Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Apex Legend Mobile: Complete Loba’s Soiree event to grab amazing Loba skin and more rewards

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With the grand release of Apex Legend Mobile last month, the developers have been introducing fresh and exciting events in the game. ‘Cold Snap’- the recent mid-season update added many new features along with introducing the new support Legend Loba in the title. The latest event titled ‘Loba’s Soiree’ is here to celebrate the launch of the Legend. Follow InsideSport.IN for more updates on the Apex Legend Mobile. Apex Legend Mobile: Loba’s Soiree Event

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The Loba’s Soiree event is currently live in the game and will continue till June 30, 2022. Players will get an opportunity to grab exclusive Loba skin by completing missions assigned as a part of the event. Completing all the missions will aid players to win the special Loba pack. The event which runs for seven days includes some daily missions too.

Missions in the Loba’s Soiree Event and steps to complete them

There are in total five missions that need to be fulfilled to obtain all the rewards. The missions have been listed below

  • Play one Battle Royale Match
  • Open three Frosted Supply Bins daily
  • Loot 200 Diamonds daily
  • Loot 1000 Diamonds 
  • Open 20 Frosted Supply Bins

Players have to play battle royal matches and open frosted supply bins to obtain diamonds from them. So, hunting for diamonds in the game becomes easy as bins with diamonds are marked with blue dots on the map. Additionally, diamond-marked bins on maps and looting enemy crates get your hands on diamonds to complete the missions. 


Loba’s Soiree Event Description and rewards

The steps to complete the event and earn rewards are given below. 

  • Spend a certain amount of Draw Tickets during the event to be eligible to win.
  • The event screen shows how many items are required for each round. 
  • You can only obtain each award in a round once. 
  • Gather enough Draw Tickets to be eligible for every prize
Loba Grand Master Skin ( image via Apex Legend Mobile)
Loba Grand Master Skin ( image via Apex Legend Mobile)

There are some amazing rewards that plays can earn after completing the missions. Some of the best rewards are as follows.

  • Game Master – Loba Skin
  • Skyrise- Mozambique Skin
  • Snow Queen- Avatar

Players can access the event by clicking on the ‘Seasonal Events’ section located on the right side of the home screen. It should also be noted that each draw grants one reward and gets removed once it is claimed. So, players must participate in the event and grab special Loba rewards.

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