans to host in West Indies and the USA

England to host T20 World Cup?

As per News18 CricketNext, England has emerged as the main contender for hosting the T20 World Cup 2024 – if shifted out of West Indies and the USA. England has emerged viable option because it is best suitable to pull off the event in June – the month originally allocated to Caribbean and USA to host T20 World Cup.

England, Ireland, and Scotland are also slated to host T20 World Cup 2030. But that could change if England entirely hosts the 2024 T20 World Cup.

Win Win situation for Broadcasters

ICC are also looking at lesser financial risk and is exploring the option of the USA and West Indies to host Champions trophy. Compared to T20 World Cup, the Champions Trophy is a smaller event and puts broadcasters at lesser financial risk.

“The current infrastructure situation in the USA is not very encouraging. Even if they successfully host the upcoming Major League Cricket, hosting an event like the T20 World Cup is a different ball game altogether.

Where will you host the matches when the venues aren’t ready? Also, a long tournament in the far west could be a loss-making proposition for the broadcasters in the sub-continent, where the returns are highest,” says a source tracking developments from close quarters.

ICC keen to give West Indies USA Champions Trophy 2025 rights, PCB likley to get compensation

ICC is worried about hosting the T20 World Cup 2024 in West Indies due to its failure to host the 2007 Cricket World Cup successfully. After 16 years, the business valuations and broadcaster rates are getting much steeper. Also, ICC is looking at catering Indian audience more.  

 With less matches in the Champions Trophy, USA and West Indies will also get one additional year to put the necessary infrastructure in place. The tournament may also be maybe more viable option compared to T20 World Cup 2024.

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