Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Valorant Released Cinematic Trailer for Neon: Check out all her Abilities and Release Date

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Valorant appears to be exceeding all expectations while providing its audience with exciting new material to look forward to within regular intervals. We received a new teaser for the next agent, Neon, the new duelist in Valorant, earlier today in which we heard a voice line of our agent Neon in which she calls her mom and tells her she missed her. It has officially launched a new agent trailer for the same duelist, Neon, with perfection not long after. Neon Trailer, Valorant new Agent, Neon Abilities, Valorant Neon Trailer, Neon Voice Actress, Neon – Valorant, Riot

Now that RIOT has released a whole trailer dedicated to the agent, we have a good notion of her overall appearance, gameplay concept, and, to some extent, her skills.

Valorant Agent 19: Neon Trailer

We observe Neon relaxing in her bedroom while reviewing intelligence information handed to her by Sage in the trailer. She goes asleep in her bed, and in her fantasies, we get a few glimpses of her gameplay and skills as she imagines using her speed and electrical powers to dominate Valorant bouts.

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Neon Abilities Based on Trailer

In the trailer, she throws an electric ball that bounces off walls and inflicts damage on the area where it hits. Neon possesses a similar ability to Phoenix’s wall, but this one contains two blue walls on each side that appear to provide protection.

Neon’s ultimate power appears to be an electric ability that enables her to fire electricity from her fingers. Although it is unknown how much damage this deals, it appears to be a deadly ability that may easily win gunfights.

Neon’s voice actress turned out to be Vanille Velasquez from the Philippines. She mentioned her excitement and gratefulness in a tweet, for riot games to give her this opportunity. She will be a voice for all upcoming Lores of Neon.

On January 12, 2022, NEON will debut with Valorant Episode 4 Act 1. While we haven’t yet seen the agent in her whole in-game, it is likely to happen later this week, so stay tuned.

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